2006-11-03-We Move Steadily Forward

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Topic: We Move Steadily Forward

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Michael

TR: Joyce Brenton



Michael: “Our Beloved Father is tirelessly working out His perfect Will through each of His beloved children. His work is purposeful, wise, kind and eternally taking into consideration the highest good for all concerned in every circumstance.

“Your total acceptance of this very great truth will allow you the necessary patience to wait for the highest good in every circumstance, no matter what the appearances of any of the outer circumstances.

“Day-by-day we move steadily forward in the utmost confidence that the inner workings of the inner Kingdom advance our Father’s Will for a united brotherhood of all mankind. We take our impetus from the basis of His unconditional Love for all His children. His Love will form our brotherhood.

“And likewise, our purpose is wise, kind and eternally considerate for the highest good of all concerned. We strive to fully represent everything His Loving Presence represents to each of us. Let us never give less than the fullest measure of the love we have so abundantly received.”