2006-06-20-Forgive and Forget

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Topic: Forgive and Forget

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Samuel: “It is an aspect of your human-ness that for countless millennia you were the hunter as well as the hunted. It is a trademark of your human-ness that you can be fearful even when there is no danger lurking. It is typical of the human minds to be alert, constantly assessing the environment for possible danger. And so, for millennia and millennia, it has been ever so typical of your mortal minds to dart to and fro in the process of digging up experiences of the past, and with preference those events that were unkind, those that were not appreciated, and those that made you feel sad, hurt, troubled.

“This is Samuel, bringing you a short lesson that could easily have come from our dear (cherubim) friends, ‘I’ll be Frank’ and Alice. It is an aspect of your human-ness to think back of your yesterdays, and like a vehicle with an impaired steering ability, you will drift back into the deepest ruts of the saddest experiences of your past.

“Although this has been mentioned many times before, it is important that you happily live for the present, that you cheerfully project the future, and that you ‘wisely’ learn from the past, without expending a great deal of time on those things that are irretrievably lost, and well beyond correction.

“There is a simple remedy for your darting minds that can focus so strongly on the unacceptable, and that is for you to forgive and to forget. You can never be one hundred per cent in control of your environment, in control of the things that come your way, or in control of other people’s actions, words and deeds.

“And so, it is good for you to live in the present, and to project your life, your lives, into the future, and the way to go about it is to forgive, forgive, forgive, until all is forgotten, and you can carry on with your lives in a more positive way.

“This is a short lesson for many, because it is much the human trait to let one’s mindal vehicle drift into the deepest, most de-pressed ruts.

“I am Samuel of Panoptia. I thank you for your attention. You are good students, and a pleasure to work with. I say Adieu.”