2006-07-10-Summary Of World's Progress

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Topic: Summary of World's Progress

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: George B.



Prayer: Larry: Dear Father, thank you for this meeting, thank you for all of us coming together. We pray for peace in this world, we pray for the coming of Light and Life, we pray for the coming of Monjoronson. Thank you for all of the blessings you have bestowed on each one of us, help us to be good stewards of those blessings. In Michael's name Amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher JarEl. It is good to be back here once again among my friends, and, of course, welcome to those who have not been here for a while. May the peace of the world be with you. You are sent as ambassadors to bring light into this world. You also carry with you the wisdom and knowledge of the ages. Thus far you have been good stewards of this information. We are most pleased for the progress which many of you are making.


Just as you are excited for the progress, so are we in many respects. We see this world beginning to accept new ideas day by day. We see this world opening up to new truths and we see many beginning to search earnestly in their hearts, just like all of you have searched. It is only a matter of time before more people begin to ask more questions and it comforts us much that you are there to answer many of these questions; that many of you have made the effort to place yourselves in the right place and time to provide answers for the many questions that will arise.

We know fully well that you have many questions yourself. That even though you have read the Urantia Book and many other scriptural writings, you remain in your hearts with many questions of the future, of the past and of the present. We of the Teaching Mission will do everything possible to answer the questions that are relevant to your spiritual growth. We do intend for this age of Light and Life to commence and we will continue to fuel this progress.

As I speak there are additional reinforcements being sent to this planet for an expansion of the Teaching Mission and in preparation for things to come. Your brothers, the Midwayers, have been busy nonstop bringing order to this world and many individuals on this planet have become self-actualized in order to bring change into this world. They are points of light that will draw many souls to the kingdom. So, thus far, as we see your planet and its progress, we are well pleased for we do see signs of improvement. We do see signs of willingness to cooperate and we are encouraged by the attitudes that many of you have.

Are there any questions here tonight?


Stella: Are you reaching any people who are in power? Such as the President, our Senators, Congress people, people who are in a position to make real change? I mean, if you just reach people like us, we don't really have that much power. But we need change from the top. JarEl: TR, George: Stella, I can assure you that everyone is being reached in one way or another. The leaders of the world have Thought Adjusters after all and we are constantly working to bring some clarity into the minds of humans. All of you are connected with one another through spirit. And your leaders, most of all, need that reinforcement of connection in order for them to make adequate decisions. The only reason that you feel that we are only reaching you, is, perhaps, because you listen. It is very hard to try to get someone to listen. Especially when they are extremely busy with world affairs. But I assure you that in their quiet time, in their moments of rest, the inner workings of their minds are being influenced by their spirits; their connection with God. And, after all, many of these men are men of faith and they do pray. And in their time of prayer, answers seep through. It is simply up to them to listen to it or not, just as it is up to you to listen to any of my suggestions. Everyone has free will and everyone can make their own decisions. Pray that those who are involved make the right decisions.

Jerry: Good evening JarEl. It is a blessing to hear you and be with you again. You made reference to our brothers, the Midwayers, and I would appreciate it if you could address the way in which the Teachers collaborate with the Midwayers and the angels in carrying out your mission and the tasks that you have to perform? And one other question in that regard, I assume you who constitute the Teaching Mission are in a Morontia state, as ascending mortals? Are you and the Midwayers able to visualize one another at the level of your existence? That's a two-part question.

JarEl: TR, George: Very well my brother, Jerry, I will answer your first question. Your terrestrial brothers here on this planet, the Midwayers, are always in contact with us and the angels and your guardian angels and all the different orders of angels that exist. They have the sort of communication that is way above your own. Therefore, their mission is quite different from those here on this planet, such as yourself. They are charged to facilitate much of what has been going on, many of the things which have been going on behind the scenes, which you are not aware of. In due time much of this will be revealed to you. But for the sake of secrecy, we choose not to say too much about it at this moment. But rest assured that your brothers have all good intentions towards you and they are more than happy to help in any way. However, at this moment they are quite busy.

As for your second question, we can visualize from our points of view and we also see all of you here and we see more than what you see. For instance, we look at you and not only do we see your physical attributes, but we see your soul as well. We see the inner workings of your mind and we see your history as well, we see your lineage that goes far into the past. All this is revealed to us for our vision is a lot higher than can be imagined. Your brothers, the Midwayers, also have an extended ability to see things. For instance they can visualize the angels that are all around you, therefore, their communication with them is quite simple. In due time, once you have reached the realm of Morontia, you will begin to visualize all of this. But for the moment, things are the way they are for a reason and it should not be any other way. For your world is not prepared to receive your brothers the Midwayers at this time. For if they were to be revealed, much fear would be attached to that, and that is not our intention. It is good that you are aware of them. It is doubly good that you are so accepting of them.

Jerry: We have our friend, George Barnard, to thank for that. He has shared with us his experiences with the Midwayers. He has been here, present, and, if I am not mistaken, was present when you spoke to us on one occasion. He explained to us his initial fright or disquieting reaction when he first visualized any of the Midwayers. So it is easy for us to appreciate the point you are making, that the Midwayers, and for that matter, the angels, when they are made visible, in collaboration with the Midwayers, can have the effect of being a frightening experience for us mortals. What one visualizes in one's mind's eye isn't necessarily the reality.

Dennis: JarEl for myself I have always thought of the truth being equivalent to the facts; what is true is a fact and the universe is true as well; what is a fact is by consequence the truth. But, having done some reading recently, I came across a section where they made a clear distinction between what is truth and what is fact and that we should seek out to know the truth rather than just fact and I am unable, at this point, to discern the difference between the two. Could you explain that, please?

JarEl: TR, George: There are things in this world that you consider facts; they exist, therefore they are. But truth has always been somewhat elusive to many of you. You seek it but it takes you forever to find it.(unintelligible)..the quest for either truths or facts, you will find them, but they will only be relevant to your own point of view and those points of view that surround you. For you all exist on the same plain. As you progress through your spiritual evolution, inward towards Paradise, you will begin to discern how the facts change and how the truth becomes more real. It is advisable to search for truth so be wary of those who say the truth is here or the truth is there. You will know the truth in your hearts when you find God. God is the truth. Facts will change in your lifetime. Facts are too absolute to exist in this Grand Universe. You are at the very edges of existence and your facts will one day prove to be wrong. Once you travel inward you will find what is truth, for you will find God. That is not to say that you must throw away all that you have learned about this world. Cherish your knowledge and seek more knowledge for the more you know, the more you will be prepared to receive the truth. Does that help you?

Dennis: Yes, I think so. JarEl: TR, George: Not too convinced, right?

Dennis: I guess if I were to sum up your response, truth is the constant, truth is that which relates to God and facts are our perception, which is constantly changing?

JarEl: TR, George: Yes, you have it.

Dennis: There might also be other facts that exist in different realities that are different, perhaps?

JarEl: TR, George: Exactly, there are many perceptions which you have not yet perceived. Therefore, you have no knowledge of this. But once you have acquired that knowledge, be prepared to change your mind.

Dennis: Thank you.

JarEl: TR, George: You are welcome. Any more questions?

Norman: JarEl I have had a burning desire of recent to see that.in hopes of seeing the Urantia Book translated into Chinese by the year 2008. In fact Aug. 8, 2008 is the beginning of the Olympics in Beijing and I am hoping that perhaps the book could be ready to go at that time. I've had the vision of maybe fifty teams or fifty couples could come into Beijing and pick up the book wherever it's being printed and go to one other city, so that there could be fifty cities where contact could be made. And it seems that the Foundation says that it is going to be about six months to a year longer than that particular kick off date, and window of opportunity that we would have open, before the book would be ready. I was wondering if anything could be done about it or if it is just my eagerness over and above what is supposed to be? Could you give me any insights on that? We have a billion point three people who speak that language, 20% of the world's population, that is my concern at this moment. JarEl: TR, George: Well, my friend Norman, it is entirely up to you whether or not you accept the predictions from the Foundation. You have the energy and the drive to push and to influence. You can also make anything happen and you can set that date of August 8, 2008 and have it delivered if you want it, on that day. There is nothing in this world that cannot be done. Anything as simple as a translation can definitely be done long before its predicted date. It is simply a matter of resource and energy and who is willing to do it. So my insight into all of this is.you make your own destiny Norman. You can create the destiny of this Urantia Foundation. It is people like you who push forward and bring this world closer to another era, the era of Light and Life. Do not be deterred my friend. That is all.

Norman: Thank you.

Jerry: JarEl, you just made reference to destiny and things being predetermined and I recently have been reading in the Urantia Book that the Thought Adjusters, when they indwell us, they have a predestined plan; their plan has a predestination. But it is not foreordained and we have the freewill choice to decide what to do and we may or may not achieve or live out that predestination that the Thought Adjuster has planned for us. This has been a perplexing question to me for a long time, the subject of predestination, foreordination, and the idea that our Thought Adjusters come to indwell us with a specific plan for us. Maybe you can elaborate or shed some light on this, is it like a master plan that they lead us toward the implementation of and which sort of sets the outer limits toward our potential destiny?

JarEl: TR, George: The indwelling Adjuster does have a plan and it is entirely up to you whether or not you want to follow that plan. When you make decisions to do otherwise, you are out of sync with you inner Adjuster. If you remain out of sync for a great deal of time, you eventually begin to lose that connection. When you become in sync with your Adjuster, you begin to do the will of the Father. Much of what you do then is facilitated or made easier for you to accomplish. This grand destiny of which we speak of is a long term destiny which leads you to Paradise. The Adjuster is like a guide to you, he is there to nudge you in the right direction and it is entirely up to you to follow those nudges. When you do follow them you feel an uplifting experience, an exhilaration of energy. This is a reminder that the Adjuster is in sync with you, every step of the way, but you still have that freewill and you still can make your own choices and your own mistakes and you can definitely hit rock bottom if that is what you want. But when you meditate and you search inward you will find those nudges and those urges that are deep inside you and if you follow them you will be following in the steps of a destiny that is far greater and far more exciting than anything you can imagine. Does this help?

Jerry: Yes, it does, thank you.

JarEl: TR, George: Very well, if there are no more questions here tonight?

Anna: JarEl, I wanted to ask do parallel universes exist? And, if so, where is our consciousness at the time, does our consciousness exist in all the different universes?

JarEl: TR, George: There are no parallel universes. This is the only universe in which you exist. You perhaps may be thinking of different possibilities or different options which you may take? Depending on which decision you make, any of these options can exist. But in reality, only one decision can be made and one option can be taken, and, therefore, only one universe exists. For your reality is here. It is true that in Paradise all things are existent and all possibilities exist, but you are speaking of Paradise. That is an entirely different plain of existence, somewhere where time does not exist. In this, our universe of yours, you are limited by time and space and, therefore, these limitations limit you to one universe plain. Your consciousness is always with you and it forever will be with you throughout your whole spiritual career.

JarEl: Goodnight all.