2006-08-22-His Love Must Be Passed On

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Topic: His Love Must Be Passed On

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Andrea

TR: George Barnard

Session 1

His Love Must Be Passed On


Andréa: Calm your mind now. Sink deeper into this relaxed state of mind. Allow yourself to drift. This is Andréa, and I greet you both.


"I do not need a passport or a visa. I need no airplane tickets, and not even do I need to apply for landing rights. As much as I travel at speed, one could almost say that no sooner do I wish to be somewhere, than I am in fact there. So I visit you often, my dear friends, because you are close to my heart. I am Andréa, a Primary Midwayer.

"It is a pleasure for me to be here at this communications hub. I am here for a short message only, for it is a prerequisite of the Eleven-Eleven function, that messages be short and to the point. And so, my discussion with you today centers around differences between that which you wish for, and that which in faith you will accept, together with the many thousands that enjoy your messages from all your wonderful receivers all over the world.

"They are individuals that long for peace, that long for tranquility, that long for others to also realize the Love of the Creator Father, and how His Love must be passed on from them to others. At the same time, there is a need for you all to step back from finger pointing, and to step back from so thoroughly disliking the state of the world at this time.

"With faith and love and understanding, it is you who can continue to travel a clear path towards this spiritual progress you are entitled to, you desire, you are meant to generate; your reason for being.


"It is I, Andréa, who loves you all so much. No, you are not faceless. We do know and love each and every one of you. I say Adieu."

George: "We love you too, Andréa."

Session 2

Creativity & InterSpecies Cooperation


Andréa: "This is Primary Midwayer Andréa. Allow yourself to relax and drift a little more (imitating the receiver now). That’s good. That’s fine. That’s so very, very good.


"It is an aspect of your culture, the way you are brought up, your societal mindset, that the things you do from day to day are seen as purely obligatory. That the things you do to simply survive are not of a co-creative nature.

"That is hardly the case. So many mothers look after their children well, yet feel they are merely fulfilling an obligation, and that there is no credit to what they feel everyone else must also do. However, they are accumulating credits, and they are being co creative in His Name.

"There are so many fathers, also, who work incessantly to provide for their families, and yet sparing hardly a thought for the credits they accumulate in their co-creative efforts. They are doing God’s Will.

"It is elemental to your cultural perceptions, your communal mindsets that you are overburdened with obligations, and that very little credit does accrue. This is faulty thinking. This is inaccurate, for you are, in fact from day to day, moment by moment, co creating with your Creator.

"During those times when a mother is overburdened with looking after her children, and during those times when a father spends nearly all his time collecting, accumulating for his family, that we, Midwayers, mostly remain only marginally involved. It is during those times before the family is started, and after the children have gone their separate ways, that more and more opportunities can come your way, and be utilized by you, for you to co create with us.

"It is at this point in time, and on a daily basis, that we see our involvement with Distance Healers and Reiki Healers and Akashic Construct Students become ever greater. This is where we, the Midwayers, co-create with you, night and day, in all time zones. Your human efforts at interspecies cooperation -- co-creation with your celestial families -- are a very large part of the progression towards Light and Life for this Planet.


"This is Andréa. I thank you both for your attention and I send my love to all."

George: "Thank you, Andréa. Amen!"