2006-11-05-Undiluted Raw Faith and Paradise Input

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Topic: Undiluted Raw Faith and Paradise Input

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “It is always good to be here. It is always good to relax with you and enjoy the bright lights you emit. Allow yourselves to drift a little deeper now, so our minds can meld and the words of our lesson can flow. This is Midwayer Bzutu, a regular visitor around these delightful parts, a proud and pleased friend and co-worker of you both.

“We are covering two subjects on this day. We are explaining, in perhaps better terminology than you can avail yourself of, just how and why certain aspects of Paradise information must be made available to us Midwayers for us to function efficiently, smoothly, and without too many hang-ups upsetting the overall universe plan.

“As well, we too like our human brothers and sisters, must on a continuous basis prove to ourselves that we can capably handle our given tasks with logic and reasoning, and perhaps with advice from local sources as it is made available. We too, must constantly prove that we have ‘undiluted raw faith,’ in the proposed directions we are given, in our tasks, in our world, and indeed, in that the entire universe is on a steady, progressive path.

“It is in seemingly unlikely, but important circumstances that we, on many occasions, will be made aware of (human) individuals that will in future times function with us, so their education can begin at an early age. And it is in this sense that many parents and caregivers are time-prompted, not for themselves quite so much, as they are for those they are nurturing and nourishing.

“There are many examples of those whose presences were announced from on High, even before they were born or conceived. Again, it is therefore important to bear in mind that those who are prompted by us may not be – I will use the term – ‘the end product’ of our endeavors. Indeed, at times information does come through that deals with the very, very distant future.

“We are then in the know, and we can take action and pass on information where needed. One of these examples of our intuiting a human was with the author (George Orwell) of the book, [1984, which you well know. And this is a matter that will once more come to the fore in the weeks and months to come. I am suggesting you take the time to once again study and refresh your memory on this particular subject.

“We are tired. It is late. We will close this session now. I say Adieu.”

George: “Thank you Chief.”

Receiver’s note

The Midwayers responsible for ‘intuiting’ George Orwell also intuited the title, 1984 (perhaps not all that much to Orwell’s personal liking), to basically ‘put their signature’ on the writing, also.

At the same time, Orwell’s important inspired writing was a reminder by the 1,111 Secondary Midwayers to the Celestial Powers that Be that they wished for the 873 ‘rebel’ Midwayers to be pardoned, rehabilitated, and returned to the planet to reunite, and once more function as the original extended family of 1984.