2007-07-23-Observe and Analyze

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Topic: Movement

Group: Spokane TeaM


Teacher: Frank

TR: George Barnard



Alice: “This is Sanobim Alice. Frank and I are with you this evening. In fact, we have been with you for quite some time, and we very much enjoyed your discussions. We are with you now for another lesson in psychology. My simple task is to greet you, so ‘hello there to you both!’

Students: “Hello Alice. Hello Frank.”

Alice: “I shall leave the discussion for this evening to my crusty companion, Frank. He mostly acts as the spokesperson for the two of us.”

Cherubim Frank: “Good evening, you both. This is Frank. Crusty indeed! Crusty in the sense that I boldly speak my mind, and I have earned the right to speak up loudly, and speak up clearly, but only about the specific interest that has occupied our minds in our studies and observations for centuries.


“Cherubim are created fully mature by our Mother Spirit in the sense that we do not grow, or age . . . or shrink . . . but this does not necessarily mean that we are educated and civilized, that we are always ‘politically correct’ in our immediate environment. We need to learn, and the fashion in which we learn from others is by observation of the behavior of the elders of our kin, and by emulating the more advanced of Her angelic creatures.

“It is often, also, that we learn through our annoyance with the behavior of those of our immediate kind. It is in this sense that we learn to recognize those things that trouble us; to find within ourselves these same unsuitable, unwarranted, unbecoming habits that we need to correct. And so, over many years, and by studying the behavior of others, we re-adjust our thought-life and our expressions, to become better universe citizens.

“Once this has been achieved we can become advisors to others, our younger brothers and sisters, and as in this instance, our human brother and sisters. This is the lesson that I have for you today.

“Do observe, and keenly so, do not judge, but do analyze the behaviors of others, those aspects, those patterns, those acts and behaviors that annoy you, so you can discover that these may also belong to you. And you can better them. As well, observe and analyze the positive behavior of others. Learn to respect these, and therefore take them onto yourselves. Adopt these methods, adopt these behaviors, and as a result become a better person, a more spiritual person, a contributor.

“We, constantly learn from your behaviors. We, Cherubim, constantly take onto ourselves your positive behaviors, find what echoes in our empathic minds, and we correct these things that need correction in ourselves. With many years of this work behind us, we have learned it is always good advice for you to also progress from the mistakes, the unwanted actions, of another.


“By correcting these within self, and by realizing that, like ourselves and like yourselves, the other person is not created perfect, but on a path, a long path, toward perfection. This is Frank, always Frank. It is good to be with you. Until we meet again dear friends.”

George: “Thank you both.”