2007-09-17-Spread the Word and Your Encouragement

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Topic: Spread the Word and Your Encouragement

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Chief Bzutu: “Take your time, take your time. You do always take your time to drift into a deep satisfactory level of relaxation. We may well knock on your door at eight and find you ready to speak with us at ten, but then, this is the way it is, and we are ready to speak with you at any time. We are ready to slow our comparatively racing minds to come through to you at the pace you require, and even then, trust me on this issue, you will be reaching only a small part of the way towards us, whilst we delve deeply into your time-frame.

“At this point the Mansion Worlds are abuzz, and much time is spent by all who arrive there, and settle there, to view your world, and all those freed by the adjudication (of the Luciferian rebellion). The communication circuits, visual and audible, functioning in many other ways (touch, smell, taste and more) are in top condition from all of Mansonia to your world and to all former rebellious worlds.

“You, Urantians, are not so fortunate as yet. We must take our time with you, for you are fragile, you are fearful. And those circuits as they will be viewed and used in a hundred or two hundred years from now will be much more powerful and functional than they appear to you today.

“For me, at this time, my message to you is that billions on the Mansion Worlds are stepping forward to request their friends and relatives to be contacted by us. They are the human individuals’ Thought Adjusters that each must agree with their charges being contacted.

“On your part in your earthly sphere, it is important that you communicate, not just from this center from which our lessons go out, but by each and every one of you who is contacted by us, so the few will become many, and the many will become a multitude of Lightworkers. Do not fear. Do not be troubled. Do not be frustrated, or angry, by all those who determine the 11:11 time prompts and others to have a different meaning, or for it to merely exist as a useful handle.

“Because there is no real answer for them to find, they will find no answer to their theories. Because there is no logic to their theories, they will not in the end convince anyone. True understanding, belief, and conviction can only come to each individual -- each individual man and woman, one at a time -- who will find themselves in a situation where they promote (gain) the ability to have contact with us.

“Do on your part, each of you, your very best to spread the word and spread your encouragement. This is Midwayer Chief Bzutu. I step aside for now.”

George: “Thank you, Chief.”