2007-08-19-A Far Wider Circulation

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Topic: A Far Wider Circulation

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Chief Bzutu: “We Midwayers would call it presumptuous that you should place yourself in charge of the curriculum. We would call it presumptuous that you should try to tell us what next we must teach you.

“We Midwayers, long lived, need not take time off to sleep, to eat, or to do anything that robs you of your productive hours of the day and night. We truly are human-like ‘learning machines,’ but we are without your mortal ability to swiftly forget. Our hard-drives know few limits, and we have taken psychology, philosophy, and sociology to a level you cannot yet imagine. We know your mind, brother. We also know your every thought, and yes, I jest, of course!

“We have heard your request that some information be repeated. And so it is my task to oblige. This is the Correcting Time. This is a time when rules that were instigated some quarter-of-a-million years ago exist no more. This is a time when very few mortals become sleeping survivors. This is an era in which almost all of those who pass on become citizens of Mansonia One with little delay.

“For every one of you who channels messages, reads these messages, or fills in your days with lightworker duties, there are thousands of others who arrive on the mansion worlds from this planet, having lived their lives ‘in the material,’ having contemplated little else. Although you all may be considered to be mere embryos, some of you are fractionally ahead of most others.

“And indeed, those lessons that are passed on to you are learned word for word by those on the mansion worlds, and therefore the circulation of these messages is far, far wider than you can imagine. I hope and trust that I have finally, and satisfactorily, answered your outstanding question. I sense this is the case. I thank you for your time and effort. We shall commune again. This is ABC-22.”

George: “Thank you, brother.”


Midwayers can know your mind when they are granted access to your mind. They don’t normally have such access, unless it is specifically granted.