2006-09-03-Breathing, Receiving, Light Force

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Topic: Life of Service

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, Elyon, Nebadonia

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Monjoronson (Mark TR): I am Monjoronson, and I would accept your invitation to join this forum at this time. It may appear as though I am making myself right at home within this group and with groups, and I am as a result of your willingness and your invitation. This is so that we may become more familiar with each others' energies that we may be the more intimate and therefore the more harmonious in our efforts together.


I acknowledge that you have welcomed me to this arena, but I am doubtful that you are aware that this very arena that we share at this time is the result of the attention of those of us on our side to have you position yourselves thus. This is a result of our desires and of yours. This is what makes this meeting place so special to all of us. It is in fact a direct result of our combined intention that we meet here now. It is such a joy to witness the unfolding of this grand plan as a map that we together unfold segment by segment to look at the great scope of the plan before us.

Together we gather and huddle around the opportunities inherent in unfolding such a map of such possibilities and potentials. We are as eager as you are to learn more about the avenues of approach to be used, the directions to be followed to successfully navigate this new terrain, these new dimensions. It is also a thrill to witness that you have taken so well to sharing amongst yourselves that which you each discover en route, bringing it back to the camp and openly and freely sharing what is working for you, what you have discovered, what you think is important, and how these things have impacted your lives and your journey of discovery of the spirit. You are not only providing each other with valuable insight and opportunities that then may be useful as patterns or approaches or tools, as you call them, but by so formulating your way and navigating your paths you also provide for us and for the universe at large that which we need to refine our map to provide those helpful directions so that future navigators will find helpful tips and information that have been developed from the ground floor, so to speak. We pay keen attention to those things that work for you and are successful to aid you in your journeys and will seize upon those to expand upon as we together develop the route for making a successful ascension of the mountain.

Breath, Focus

Therefore I would address your request that it be discussed the component of your physical being and harnessing the potential in the willful direction of its function, notably the breath. You have indeed perceived correctly that the breath is life itself; it is what distinguishes the living from the non-living in your material world. It provides you with nourishment, some of which you have perceived as molecules of oxygen and other sources of nourishment you have yet to fully perceive. It is how your Mother nourishes you constantly throughout your lifetime journey.

You are also aware that you may entirely forget about this process and that it will go on without your intervention. It is part of your design and your structure that this life-giving service be made automatic so that you do not have to direct your energies and intentions to accomplish this most necessary part of your existence.

Likewise you might consider that life itself and your living your life can go in somewhat the same direction, on auto pilot, if you will, and you may see yourself as disengaged from this process and can be made to feel as though life is happening out there and you are simply drawn into it without your awareness. You have in this group chosen to focus yourselves on the awareness of life around you. You have brought yourselves to the place of understanding that that which occurs is not separate from you, but that you are engaged in this process, in fact you have some control over this process, and the more focus that you bring to this process the more control you will witness that you have. In your attempts to refine this process you will find it helpful to be willful and in control more and more of the time. When you desire to be ultimately focused you will naturally take your breath with more intention, use your vehicle with more purpose, function in awareness that all things are intertwined in this process.

This of course will happen if you allow auto pilot of your breath to take over as well, but it is in matters of degrees of focus that we discuss this. When you desire to have maximum focus and subsequent ultimate control, you as well will take control over all that you have control over. You may even have some impact on your other bodily functions. You may in meditation slow your heart-rate. You may in stillness calm your mind. These are other effects of your taking control of your moment and of your life in the flesh.

All of these aspects build for you a confidence of focus. It is in this confidence of focus that your faith may be bolstered. Given your confidence and your faith then may your actions be at their most potent. Thank you for asking of these issues and bringing them out to be discussed and investigated and experimented with that we may use any and every aspect of self to gain awareness and to direct focus as is our desire. I would contain my comment to that, as there are other teachers available, and as well we always would like to make room for interactive processes to occur. I remain in attendance. Thank you for hearing my words.



Sheila: As experimenters we get to try out our own ways. If a technique doesn't seem to be working what is the element that causes non-effectiveness?

Monjoronson: Well, simply stated, not every method of approach will prove effective, as we are navigating our way through time, space, personality, and divine will. We must in a very real sense invent as we go that which works in this process. Some approaches will fall short of their desired results.

However never will this be seen as a failure rather we must make trial and adjustment as we proceed in this process. We are providing foundation blocks upon which others may build their experiences. Each one brings to this process their unique set of needs and understanding and awareness.

Therefore we can definitively declare that the route taken will never be shared identically between two evolving individuals. What may work quite effectively for you or any others may not be the approach used by others who bring their conditions of understanding and needs to the equation. I would encourage you to remain in the positive elements of this creation and attempt to appreciate that there are no wrong attempts; there is no wrong experiment. Any scientist will tell you that in order to achieve the right result it was necessary to have many attempts to achieve this result.

But all of those attempts were a process of building one upon the other until there was understanding. In this same way each of us is reaching out and trying and then adjusting. We should make every effort to not see any of our attempts as failures but rather as the process in which we are engaged to arrive at that which is successful. I perceive that your perceptions are slightly askew in that your observations have been favored with an abundance of successes over failures. This may lead you to conclude that most of the time you are successful and a few times you fall short of your goals. I tell you that for humanity in general the opposite occurs far more frequently.

Many of your brothers and sisters will try and try and have what to them are apparent failures in coming to spirit. Yet they will keep trying, and their challenge is not to be overcome with doubts in this process, to be overwhelmed with apparent failures. You enjoy a different perspective. You have as a result of many factors enjoyed more successes than not in your approaches to spirit. But it is part of this growth process that not every attempt will meet with success, and if that is the case we still embrace what we have done as being part of the process and a building block to where we are going. We make every attempt to not be beaten by the process and the prospect of failure when it is not failure; it is lessons, it is building blocks; it is a process.

So, I encourage you all to be exceedingly joyful and lighthearted as you are so fortunate to have had so much success to this point. There are many who struggle with issues of uncertainty as a result of being unsuccessful in their attempts thus far. You will be examples to those of having been inordinately successful in your attempts.


Sheila: Could someone speak to us of the aspects of receiving?

Elyon (Jonathan): This is teacher Elyon. I will receive your inquiry. Receptivity is perceived as an acceptance, a welcoming of an action promulgated by another. It is that opening of the door as spirit stands there and knocks. But this receptivity is not really passive; it is aggressive. You willingly open that door; you reach and pull and accept. Receiving is the demonstration of willingness, a taking in more than an accepting in. Your exercise in breathing is an action, the opening of the door, and thus enters the awareness of spirit. A plant turns to face the light. A plant, a creature unknown to be much given to movement, turns to receive light. Simple, almost im-perceivable, action and thereby is received all the nourishment that light can give. When you breathe physically you ask to receive a critical element, oxygen. That oxygen combusts and your body has energy. That charge of energy makes the body capable of receiving other forms by which energy may be consumed through your food and drink, and in concert these energy inputs create the possibility for expression. You are thus able to care for your vehicle through cleansing, through exercise, even upwards into the realm of the gaining of knowledge and the engagement of community.

At that level you are able to receive truth, to acquire wisdom, to express compassion, all because of the simple combustion of oxygen. Spirit is light, and you know your world has an atmosphere critical for you to breathe. Beyond that atmosphere there is no oxygen, but there is light. Beyond your body, above your mind, is spirit. Spirit is light. When you breathe in your soul light, it too combusts, and that combustion is love. Where there is love the soul grows and experiences reality more deeply, more fully, more expansively. Your physical breath is critical to your physical life and is symbolic of the vitality of the spiritual breath, the breath of the soul. You also know that the exhale is the removal of what is called toxins which were vital at prior stages of energy use in your vehicle and are given off when not needed so as to not be unduly accumulated. Spiritually your exhale is the exhale of fear, of doubt, of despair, the many so-called toxins that in reality were critical in your spiritual unfoldment, for does not despair cause you to seek for hope?

Does not doubt cause you to reach in faith? Does not fear bring you to the desire for trust? Being receptive is also being willing to give up, to let go of those hindrances to make room for the acquirement of what your soul asks for and what spirit willingly gives. I hope my comments address your question.

Nebadonia (Sheila): Children of light, I am your mother. We don't call you "children of light" as a compliment; we do not necessarily say this to be kind. We call you children of light because that is what you are in this beautiful clear box that we see you clustered in. We do not see the old ways, although they are of your experience. Your old ways of believing, of seeing things, your healing ways, are all very much a part of the evolution of this planet and its people. Each and every one of you has experiences in the area of healing.

Your belief says, "Take this and it will make me feel better." "Do that and I will feel better." Try this, try that, it's all been experiments. Some still work, some don't. Some therapies work, some don't. You each had to work your way through these many arenas of healing practices. They have all been in one aspect an attempt to learn about yourself, to establish a belief system or to let go of one. Now in this new beautiful clear box that you've so lovingly clustered yourselves together, I do not see the old ways; I see all possibilities. I will watch as you establish your new ways of using this light force for your benefit, and here is the exciting part: you get to tell me; you get to share with all of us how you are so proudly and deliberately using this light force for your benefit.

As each and every one of you is so willing and quick to share your gifts with others, it makes this experimental stage extremely exciting. This life force runs through you, around you, everywhere, and you are now in these very moments directing it consciously or unconsciously. In this waking up process, in this reminder of all possibilities, we sit with you very excited to see what happens next. Oh, beautiful children of light, you are coming to know your power; you are coming to know the depth of your love that you have to share; you are coming to know, to remember, the oneness that you are.

Oh, great children of light, we watch you; we cradle you; we protect you, and guide you through this experimental process that you do not only for yourselves but for all. It is our intention to corral you together because of the powerful, powerful light that emerges from this group of love. I am with you in your breath. We are aware of the direction of your thoughts. We support your intentions. But I can say most of all we experience joy, such immense joy, in the fact that we are so consistently invited to play with you. This is love exemplified. This is teamwork at its best.


This is fellowship and brotherhood in experience. Most of all this is all of us creating a foundation of love for your new world. This team has only begun. I thank you and I love you from the depths of all and from the one breath that we are.