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Topic: Beginnings

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Gabriel

TR: Anne



Gabriel: “. . . ever the chance to see the truth in all that you do and perceive. Open your hearts and your eyes my beloved ones to the abundant truth that surrounds you.

“No longer resist what is being told. Hear the truth as it persists to call you to being the truth. Make your new beginning today, the beginning of non-resistance. Hear the word, hear the truth, be the heart of the word. Know that nothing is given that you cannot hear -- that nothing is outside of your reach.

“Hear the simple truth. It is not a struggle to be aligned with God; to be the very likeness of Him. The struggle emulates from not being aligned with him. The pull towards His likeness is ever strong when you hear the word of truth in this. It is the closing of the door from human frailty to being the truth in humanity of all others. Close the door upon all that brings you sorrow, and open the doorway to love by allowing yourself to be in His presence by representing Him through all of your ways.

“Through His Grace you are the very presence of Him, His Grace, His love -- that you be His love, His representative in all that you do. That you do not give up the gift of this purity of yourself through your ways; do not turn your back on Godliness through the perception that you sacrifice yourself by aligning with His will, His Grace. It is not sacrificial to give through wisdom in your ways but a gift to yourself to be as His Grace. Do not sacrifice your self, your joy and freedom, by disallowing His Grace and love upon yourself, by making the choices to be other than God Himself is.

“There is a misunderstanding in that you think you are sacrificing parts of yourself if you work in alignment with God rather than in alignment with the ego -- that your ego prevents you from knowing there is no loss of your free will in aligning with God's will. The only sacrifice you make is the sacrifice of your true divine self if your choice is to be other than aligned with God, your Creator.

“To be as God is to stand tall as the very presence He intended you to be. You sacrifice nothing in being as God and there is no loss, there is only pure gain of the true being as you are intended to be in His vision. Know that the greatest gift you can award yourself is the choice of humanity for all. This is the hug of human kindness, hug yourself in all your choices, know that as you choose through the gift of this life through your free will, through wisdom you choose love for all above love of self. That is all.”