2006-07-29-Stay On The Path

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Topic: Stay on the Path

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Samuel: “I thank you for noting my prompt. I am aware of the fact that recent worldly developments are constantly crossing your mind, that you are distracted and out of your regular doing. However, together we shall make the best of this short talk. This is your teacher Samuel.


“My lesson for this day deals with the complexities of life, and how best you can work your way through them, always bearing in mind that whatever move you make shall always be for the greater good, shall be with an ever-present awareness that God is Love, and that you, in whatever you do, emanate this wonderful Commodity to each and every one.

“There are those who choose to live a simple life, and they may well progress quite rapidly in their journey towards becoming a spiritual being. There are those who for themselves select difficult tasks in their terrestrial lives and beyond, and who may very well take a much longer time to bring themselves to a suitable position for fusion with their Thought Adjustor. I look back upon a life such as that. In my terrestrial life as well as in my Mansion World years and years, I elected to become involved in many of these instances of teaching and learning, wherever I needed to make decisions, many of them in doubtful, as you may call catch-twenty-two circumstances.

“Such is the way, too, in which I see your lives, for you have not chosen the easy way. Be aware that although you may be long delayed, your time to come will bring you the advantages of becoming a knowledgeable, and of becoming a most appreciated celestial being once fused. They are my recommendations that once set out on such a course, you continue on, always decisive in your ways, not choosing an ‘each-way bet’ in dealing with a complex involvements, but always with an eye on the path that you have taken. It is with self-direction in a convinced, certain, and loving way that you will achieve more for greater good.

“I recall in great detail my life as I led it. I am talking about the lives you now lead. Stay with the original plan, and make do with that very plan in the many circumstances that will endeavor to take you away from your path.


“This receiver is fatigued. I know I am getting through, yet his mind continues to dart. Do follow your stillness regimen more carefully whenever you can. I say goodbye for now. This is Samuel of Panoptia, saying Adieu until we have an opportunity to speak again. I thank you for your attention.”

George: “Thank you Samuel.”