2006-08-19-Specific Questions Answered

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Topic: Specific Questions

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Sananda

TR: George Barnard



The Scribe: "Eternity knows, because eternity can foresee, and so your days and all the days of all the time-space universes are known, are understood, and have been ‘foreseen to absolute completion’.

"It is by descending from eternity into the time-space realms that the knowledge of this ‘completion’ can only be retained in relation to the universe sector and what is known right there. In descending from Paradise and by going through all the necessary (morontia) body changes to descend down to your sector, many things that were previously understood can no longer be known by the Avatar.

"Thus, knowledge that is specific may or may not be available, but the wisdom accumulated over eons of time remains undiminished, and with the use thereof will He earn great credits and be exalted. Therefore He awaits His time -- the appropriate time for the planet -- to make Himself known and begin His teaching career.

"It is also understandable that in these ‘unruly’ times you are apprehensive about what is to come. It is with faith, with trust, with love, and courage that you will do well. It is with a lack of faith, with an absence of courage, and an utter lack of humility that those who can do damage at great distances will find that they can rule only for a short time.

"Keep the faith. Keep the trust. Pass on the Father’s Love, and be courageous in staying with the project at hand. It is to those of faith and trust, love and humility that they will appear on Paradise and hear the Father say, ‘I AM well pleased with you.’


"This is the Damascus Scribe. I thank you for your attention, and I treasure the love you feel towards Me. We shall meet up again."

George: "Thank you Sananda."