2007-03-26-Abraham & Mary

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Topic: Acceptance

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teachers: Abraham & Mary

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am happy to see your balance with the issues. While you can be quite logical at times, you also balance that out with humor and wit. It is important to be able to be your true selves anywhere you go. That does not mean you will always be accepted, but the fact that you stay true to who you are is what is important.

Everyone wants to be accepted. It feels all encompassing. Of course, those who do not accept you do not need to be thrust upon with your personality. You cannot force individuals to like or accept you. You cannot become as someone you see who is accepted and present that for individual’s scrutiny. Overall, people know falsehood when they receive it. Also, to give out that type of energy portraying falsehood all the time is really too difficult to keep continuing. I am with peace and comfort to say that each of you feel safe here and feel free to speak your mind, as do I. With that, I thank you and leave you to Mary.


I am MARY. Greetings, friends. It is always a breath of fresh air to meet with you. Your unique personalities help me to become a more diverse teacher. I admit there were those days in the flesh that I had great desire to be accepted. I thought as spiritual people we would all just automatically love each other. The Master never said we would find total acceptance of one another, but He did recommend that we find our common thread and work towards the goal.

I do remember a time after I had come into the ministry that I needed to be understood by everyone. I didn’t know that some individuals were not capable of understanding me. I didn’t understand that some personalities simply clashed. I figuratively made effort to sell myself as a regular citizen within the Kingdom of Heaven. Although, I did not believe that about myself, I really was with the belief that I was inferior. I came from a poor background; I had no money, no status. I saw not the value of who I was as a person. Really, I was just beginning to blossom. A few close sisters had helped me to see my worth as a person. Even though their background was quite different from mine, their underlying personalities were showing similar likes.

It is interesting to see children at play; they are not with the pretentious, padded belief system that adults are. Their goal is to have fun, to seek laughter. Their egos are not trying to gain energy by appearing superior. As I learned more about the Master, I saw how He cared so much for our Father in Heaven. It is not that people were so unimportant that He could be unaffected by their thoughtless words and deeds. It was that He so loved the Father and kept His focus on the mission. The mission was not about Him being liked or disliked. It was about teaching the people about our Father and our Father about us.

As I began to know and love Father more, I was less affected by other individual’s attitudes. My outlook so improved that I saw more good than bad. I became desensitized somewhat toward people and more sensitive to Father. Knowing the Master, I found it easy to find the good. It helped me to feel at one within the Kingdom and my status as a woman of that day and age became less visible. This helped me to mature in spirit and I was granted a great many tasks. I was too busy to worry about what people were thinking. It was easier to focus on the goal.

My goal was to serve the Master and His ministry. With Father, we always are welcome to a clean slate or a fresh start. As mortals we will make a great many mistakes and Father is always listening when we decide to stop and ask for help. Are there any questions this evening?


CALVIN: Mary, thank you so much for your lessons. I very much appreciate your contribution and example of how you lived and to help us understand better as well. I am wondering if you might have any advice for me. I’m open for any you might want to share.

MARY: Thank you, Calvin. Certainly, I see you for the most part as being happy and at peace. You will always have some drama going on in your life. All mortals do. You are becoming an effective teacher to your friends and family. Just know that the biggest surprises in life have not yet come. There will always be challenges and you will feel thoroughly tested. Have not worry, your training and dedication to the Master’s plan should equip you for any challenge you may face. Be observant and know that those small irritations are great teachers. You do well.

MIRIAM: Mary, I have read several novels about you. They were interesting to me because of how hard the woman’s deal was and you share about that with us a lot here. You were quite a courageous individual. I am really glad that we get to know you. Your lessons are always just full of meaning and you are so willing to give example and detail about your life. It truly helps me equate to my life. I just wanted to thank you for that. I am struggling coming back from this heart thing and I am trying to be patient, but I wonder if you have any feedback?

MARY: Certainly. Thank you for your kind words. I do understand the female agenda. It has occupied a great deal of my education. There are similar evolutionary worlds with issues of male and female. (Do you mean where males are the underdogs?) No. Females are physically smaller and weaker—mentally, not. It was always my thoughts that women on this planet were the downtrodden gender and no one would ever understand. In my travels I have met with females from other planets that also experienced the same plight as the women of Urantia. It is really common for the larger animals to try to dominate the smaller. Throughout evolution we find that the smaller must rely upon their intellect to survive and therefore, become stronger. As you each will find out, there are many planets that have something that appears as abnormal and will be somewhat downtrodden. It is lessons for the ego—fascinating, really. About your heart procedure, we see that as advancing like it should. Eat those foods that are rich in iron to keep the blood healthy. You may do some small activities, but when you feel tired—rest. Do not force it. Each day you will become stronger and stronger. It will not take as long as you think. You are concentrating on a specific time allotment and that is in itself overwhelming. Feel good about what you are doing and that includes rest. You can always find things to sharpen the mind while resting the body. Overall, things are going quite well, have not worry.

TECTRA: Mary, I was going to ask if you have some words for Nina regarding her friend, Kyle?

MARY: Thank you, Tectra, very thoughtful. Yes, Kyle is in serious mental anguish. He cannot perceive love from others because he has no love for himself. He sees not the value in simple goodness. There is only value in the material. My recommendation is to withhold attention from his emotional neediness, while encouraging his humorous side. Downplay the drama and simply live your life as if the Master were right here with you. There is always some brother or sister we cannot fathom. Look at Judas, the individuals in the ministry were quite astonished at his betrayal. We felt guilty for our hatred towards him. As we moved forward as followers of Christ, we began to perceive the many possibilities that would lead up to the betrayal and realized that he was simply a self-guided individual. He could not let go of his vision for a seat as a ‘chosen individual’ for Father’s plan to do any good. Also, be observant, be practical and be safe. That is all. Thank you, Tectra, for your thoughtful question.

Our time is growing late, is there one more possible question?

SIMON: In last few lessons, the details of the wider picture, could you apply that to my situation and any further words. Maybe it will click easier.

MARY: I see you as a man who wears many hats. You are not quite sure which one to wear, so you are constantly changing. It would be my understanding that in order for you to find joy, you feel you must bring joy to others and you are finding you need to keep up a continuous juggling act. I recommend that you stay quiet for a couple of weeks and really listen to people. Think about what really brings you joy. Take a deep breath and relax. You will find there is peace and comfort in the Spirit. Overall, Simon, you do well. You are not one to ever lay down before your troubles. Your enthusiasm is admired.


That is all. For this week let us remember what our focus is. How important is your need to be liked? How will your closeness with Father help you to maintain focus and find joy in being an example of one of the Master’s disciples? I find joy in you, my friends. Continue on with the work. Our love goes with you always. From Abraham and myself, we bid you Shalom.