2006-11-14-The Beloved Guide

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Topic: The Beloved Guide

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Michael

TR: Joyce Brenton



Michael: “There is a slogan, My beloveds, popular with the ‘me’ generation: ‘I am looking out for number one.’ There is only one Number One in the minds of those who serve our Beloved One; the Father of all. And His perfect will for the united brotherhood of all His beloved children is our united will as well.

“Daily we profess Him to be the Light that both indwells us and goes before us. He is the Pathfinder, the beloved Guide we follow on this perfect path we choose to daily tread. We also intently focus in our united purpose to know Him, love Him and serve His will in all its perfection. Yes, indeed, we serve His will on earth as it is in heaven.

"We serve His compassionate and merciful interests and we know His total interest is Love made manifest. We are here to Love on His behalf, to be His Hands, His Feet, His Heart, Mind and beloved Voice.

"Again I say, there is therefore, in true reality only one Number One; The One, our Source, our Center, and the entire focus of our united will.”