2006-07-02-Message for the Heart

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Topic: Message for the Heart

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Come into the sacredness of your heart, my child. Here is where you will find me. I am Michael, and I am your Creator-Father. This space has not always felt safe to you, yet here is where I live inside of your being, where I share myself with you. It is very safe to meet me here. By your desire to find me here will you allow me to open your heart to more spiritual energy that heals all of your pain.

Yes, it has been challenging to open your heart. Will you allow me to show you something different, something new that you have yet to experience? Are you ready to melt into love? Are you willing to allow yourself to open fully to me? These questions can be easily answered in your head with a sincere “YES”, but will you allow your body and heart to be exposed and vulnerable so more love can enter into it? Here is where you will feel resistance. Here is where you will need to let go into something greater than what you have previously experienced.

My presence in you is more than words and more than feeling. It is an undeniable reality that no one can fully express adequately to another person. I do not ask you to tell people how it feels to have me inside of you, only to beam that which you feel into another person. The flow of energy from me to you to another creates that fluidity of movement allowing your heart to melt into the river of life—LOVE itself. Here is where you have the largest expansion as you both receive and give love, completing the cycle of creation, of which you are a part.

My child, come to me when you are in the presence of another person and ask for my presence to enter into them. Here is where I can have a most profound effect for you will feel my vitality enlivening you. And when you share this with others by beaming my essence into them with your thoughts, you will feel a fullness in your heart and the sanctity and safety therein. I am in your heart, and when you are fully in me, you are home.