2006-08-05-Put Aside Emotional Responses

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Topic: Put Aside Emotional Responses

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Andrea

TR: George Barnard



Andréa: "I place my hands together and bow my head as I greet the Creator Fragments within you as I arrive, and I do likewise when I leave. For you, my dear human friends, I have infinite love and patience, for between us exists a time-tested and powerful bond that is stronger than very many I know of. I greet you both. This is Andréa.

"It is during these busy times when I am more aware of my full appreciation of the gift of Mother Nebadonia that allows me to directly speak with you. It is I, as distinct from your ‘much in demand’ Secondary Brothers and Sisters, who can make time available for you whilst others are otherwise employed.

"For me it is a so-very-uncomplicated task to read your minds and recognize the frailty of the human emotions when all around you so many crimes are being perpetrated. Much do I see that you, individually, are disturbed by goings on in many places, and much as I understand that you see yourselves as part of a total organism that is in uproar and in difficulties, world wide, I remind you that you, singly, are responsible for your own spiritual path, your return path to Paradise; that you, individually, are responsible for your spiritual status at any time, and that no matter the uproar all around you, it is you who must separately make your way into a more suitable, more spiritual, a more prayerful spiritual life.

"There is little that you can do to alleviate the hardship that is being felt by many because of few. And yet, you have at your disposal your prayers to the Creator of All for Him to sanction all that is possible, to make happen that which is possible for peace to return to this troubled planet.

"Do calm your minds completely whenever you can, and go about your tasks as they have been allocated you. Do put aside your emotional responses to the troubled places in your world, and always aim to achieve the best possible results in even the direst of circumstances.

"This is Primary Midwayer Andréa, unable to deny that my mind is also troubled at this time, and yet I go about my many tasks with gratitude that I am responsible only for how I fare in my chosen work. I send my love to all. I am Andréa."

George: "Thank you Andréa."