2007-06-21-Emerging Configurations

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Topic: Emerging Configurations

Group: At Large


Teacher: Ham

TR: Tiahuan



[You have gladdened my heart for this opportunity to speak. I am Ham.]

Ham (Tiahuan TR) How glad I am to greet you, my beloved friends, those whom I have known over time—yes, in the course of this time of correction. Thank you for your willingness to be here in this moment, full of opportunity for service. I would advise that you allow yourselves to know that my love and devotion to each of you is not a temporary phase of a particular initiative. My love you will carry with you throughout the course of your ascension careers. I would have you rest in this assurance, feast in this knowledge that all we labor for as children of our Father is deepening this joy found in love.


You have many questions. You have witnessed emerging configurations of alignment, you and others. You may be confused a bit by my apparent departure, the ending of a phase of my instruction. You should know, and you will learn increasingly, there is nothing that ends that does not begin again something greater. Your lives are wonderful examples of this reality—how many of you know so well, how many times you have come to an end—perhaps you thought at the end of your proverbial rope, and you feared losing your grip. Alas, it is not your grip that is secure; it is the gravity of our Father’s love that holds us in the confidence of his light in which all is known. Release your selves from the perception that you control whether you rise or fall. We are in this moment held in the heart of God. This is where we seek to bring every personality upon every world, this site of communion, this experience of being part of a limitless family.

Each of you who have attended my lessons know that these are planned in a collaborative manner, and while I have been responsible for administrative roles in the Teacher Corps, the Teacher Corps itself is part of a larger framework. You will recognize the curriculum of love is constant. The content of love you have known will be constant, even as the context of this instruction will grow to embrace larger segments of your world and the system in which your world dwells; and of course knowing as you do from our text, it is helpful to understand any segment within the totality of creation. In each part, the pattern of all creation is present. Be confident that your part is vivid, is valued, is seen as a treasure, a wonder to behold.

Be at peace knowing I am always here regardless of our relative spatial locations. Those who dwell in this love are not bound by the limits of any world.

As you ponder the possibilities before you, rest assured your experience, your thinking, your friendships that have grown will guide you well to discern the best manner in which to proceed. It is literally true—ask what you will and it will be given -- for your heart is indwelt by the heart of God. Allowing your self to feel this depth within you is a sure guide to fruitful action.

If you wish, I would love to hear from you now, as ever.


Q: Do you have a message for our friends in Nashville?

A: Let me say to all of our friends who are gathered with intent to serve Michael’s plan to correct the injuries, to heal this planet, who have heard him calling, consciously or not, I am grateful for your attendance, your loyalty, your loving devotion, and though you may feel separated, we are not. Allow this time to deepen your connections with me and those with whom I work. As this expands your liberty, your joy in serving this love will grow likewise.

Would you have concerns in particular?

Q: I would like some guidance in 9/11 activities.

A: Please be aware that the movement of truth cannot be contained within any ‘movement’ though every movement enjoined in faith serves this truth. There’s much you are learning, and with your fellows, will learn about this sphere, the details of your story, how rich your truth discovery is, even now. Be confident above all that the movement of love will gather all that is needed to feed as many as hunger.

The darkness you discern is passing away. The light that illumines the darkness giving you capacity to see what once was hidden is where you would focus to discover all of the truth. My dear son, I stand with you as these shadows are dispelled, and if ever you would fear anything, call upon me. Call upon the source of all to help you see these shadows fading, the fear dissolving, as we would encourage you to affirm it for what it is and let it go. Let it be.


Give my greetings to our friends. Encourage them to proceed in the bounty, the provision being given here.

Farewell, my friends.