2006-06-19-Working For Father's Kingdom

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Topic: Working for Father's Kingdom

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Mary

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I am feeling so at home among you. I feel a sense of kindred spirits when we can gather. You have made a home. You have established a point of light. We are not seeing wavering faith here, but a real desire to add and not take away. The ego side of man will take to build upon ego and when there is no more to take, he is onto something new. The spirit side of man longs to give, to add and to be a part of. The spirit desires to be one with the Kingdom of God, not set up high for all to see, no, simply one with the Father and all mortal brothers and sisters. We see the Correcting Time as progressive now because mortals are longing to give. We have seen the effects of Godlessness and definitely mortals are paying attention to a Higher Power.

We are somewhat soldiers in Father’s Kingdom, working for His will to be made manifest in our personal lives, as well as our communities. As we mature in spirit we desire to ask Father, "What can we do for you?" We begin to have a bit more understanding of our Kingdom brothers and sisters and are a bit less judgmental. Are we activists? We certainly are! We need not be out in front to take attention and energy for our cause, no. Our work as activists is to tend to the lesser, to improve our personal surroundings with spirit, to be an example of the personage of Christ Michael. Our commitment to the Teaching Mission and Correcting Time, our Brother/Father and His associates is our key to the door to Light and Life.


I am MARY. I am feeling more and more connected to you each time we meet. I am always amazed by your durability. You can take a punch, get up and dust yourself off and stand your ground. I am pleased to be among you that seek not miracles and proof that God’s Kingdom is real. The spirit has become a natural part of your lives, it simply is.

I am in understanding of your mortal circumstances, the everyday tasks, the obligations, work and home. I am in understanding of being reborn in spirit and have my mortal life transformed and feel that new awakening. How grateful was I to be in the presence of the Master, to learn that Father really does give us all that we need and most of the time we worry for nothing. You must know that while events in your lives are confusing, they are always connected to some larger Kingdom task and sometimes we must simply sit back and be observant, be open to the call.

I am not certain how the ego subsides when spirit is allowed to take charge. I do not know if ego diminishes or it is somehow satisfied by the spirit. I do know, however, that once you shed your mortal form the ego is not so much of an issue. We are free from animal survival instincts. I am certain that once I allowed the spirit to lead I had not desire to be out in front, so to speak, to be noticed as a hero. I was desirous of giving and being a part.


This week we are to give an offering to Father of ‘what can we do for Him.’ We are quiet activists, in our own way, as we allow the spirit to lead. As we seek not miracles, believe me that a new world unfolds before your eyes. This week we seek to add/give. I am honored to be among you that choose to make the spirit be made manifest in everyday living. I thank you for allowing me to work side by side with you as Kingdom believers, as does Abraham and with that we shall take our leave. Know that our love is ever growing, as is our connection. Go in peace. Shalom.