2006-07-16-Open To Love & Trust

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Topic: Open to Love & Trust

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, Elyon, Serena, Michael

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan, Sheila, John




Monjoronson (Mark TR): I greet you once again. I am Monjoronson here to seize the day, to seize the hour. I bring with me today personal observations I would make from my perspective. It is difficult for you to gauge where you are in reference to your planetary ascension and the many factors and possibilities that are present on this your initial journey on this world of Urantia. Therefore I will tell you what I see from my perspective after having listened to your discussion amongst yourselves here in this hour. I report to you that I witnessed that you have risen in your levels of understanding and awareness to the caliber that you have mastered the many teachings and lessons provided by your unseen associates and have arrived at a place of accomplishment that far too few of your brethren will ever know.

To you this process has been slow and gradual and has taken time for you to assemble on the plateau whereon now you stand. Having built, brick by brick, this foundation and now this observation platform, you have gradually risen to this height, and it has become routine for you, even normal for you, to stand where you are and to look out upon the world and even upon the spiritual domain. My dear ones, you cannot appreciate what you have accomplished. If your brethren on this world were as accomplished as you are we would be witnessing a very different reality indeed. Your discussion is proof that you are ever eager to add to your understanding and ever willing to share that which you have attained in order to help another build their platform of understanding.

This accomplishment may seem too routine and average to you because you have embraced this opportunity, you have sought and you have found. But, my dear ones, I must tell you that your engagement in this process is not ordinary, routine, or normal. You must allow yourselves to be granted credit where credit is due for having been diligent throughout this time in your efforts, for having been wholehearted in your pursuits that have brought you to this place. You do not fully appreciate that the platforms you have constructed rise to a great height and that, as a result of your efforts and your vantage point, you are able to perceive in awareness that which your species desires.

Imagine the scenario of explaining to your brethren that you can and do at will dial up your Creator and commune with Him, that you have access to the Material Son, that you know of the Mother Spirit, that you can converse freely with spiritual entities unseen by the mortal eye. To you these have become accepted and routine. To most of your brothers and sisters these concepts are completely foreign. You must stand tall on your platforms. You must accept that which you have created. We must be what we are in this journey, and still from your levels you desire more.

Now you are approaching yet another level in your buildings; you are seeking and you are finding a new dimension, the dimension of contact with your indwelling voice. This project that you currently are engaged in is occupying you at this time, and after you have mastered this new challenge you will again stand atop new heights of your observation platform. But while you are engaged in its construction you are busy with the details of the how and the where so that you are once again unaware that you are perched high atop your platform while you are busily constructing new heights.

From time to time it is good to stop in your ascension and to observe with pleasure your new vantage point, the new view that you now possess as a result of having climbed of your own accord to these new heights. I commend you all for the efforts you have made to bring you to this place. I foresee we will rise to even greater heights as we assist each other in this building process.

When we have accomplished this next level we will stop once again to enjoy the rewards of our efforts and to reflect on the process that has brought us here.

Never doubt that you are in forward motion, and you are engaged in the process exactly to the degree that you should be at any given time. This does not mean that your heart will not yearn for more, as that is your incentive, but grant yourselves all that you have accomplished, as we grant you all that you have accomplished, as the Father above loves you for all that you have accomplished. Well done, my dear ones. And I know of a certainty you are not going to be waylaid in your growth process for any significant time period, because you have each chosen to walk this path, to construct these new platforms, and you will not find it appealing to depart from this path for very long, for your soul will hunger to be about this process.

I withdraw to allow for others or any questions from this group. Thank you.



Mark Turnbull: At the end of a recent transcript you posed a question without an answer which was for us to contemplate. Why is it you bring this up now? May we ask for an answer?

Monjoronson: My friend, I would turn the table and put that very question to you. What would you respond to that very question? Please share.

Mark: Having watched the news the last week or so one would think you bring it up now because now it is relevant. The dominoes have indeed begun to fall.

Monjoronson: I will acknowledge the accuracy of your assessment, and I would point out to you that you possess an awareness of the answer to that question. Each one who was asked that question or was exposed to it had in their own inner being formulated their own response. That was the purpose of having posed the question as a lure to draw you out and have you each seek an answer to that question within. While you gave reference to the material events and broadcasts that you have been exposed to, I will make plain to you that that was not where you receive your deepest response. That was the point of this exercise, my friend, to seek the deepest response, and it will not be found on the news. It will not be located in print; it will not be heard from another. It will not even be heard from one such as myself because the deepest response will be known from within. The purpose of this exercise was to have you attempt your own knowing of the answer to that question. And I will offer you affirmation that you were and are correct. But this is not news to you. You have been told for some time that just such shifts would begin to occur. At some point we must all accept that we have been briefed, we have been alerted, we have been given the heads-up that there are major changes afoot. At some point they must begin.

I thank you for your response to this question. I think many will resonate with your answer.

Stillness, Soul

Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings to you all, this is Elyon. I will approach my lesson by way of analogy, one which I will call the souffle of the soul.

You have spoken much of contact with the divine presence both in the excitement of success and the frustration of limited contact. Picture an egg which you know contains two distinct parts, the whites and the yolk. If you assign the ego to the yolk and spirit to the whites, stillness is a means of separating the yolk from the whites and stirring those whites causing an enlargement in the volume of spirit presence.

Jesus spoke of you being the salt of the earth and that salt that has lost its savor is of no worth. Spirit to many mortals is tasteless in the senses of the human being, but you each, being the yolk in the partnership folded into spirit provides flavor. Your education, your experiences, your emotional tendencies, and your physical constitution are all like ingredients within the soul soufflé. Each gives a distinct orientation to the entire makeup which is you.

When at first this combination of ingredients is viewed it appears small, but when the heat of growth is applied -- and I remind you that this baking will continue until you attain the Mortal Corps of Finality -- there is a continual rise and enlargement of your being. All within is integrated. Each aspect contributes significantly, all bound together by spirit. You are all rising as you have willingly accepted the various elements of your being, knowing that from your feet to your soul everything is contributing to your attainment of Paradise. When you feel depleted set yourself aside and do stir spirit, for this is the power of the rise of your soul. Thank you.


Serena (Sheila): I am Serena.

I will turn the tables for a moment and I will ask you, will you please have a relationship with me? I do this not only because it is what I desire, but I give to you this example of how to simply ask because we do not exist at the same vibrational level, and this is all it is. It is necessary to make connection. [Sheila: I'm seeing a phone line; you plug it into the wall and the other end into the phone.] With this visual our heart connection has a circuit because I am more aware of you, and I am clear of the possibility of circuits, of connection. It is not necessary for me to use this visualization.

The next step after this connection is made by you, there comes an aspect of trust that I am truly connected, and you must know and trust this. In the next stage of this relationship comes our conversation. I do not mind having conversation about your everyday feelings, your everyday experiences. I enjoy casual conversation as if we were standing next to one another, fellowshipping as I see you do so often. You see, you have the capabilitites, you have the experience. You already linked up for this fellowship. There is no difference between your fellowship with your brothers and sisters and me. When you know this you will open the doors of your hearts. It will be the norm. You will feel our friendship. You may now think of the many times you have already been in such fellowshipping and yet not give it a label. When in other circumstances we've asked you to stop labeling, I would ask you in this moment, in this sense, to please label me. Label our relationship as you can with all of us. Give it credit. Own up to it. Share your relationships with each other. Know that if one of you can, you all can. So, I ask you again. It is with my deepest desire, please will you have a relationship with me?

Michael: I am your brother Michael. You have been given the saying that you are never given more than you can handle. I am here to tell you, children of light, that this is where you can handle. This is your new reality. This is the level for which you have taken step by step by step, and you are here now. Not only has your desire brought you to this stage, your willingness to walk in the dark forward no matter what, this has brought you here now. Circuitry which ties you all together has created a bond of strength, of clarity, and of the power to achieve what you are ready to handle next.

This is but one small and at the same time universal level that we will be passing through together. There is so much more to come. [Sheila: I'm seeing a new box, because we are so in the habit of boxing ourselves in our ideas and thoughts. We stepped out of the old box, and we are in the new box. I see stairs, and as I step back I can see a bigger box and maybe our boxes are little so we don't fly off, so we stay together. It's not a bad box; it's like security, a railing, an energy field bonding together.] Even in your areas of location here and there this does not effect this bond, this growth, together. This community I ask you to trust. You have so much protection about you. My children, release yourselves from the bondage of your limited thinking. Let us fly together. Let us discover together new capabilities. Open your doors wide, children, open them wide. Know that as one of you takes a step, you all take a step together. This is the importance of your community. This is the importance of your communication, and this is done through a circuit that we . ... This cannot be broken. You are here together because you are ready. You are prepared. Even in the depths of your hearts you are not afraid. So, with that I ask you, children, brothers and sisters, will you please deepen your relationship with me.

Mark: . ..to petition which I think will resonate among us all. Michael, Monjoronson, Serena and all the others who have so graciously offered to be of assistance to us. I recognize a pattern now and petition you to help us understand how we have not provided the necessary commitments to be engaged in a deeper relationship with you all, in a deeper relationship with our voices within, to operate from our seat of spirit. Help us to understand where we have not been successful in this process. I believe it is the desire of our hearts to do these things. It is simply we do not know how. I trust you will guide us in discovery of how we may be more committed, how we may maintain deeper relationships, how we may be more successful in our efforts.


unidentified [or inaudible] (John): . ..question that you open your hearts. There is no answer to wonderment, the exploration within ourselves . .. the grand universe, the creator of all. Too much we . .. have talked about this before, judging yourselves and others harshly. Be open to love, trust. The understanding will come as you grow, as you open up, as you deepen your discoveries in the depth. Do not be impatient . .. all will come. Enjoy the flight, enjoy the sights, the sounds, enjoy the self discovery of who you are as you wake up to ascension. You are much loved. Love yourselves as much as we love you, and you will know how precious you are to everyone and to yourselves. Have your own personal relationship.

You desire to give service and to save the world. This is certainly important, but if I were to give you a task right now it is to learn how to receive from yourself. You have that love relationship with yourself, and as you know I am with all of you. You will have that loving relationship with me. It goes hand in hand, the depth of the love for yourself with the depth of the love for me.

Gather the energy. Let that glow glow and that aura of your being know that that love within yourself . ...