2007-07-08-Trust, Changing Focus

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Topic: Trust, Changing Focus

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Monjoronson, Lantarnek

TR: Jonathan, Mark Rogers



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Elyon. I extend my embrace to all and welcome the attention.


We are long in our association and have come to appreciate the value of trust; it is an important dimension in your spiritual unfoldment. It is the necessary ingredient to walking on water, for that is what you do as you venture into new territory as an ascending soul. The unfamiliarity is the first potential impediment to progress, and it is at that crucial time that you can confound your development with additional blockages such as fear. But you are ones who have learned to trust and have, through experience, discovered the stability of such an exercise. It has rewarded you as you have discovered higher levels of awareness and deeper connections in love and communion.

I am going to review a concept I presented on trust before, a static trust and a dynamic trust. The first trust is the one that knows that, when it holds tightly for stability, that to which you cling is stable enough to hold you, a solid grounding trust. One example of that trust is your trust in Michael. It’s unshakable. It is that rock upon which your foundation is built.

The other trust, dynamic trust, is the growth promoting trust where you are willing to take a leap, to venture forth, to be uncertain long enough to gain insight. It is through repeated cycles that you develop this trust and even come to relish the adventure. It is this trust that you use to venture into the Monjoronson journey.

When I first came to your circle, you exercised this trust, and I have come to witness your shift to the static trust where you are assured of my beneficence and love for you.

These are my opening words for our gathering today, and I will give over to my associates that they may also share with you.

Monjoronson (Mark): I greet you as well, I am Monjoronson here to accept your invitation to dance the spirit dance with you in this hour. It is my desire at this time to take some concepts that I have been exposed to that are contributed by your fellow seekers and to revisit these concepts for the benefit of a different audience today. I will attempt to do this Elyon style and use pictures and metaphors, so perhaps you will follow along with me in your mind’s eye.

Picture yourself coming upon a mountain stream as you traverse your trail in life. There is a footbridge across this stream, and as you approach it your focus is a broad one. You are engaged in defining the parameters of the stream, the bridge that crosses it, the elements involved in your negotiation of this bridge. You approach such a bridge and stop half way. The first gaze that you have out upon this stream is one of initial [sizing?], how wide is it? Is it bubbling or is it calm? Is it rushing or is it slow? Your focus at that time is on the broad picture, and you make a rather instantaneous assessment of the environment and the surroundings and your relationship to them.

As you pause on this footbridge and reflect you let your gaze look down upon the water, and you allow yourself a shift in focus. Rather than seeing the stream as a whole or larger characteristics, you observe a small eddy to the side. You direct your focus to this point. You then adjust your focus once again and peer deeply into the small pool where you observe an entire environment which was hidden beneath the water that was not observable until you approached and changed your focus. As a result you have pierced through, and you are able to see perhaps the tadpoles below and the movement of the water, vegetation flowing in the streams.

Without redirecting your gaze you then once again change your focus and see another whole dimension. You witness yourself in the reflection and beyond you the clouds and the heavens above.

I share this story with you to illustrate that you may change the focus repeatedly without changing your position; without altering your posture you may gaze either more deeply or pull back ... and see the reflection of yourself. Likewise when you go through your days and you change your focus at times. You pull up to a stoplight, and your first gaze is an instant size up of your environment and your association to it. Are there vehicles in front of you? Do you stop now? What is your role to play? Then you find yourself caught at the light and you pause. You then realize that your gas gauge is reading low, that the heater is turned on too high, and you shift your focus to your more internal environment of your vehicle. If you are delayed at this point you may become bored with that shift in focus and begin to look around you and determine that there is a brother or sister sitting next to you in their vehicle you have not noticed; you were focused in a different place. By shifting your focus you became aware of the reality that existed right next to you. So it goes throughout your day; your focus is constantly shifting from your initial size up, to your more considered perception, to perhaps even a level of thoughtful contemplation. In this way you are shifting gears back and forth constantly, and it is our exercise to discern that this is indeed occurring and to decide what level you will chose to focus on.

I will point out that if you had enough time to stop in traffic to ... as well to shut out all external observations and you would then shift your focus.... As you go through your daily lives you can realize this shift happens and choose to make this change in focus more with willful intention, realizing that you have not altered your position but your focus may ... then begin to realize that all the aspects of .... There is reality in each one of these observations. They all exist side by side. It is merely where you choose to look at any one time.

I am grateful for this ... contribution and to pools of wisdom that you may then draw from. This analogy may strike chords of resonance on all who have observed these shifts and perhaps facilitate awareness that it is a matter of simple focus.

That is my chosen contribution for this student body here today, and I will pull back and allow [another] form of interaction. Thank you. Farewell.


Lantarnek (Jonathan): This is Lantarnek. For a moment draw your mind attention to ... spirit. Each one of you no doubt has a form by which you ... your faith .... May I take you down a path? Draw attention to your physical form. This is the three dimensional location that you call yourself “you”. It is your public self. Then there is your more private being, your mind with your thoughts and your feelings and perceptions. Sometimes you externalize them; other times they remain private. They are yours; they are you. But you who sit in stillness also have come to recognize the one that sits behind all this internal activity. Often this is called the “real” you.

Now we are looking toward Father’s presence from this position. Do you turn around to see Him? Do you look outward? Do you turn deeper into yourself? There is no separation, no distance. It is a connection only inaccurately said as such. It is so deep, so intertwined, as to be indistinguishable. When you are in your peripherals it is hard to notice it. When you are in your silence there it is known.

May you be at peace.