2006-07-18-The Time Space Loop

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Topic: The Time Space Loop

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: George Barnard



Thought Adjuster: "It is by looking at life from an eternity viewpoint that WE can say: ‘All is well’. All is on track at any given place, and all is well in the entire universe of the seven evolving universes.

"Starting out from the Isle of Paradise, one might envisage a giant loop, which represents the opportunity of time/space experiences for any created or evolving individual, here, beyond the boundaries of the Sacred Domain, with Thought Adjuster, personality, and soul, arriving here as Gifts from the Creator of All to travel this imaginary Time/Space Loop of very real terrestrial experiences, away from Paradise and back again.

"It is from OUR viewpoint that the entire journey has already been made. It is from your viewpoints, my beloved human counterparts, that not all may appear to be well, but such is not the case. All is well. WE bring you this short message, and trust that in times to come, WE shall more often have the opportunity to speak with you through minds so adequately stilled.


"I am known as The Eagle, and I send OUR love out to all."