2006-09-17-Message for the Heart

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Topic: Message for the Heart

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Children, your Father calls you to gather around in family. Embrace one another as you have embraced me. We are a family. Each of you has a unique role to play in this family. Your brothers and sisters are each a unique part of this family. You are all equal; you are all necessary; you are all wanted; you are all here to fulfill your destinies.

I ask you to feel the significance of the soul before you when you are engaged with your fellows. When a person is before you, be mindful of the fact that here is a unique person whose essence is a part of the fabric of life. What delightful aspects of this person will you uncover as he or she reveals himself or herself to you? Ask to see the good in this person; ask to see the truth in this person; ask to see the beauty. It is so easy to be in conflict with another person…you know how this hurts you. I ask you to be in harmony with your brothers and sisters by seeing the divine in them. You will be enchanted with what presents itself to you.

You all want peace to dominate the planet. YOU will make it happen by living harmoniously together. Set the example for the world. Begin to practice seeing your brethren as I see you more consistently and mindfully, pay close attention to your heart-felt desire to do this. The more earnestly and sincerely you want peace on earth, the more devotedly will you see your fellows through the eyes of Spirit. My eyes are in you, my children. Allow me to see your brothers and sisters with you, and together we will view them in LOVE. Together, we will bring you into the family of PEACE.