2007-07-10-Preparations for Michael's Return

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Topic: Preparations for Michael's Return

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Machiventa, Michael

TR: George Barnard



Machiventa: "Like many of my order, and like countless of the many orders that serve mankind to the glory of the Creator Father of All, we are opportunists. We push and pull; we lure and cajole our human brothers and sisters towards a greater, more vibrant, spiritual life.

"I was an opportunist some five thousand years ago when I saw both the need, and the chance, to meet up with and to take under my wing, a man (Abraham) who wielded a sword with great expertise, and for him to become a more placid being, a teacher, a leader, an example, and an ancestor to many, who would keep alive the teachings of the one almighty God. This is Machiventa.

"I was an opportunist, for some decades working with a man who ‘wielded a ready vocabulary’ and to my delight it is now almost seven years since we also became friends. I am a Melchizedek, and I was created an opportunist by my very given nature. Again, with our opportunist eyes, we look at this world. We look at our many human brothers and sisters who desire peace, desire friendship with all disparate human kin, desire an equitable living, and desire to share.

"We are getting ready, for the time is reasonably short. I am getting ready with many of my Melchizedek brothers and those attached to my order. Monjoronson and his entourage is getting ready together with his many helpers unknown to you, and indeed, in your near future you will be able to witness our Master Creator Son with your spiritual eyes.

"Let there be no doubt that in all the many lengthy years that I have known Michael of Nebadon, He has neither uttered an idle word, nor failed to keep a promise. It is He who said He would return to the planet of His human birth, and so He will. Count on it. This is Machiventa, who sends his love to all."


Michael: "This is your Creator/Father/Brother Michael. I have a for-you-unusual task. I give you the task of determining that of which I will speak to you, and I desire that I will be more frequently invited to your home, to your presence, to your minds, for the lessons of your choice that will ensue. My love be with you, My dear children."