2007-10-07-Abraham & Mary

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Topic: Correction Seen in this Correcting Time

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Mary

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. You each have a way of helping me to have a different perspective. I can appreciate your life experience when you voice your thoughts and speak from your deeper self. You are an example of dedication and I am in appreciation for your hospitality. My soul has grown alongside yours and we are alike in many ways. I know many individuals and am very socially active. Always when I return to you I am filling with a calm energy and with the comfort of family.

You each help to broaden one another’s views by your willingness to be of help. Here with each other you are more easygoing and able to lay down the ego. We are family now and have no need to impress one another. This is a fine example of social growth. This is the idea that the Correcting Time has been aiming for. Years in the Teaching Mission has taught you that you are not silly children fighting over a toy, but loving spirits who work to bring a new era of Light and Life.

I am MARY, always a pleasure to meet with you, friends. I can appreciate Abraham’s lesson because it was difficult for me to learn to fit in socially. A large part of who I was as a young woman was embarrassing. I stood in the shadows and had not friends or family. I had a great mistrust for people. I was always suspicious they were trying to get something from me for nothing. I must admit, I was quite conniving and could always manipulate my way into a personal benefit.


I happened to be walking down a dusty road, wallowing in my sorrows, when I came upon a young woman who was working in the fields. She had asked me if I had any water and that begun a friendship that would teach me how to be a part of a family and to fit in socially under any circumstances. I did work the fields for a short time with my friend. We would laugh and tease one another. She made me feel like I was okay just being myself. She also had a large family that welcomed me with open arms and taught me so much about the family being a well-oiled machine.

Growing up as I did, I had not learned to share. I had only feelings of self-protection and not allowing anyone in. My friend from the field unknowingly showed me that the more I could share, the more I could feel understood and that created a great deal of peace within me. My friend shared everything. Her generosity was a teacher and I had learned to be a little more open and a little less suspicious. Also, the Master taught me a great deal about using kind words and how you having peace within helped to create peace within others. As you all know, energy is transferable and there is enough hype in the world. It would serve us well to know inner peace ourselves so we can begin to emanate it to others.

How beautiful are my memories of me and my friend from the fields, running and jumping, playing, taking time to stop and rest and look at the sky and have not worry, judgment, pessimism, but simply have the wonder of an open mind. As I learned to live and work among my fellows, I realized they were a lot like me. They were searching for someone to listen and have not judgment, looking for someone to have a smile and a good word, for someone with a peaceful energy and generous heart. That is all.


You know what to do. It is always an honor to visit with you. From Abraham and myself, we give you our love. Go in peace. Until next time, shalom.