2006-07-06-Supreme Point Of Balance

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Topic: Supreme Point of Balance

Group: Andover TeaM


Teacher: Serena, Monjoronson

TR: Leoma



We began with stillness, then toning and linking to the light anchor. Together we created the group merkaba and participated in effective prayer.

Prayer: Thank you for bringing us again together. Thank you for the things we learn day to day, and for helping us to notice. Thank you for promises that are given, especially aiding in learning what we can do. Thank you for bringing us in line to your will. Thank you for bringing me in line to you. I pray for all of those persons who struggle with the changes going on. Blessings to the continuation of this group, please Father. Amen.

Leoma: Father, thy will be done.

Serena: Good evening, my friends. This is Serena. In recent weeks we have been working with you energetically speaking, weaving you together. Tonight we ask your permission, we invite you, to enter into circuitry bonding with us on an intentional basis. Do you so desire? (Yes.) Then we shall continue as you sit in stillness. [Pause]


Feel the pulsations as you are now being bonded closer to the Father. [Pause]

Allow your consciousness now to expand into an ever-greater awareness of all Life. [Pause]

Once again, at this balance point, supreme balance is achieved. This is where creativity buds and flowers, where manifestation happens. This is where you meet your creator and realize you are one with the Creator.

Come with us now into an expanded awareness of All That Is. [Pause]

As this awareness expands, you discover that your attention has remained all the while at your center. For that is where All That Is exists… at the center with the First Source and Center in the forever Now. Pulsating with life, beauty, goodness and truth. All the potentialities exist here, within you.

This is the circuit with which you are being connected. This place of All That Is, which in turn connects you to everything that exists. There is no other.

All that you can perceive, all that you can express is Truth and goodness, for that is truly all that exists. It is all created and bound together in love, which is the creative vibration without beginning, without end. [Pause]

In this state of supreme balance, you are meant to live. Practice it whenever you are mindful of it in your daily walk. Carry it within you for that is truly where it lies, joining you one to another, to the Perfect One who you call God. [Pause]


Monjoronson: This is Monjoronson. (Good evening.) I speak to you from this point of supreme balance where you have willingly placed yourselves. It is good to meet you here, for I too share in its benefit. It is where we can most effectively be joined at the heart, so to speak. Though be mindful of the fact that it is not a place at all. It is a state of being within you that you create by your own will.

The Father abides in me and I abide in Him, just as you abide from this point of balance.

My mission is progressing well, my friends. I bring you greetings from my staff which is collecting, training, preparing for your further education. We are assembling a very dedicated and devoted staff. Mortals joining the staff will be among our strongest assets. They are rising up from the ranks as we speak, extending forth their willingness and even eagerness to serve, to express their love and faithfulness. It is a beautiful thing to behold, my friends, and I see it in you.

I have come to let you now perceive a softer energy signature, more attuned to that of your own, so that my presence is still distinguishable from that of others, but may not feel as powerfully perceptible as in the near past. As I gain further materialization, this change naturally occurs, in how you may perceive my presence. This is another reason I have come to you previously with my power signature, to gain your recognition so that we would be familiar with one another before this softening in your perception takes place. So that you may know it is still my signature you perceive, though it is different than before. It is different only in your capacity for perceiving, and the strength of the signature received by your senses at this time.

Again, this is part of the "normalization" that takes place as the vibrations become more familiar to you, and as yours rise incrementally to be closer to those vibrations which were once so far from your perception. They are now coming closer together, and remaining so as you progress.

Yes, this means that one day you will more easily contact what you call spirit presence. You will more easily perceive. We know you will welcome this, as it has been only with great intentional effort that you have been able to make contact. We are so proud of you for having made the effort, for having been made aware in the first place that it could be done.

So now you are rewarded by that contact actually becoming more easily achieved and clearer in perception. This is most welcome to us as well. The day when we can converse face-to-face without effort, without needing special attention to achieve, is a day we all look forward to.

I shall step aside now, though I remain with you as always. (Thank you. You are always welcome here.) I appreciate that.


Serena: We are sending you now fine vibrations not perceived by your physical ears. Simply be aware these are occurring and enveloping you for a few moments, in silence. [Pause]

These are vibrations sent as a gift from the First Source and Center, the exact purpose of which you need not be aware at this time. Simply allow and trust in the goodness. The bounty and abundance of God’s being be with you now and forever. Amen.