2007-08-19-Expression of Heavenly Father

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Topic: Expression of our Heavenly Father

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Aaron

TR: Daniel Megow, Simeon, Mark Rogers



Michael (Daniel): Thank you for sharing in the memory of this day, my dear ones. Each and every one of us is unique and individual and a cherished expression of our heavenly Father, and just as surely each and every one of you is at the same time a unique and beloved and cherished expression of me. You are all my beloved children, and yet we walk together towards our Father, I more as your elder brother. You express our Father's love in your life. In this you are expressing the point of my gift to the Supreme.


Aaron (Simeon): Greetings, my friends, on this evening symbolizing the joy of love made manifest on your world. I am Aaron, it is my pleasure to speak, the topic: spiritual ascendancy which is the plan of progress for each being created and/or evolved. Often early evolutionary beings think of spiritual progress, of the miraculous, astonishing deeds and activities, but in the practical application on the universal level, one cannot become master of the miraculous until one has become master of the commonplace. Thus the meat and potatoes of spiritual growth lies in your day-to-day endeavors and how you approach the circumstances of your life. These gatherings of faith-filled souls may seem to you to be miraculous and astounding, yet these are truly glimpses of how the commonplace should be: people interacting on a level based first on a relationship that is inherent, placing other factors secondary. We like to observe how you go from these gatherings and make the energizing last as long as you can. When you approach your daily existence, some can slip out almost immediately into the ups and downs and frustrations. Others begin at a highly supercharged spiritual level spreading good cheer for days, maybe weeks, and slowly slide into habits and patterns. But regardless, it is these moments of awareness of the inherent connection of all things that will both guide you and provide the bridge for you to cross toward more enlightened patterns. Spiritual ascendancy is achieved moment by moment, not by the results but by the effort. One can be ascending rapidly spiritually even while the material body slowly breaks and dissolves. My call to you this evening is to recognize that it is not the outcome but the effort and the awareness that will build your eternal souls, and that your understanding that relationship is far more important than differences and beliefs. The intention is prime. As you hear from the other ministers this evening and tomorrow, try to hold these thoughts in your mind. Allow yourself to be filled with the energy so that you have a good sense of this filling. But recognize along with the energy that you can more purposefully take these insights and let them blend into your daily existence more freely. At this time I will withdraw and observe. It is so wonderful to see you all here gathered in light.

Michael (Mark): Greetings, my dear ones. I am who you make reference to when you come together and gather in my name at such a time as this. It is my distinct honor and privilege to come among you in this fashion. As you well know it was my distinct honor and privilege as well to come among earthly brethren during my sojourn on this, our world. I was moved to come to my apostles and ask them, "Who is it that you say I am?", for they called me master unbidden. I was in their midst, and they could sense a distinct relationship to me as more than a brother, a mortal of the realm. They could sense that I had the essence of parent in me as well. Indeed I treated them as any loving parent would treat their family. And I come to you in this hour to declare that once again I am here with you, and I would ask each of you to answer internally, what do you call me now?

I have plainly portrayed to you that I am at once your brother, for I have lived a life among you, even as one of you. As well I am your father who has been so pleased by all of you. Therefore we are family. You are my dear, cherished children in this process. You may call me brother; you may call me father; you may even call me friend, as this is my greatest desire, to be considered accessible by you, to be approached by you as any parent would want their children to approach them in love. This is my greatest joy when you approach me with the open posture of a child who approaches in trust and in faith. Then it becomes my great privilege to surround you with my peace and to bring you my love. I tell you, once again, it is my desire to be as close to you as you can allow me to be in your daily lives, in your routine activities, where you live, in the space you occupy.

You have been told and you believe that I am to return to this world, and I declare to you in this hour that I am present with you even now, and that you are my current manifestation. You are how I choose to return to this world at this time, not centered in the individual person as I was as Jesus but rather prevalent in my Spirit of Truth that endows each and every one of you wherein I may see the world from your angle, may grow to cherish your experiences. This is the partnership that I desire to foster with each and every one of you. There is not one of my children that I do not cherish, that I do not desire to be closer to in this process. In fact we are growing closer, day by day, hour by hour, as you mature in your awareness and your ability to come to me. This is as I desire. So it is that we grow close enough to reach out and in this fashion, in this hour, almost touch each other. This represents my desire as well or we would not be here and now together.

Trust that all that is happening to you is our desire. I have made it so that you may choose, and you have chosen. Therefore our coming together represents our collective desire. You know of my creative potential, but I tell you now of yours. You who will choose to partnership with me will clearly demonstrate co-creative prerogative and potential. And in this way I and, with your help, we will lift this world up. I need your boots on the ground; I need your hands in motion; I need your brains ready to recall and function in the time of need, these very moments. Certainly our family grows closer and bigger and better each and every day. I thank our collective Father, the First Source and Center, for this grand design to allow us both to be here at this time, to operate in this capacity, to function in this manner.

Truly we are all blessed. And I accept your focus of intention today as it projects in my direction. Your needing to recall my sojourn of service to this world touches me. But I tell you, as grand as you consider my life was, your lives are now in play as the grandest in the universe. It is you who the others will see and hear, and it is this partnership that will allow us to function together and allow me to reach them and touch them just as now I reach you and touch you. Do this for me; do this with me.

You have it in your hearts and desire to be of service, and so it shall be. Your prayers are being granted as we move into the new arena where you will be provided the opportunity to exercise your desires and fulfill a divine plan. Look in your mind's eye for my touch. Be prepared to receive my embrace in spirit. Consider it is my desire that this is so, and, as you well know, that that which I desire and the Father permits is so. As such you are now here with me because this is what I desire.

When I walked this earth I called to those around me with the simple words, "Follow me", and they proved trustworthy in their desires and their actions, and they followed me in my literal footsteps. But now I come to you, my mortal liaisons, and I say I would follow you. You choose where we go. You decide what we do. You make the plans, and I will be assisting you in this process. You are a reflection of my love and my light to the others. This is my desire. Follow me by allowing me to follow you.


Thank you once again, my dear ones, for your devoted affection and your attention. Casting your gaze in my direction warms my heart; to see your shining lights warms a universe. Let us be bold in proclaiming this new kingdom together. I leave you as always with my peace and my love. But as always I remind you that I am never away from you. I am always there, even close enough to reach out and touch you. So it is and so you will know one day. In the meantime I accept your offers of faith that have brought you here, and I receive your love. Thank you.