2006-11-27-Spiritual Brotherhood Has Grown

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Topic: Spiritual Brotherhood Has Grown

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer, Donna: Dear Father, we thank you for this gathering here of our dear friends. We thank you for this time and this opportunity to hear from one of the spiritual teachers that you have sent to us. Please open our minds and hearts to discern the truth of the words. Please let your will be done in all of our lives. We love you. In Michael's name, Amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is good to be back. It brings me great joy to arrive at this session. After all these years it has almost become routine. There are many things that I do but this is one of the things that I find much joy in.


The spiritual brotherhood on this planet has grown. The connections that are being made within each individual's heart are becoming stronger. There are certain signs that you must look for that will make you aware of this growing trend. Most of you are aware already of what to look for.

You must not concern yourselves too much with these wars and these rumors of wars. They are of no consequence as to where you would be. Every single one of you here has the knowledge available that will help bring this world into the next age. It is simply a matter of you taking the initiative to make this possible. When you really think about it there are no obstacles in your way. It is only you that stops yourself from completing any task. It is simply your will that needs to take the initiative. It is your will that must be encouraged to continue. It is understandable how the will can falter sometimes. I completely understand how you can be discouraged by the news of the day and you wonder to yourself if this is all worth it?

But do not fret my friends for these times will pass. The seeds which you've planted will sprout and begin to show root within the soil of humanity. You will begin to see the fruits . .(missed section).the avenues in which you must travel.

This world turns on its own axis in a material form but it only turns on the spiritual axis when you become involved. The spirit of God is within each and every one of you. You can bring this world onto a different axis of spirituality. You can have it rotate on the glory of God if you only found a way to work for it. All things are possible in this universe and nothing is impossible. This task of bringing this world into the next Age of Light and Life may seem daunting at this point of Urantia history. But I assure you that it is a real probability and possibility.

If anything, you should feel relieved that this is something that God can see in the future. This foresight of His has been resonating down through the different levels of spirituality so that we, of a slightly higher order than yourself, can feel this inkling of assurance that this world will one day come into the Age of Light and Life. This inkling that we feel is proof enough that this will one day be a fact.

So rest assured my friends that all the work that you do here will come to fruition in a different age. Perhaps you will not be here. Perhaps it will be ages by which time you will have died. But, despite this, your work nonetheless is important to all of humanity. It is you that they will remember. It is this age which they will look back to and mark as an important part of history.

This is the task in which you are currently involved. This is your work at this moment in your spiritual career. After you die you will be given different tasks and different assignments. But the current one that you hold is of utmost importance to the whole world and not just you alone. You will have plenty of time to work on yourself. However, you are only on this planet for a little time and so much can be done. It is a shame to see your time wasted. It is a pity to realize that you could have done more and instead squandered your hours away. But this is not any sort of judgment my friends, it is simply an observation. It is you who will be your own judge in the ages to come. It is you who will regret these things and look back at your life and be harsh on yourself. I only advise you at this moment so you might save yourself that heartache of regret for I, too, have experienced that. Nonetheless it is your own experience that you must deal with and it is your own decisions that you must make.

I cannot decide for you on what you should do here on this planet. I can simply advise and perhaps give you the best course over which you can travel. Currently the best course you can travel is to follow the will of God. This is different for every one of you. You will find it in your hearts - you follow this will and you complete your task, and it will affect people and you will bring relative peace into this planet. Then my friend you can die happy. You can die knowing that you have changed this world for the better. But this is entirely up to you.

Are there any questions here tonight?


Jerry: JarEl, at the beginning you made a statement that I would appreciate your expanding on for our benefit, if you would. You commented on the fact that there are many things that you do when you aren't with us. It would be insightful if you would share with us some of your other duties and responsibilities?

JarEl: TR, George. I will share some. I work closely with the ascending mortals of the various spheres. I help them achieve finaliter status. I come down through the ranks of Morontia beings and illustrate to them the glories of the kingdom of God. I am currently acting in a Teacher mode. All my responsibilities deal with instruction of pupils such as yourself and those of the Morontia world. I do not have any administrative duties at this time, neither do I work in the administrative headquarters. All my duties deal with the instruction of ascending mortals and bringing them to the knowledge of God. It is a very fulfilling task and I am kept quite busy as you can imagine for there are millions and billions of ascending mortals to instruct. That is all I will say for now. (Thank you)

Are there any more questions?

Pato: I have a question please. The Master has commissioned us to go forth and spread the good news of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man and this is to all the world. It seems as though on this planet at the moment that most men or most parts of the world have heard this good news. Is there anything additional that we are required to do once this becomes generally accepted knowledge? That is my question.

JarEl: TR, George. Yes there is an additional task and that is to take these words and live them; embody them - to take these very words of the brotherhood of man and be a complete example. The whole world can hear this message of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. But what does it mean to them? They just glaze over it sometimes and not really ponder it. It is only when individuals such as yourself take it upon themselves to embody these messages that people begin to take notice and wonder where your inspiration comes from. And all along it was right under their noses this clear message of brotherhood and sisterhood, of Fatherhood. It is very difficult for people on this planet to live in a family, especially a family of the world. This simple concept of relationships such as brotherhood and sisterhood and Fatherhood are beyond many individuals for they themselves have grown up in dysfunctional families. When you begin to show forth your true nature as being a true brother, their concept of family begins to change and begins to grow. When you show the people of this world what it is to be a brother, they begin to admire you and begin wanting to be like you. So it is not enough to just tell people that there is a brotherhood of man and a Fatherhood of God. It is also important to show them how that is possible. That is the task which I give you. (Thank you very, very much) You are welcome.

Jerry: JarEl there is, as you well know, a big gap between the Christian world and the Islamic world and, with respect to this message you just shared with us, maybe you could suggest ways to us in which we could help to bridge that and bring about and illustrate and live more exemplary as members of the family of God to reach out and to basically bridge the gap between these two areas of our society, our civilization?

JarEl: TR, George. There are many possibilities in which you can build a bridge between these two great religions. However most people cannot see this, most people cannot acknowledge there being a bridge and that is the reason why there remains such a huge rift. But people such as yourself my friend can perhaps see beyond that and can convince them that we are brothers and sisters. It is a great task to convince people of this. It is difficult to completely eradicate someone's beliefs and supplant them with another and that is entirely unadvisable as well. What is advisable is that you connect with them spiritually - that you reach out with your hearts, not your minds. Do not over think this, just feel it with your hearts as true human beings and this will bring in the other side. This will build that bridge that you so desperately look for and which was lying there all along in your hearts. So see beyond their belief, see beyond the race, see beyond their culture and see to their hearts and when you find that gem, my friend, you will know what richness is. As you are aware, there is still much work for you to do. I will not give you all the answers. But these answers you must find on your own.

Are there any last questions?


Very well, I wish you all a good night.

All: Goodnight JarEl.