2007-10-14-Knowledge and Accommodation

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Topic: Knowledge and Accommodation

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Monjoronson

TR: Jonathan, Mark Rogers



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings this is Elyon. You are not growing older; you are growing timeless. It is wonderful to behold the emergence of your potentials into the flowering of actuality. There is a saintliness emerging that you may not ascribe to yourself but is evident to your divine Parent, and you know that loving parents do recognize and cherish the best in their children. In your growth you have first learned to accumulate knowledge, for you have discovered that knowledge provides substance whereby you may move yourself, advance yourself, and eventually you coordinate this array of knowledge into an understanding, a sensibility of what you know.


This comes about by way of a value that you hold. You may acquire knowledge but not accept or accommodate that knowledge. In accommodating you then are able to apply it, and your emerging understanding is of greater value when you appreciate what that understandable context is. As example, you may acquire knowledge, say, of squirrels. You may acquire knowledge regarding mountain ranges and many other physical things and conditions. There emerges the understanding of what you may call the field of biology or ecology, and this understanding, when appreciated, develops a wholistic cohesiveness that you likewise identify with. So you may gain knowledge of the events of the past, your chapters of history.

You may come to know the means whereby mankind has become technologically savvy. You may come to understand the nature of human psychology, and this enlarged grasp of humanity is the fruition of the accumulation of your various knowledges. You may also come to know textual references which you call scriptures; you may also accept and accommodate the knowledge granted by a priest or sage or guru, and you come also to know and accommodate your own personal experiences with reality that have granted guidance to you. These coordinated in understanding grant you the appreciation of spiritual experience. There is a level overriding these two and that is wisdom; it is the further integration of your understandings into a wholeness.

I have used the example of biological understanding and humanity and spirituality. All three comprise wisdom -- and more than just these. But wisdom is coupled with worship, a higher reverential appreciation, acceptance, and accommodation. This brings the personality into contact with omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence with God that overlays all wisdom of all beings. Thus you grow, and in the course of time you become like He who is timeless; you become one with your Father in heaven. I will allow now the address of others. Thank you.

Monjoronson (Mark): Be at peace, my dear ones. I am Monjoronson to enjoy this peace with you in this moment. As well I would borrow some of these threads and perhaps weave them into the tapestry of understanding. As was just presented to you by your loving and devoted companion Elyon, there was the observation that you might be seen from on high as taking on the stature of saintly ones.

Let us explore for a moment what that implies on your world. When you would observe another who has been declared by his peers to have achieved such a standing what would you observe about such an individual? I would offer that you would perceive a certain level of attainment, a certain air of wisdom over any such individual which has been achieved through the self discipline and direct efforts of this individual.

A state such as this is not bestowed from on high but rather built up from the foundational levels of seeking and finding and assembling brick by brick your foundation and then subsequent higher levels of understanding. So it is that an individual is recognized for having studied and applied and devoted themselves to the efforts at growing their spiritual capacities and their accumulation of wisdom that is noticeable to others and characteristic of beings whom you would refer to as saintly.

So it is that through mere application of definition one such as yourselves who have undertaken the efforts necessary and have applied themselves in such a manner may assume as a natural course of recognition that at some point those who have studied and applied and disciplined and embraced these spiritual truths will be recognized for having made such advancements and accomplishments. But there is as yet another component that you might ascribe to ones of this stature and that is their connection to spirit, their close association with the realm of spirit where you may find the answers that you have sought, where you may seek and be granted the insights that you petitioned for, where you may affirm your association and your spiritual footing with a dimension beyond the material self. So it is that each of you has grown in your familiarity with this other dimension, even to the point of taking for granted, as it were, that this not only exists but is a regular and routine part of your everyday lives.

I offer you the perspective that you have developed an association with a group of celestial personalities and that this association brings to you an additional layer of spiritual awareness and that when you proceed out on your daily affairs there goes with you an entourage of celestial personalities that are in fact your support crew, and just as any performing personality who is at any time in the forefront, there also exists a great number who are behind the scenes in support of such activities. While they remain unseen they are supportive and enable the speaker to go on without consideration of the many aspects involved behind the scene. They are even there to offer a prompt if there is an occasion to draw a blank.

That is why, as you witness about you individuals you would recognize as saintly, they always appear to be in command and in control not only over their individual person but over the moment at hand and the experience that is present, for they are not only learned in the ways and mechanisms and universe principles of spirit, but as well they are connected to their backstage crew and are supported from behind. So it is with each of you.

You have undergone years of study which builds your foundation and grows your awareness. As well you have a support crew which is ever willing to back you up and support your efforts, as you are the one that is in front and seen by the others. Yes, when the others see your achievements of development and your stature they will ascribe to you qualities which may well be defined as saintly, certainly noticed as advanced or accomplished in that which you have been engaged in training yourselves for. It is the same sense of awareness that you get when you hear a speaker that is proficient in their field and well trained in their application of understanding. You recognize that effort has been applied and advancement has been made in this individual to grasp and then portray that which is being offered.

Just like the respect that a college professor for instance would elicit from the crowd for his accomplishments so too will you be seen as one who has through your discipline and application made certain accomplishments in this your realm of understanding, the spiritual realm. However any good instructor will always be checked by his knowledge that there is always more to be gained and learned and understood and to be incorporated into your base of wisdom. Certainly you will concede that there is much yet you need to learn at any point, but as well you must grant yourselves the attainments you have made along the way, and your understanding that you are only a student who may be offered the opportunities to teach will keep you in a humble attitude of appreciation for your position. Soon you will find yourselves in these positions of having answers to others' questions, having insight to perspective that others do not yet possess.

Having peace that you have found through your process, having awareness that you have built through your studies and applications, these you have earned; these are as your diploma on the wall, and there will be others who seek what you have found and who desire that you rise and offer to them guidance that they may build their own wisdom and discover their own understanding as you have in this process.

I would offer to you the image before we depart that it is much like the old fashioned one room schoolhouse scenario that you may have heard about wherein the older students help to teach the younger ones and in so doing they reinforce their knowledge and understanding of the principles that they have grown to command. So it is with your relationships with your brothers and sisters; there will always be those who are in more advanced grades beyond you who will offer you the benefit of their experience, and likewise there will always be those below you who have yet to rise through the curriculum as you have, and it will be your privilege and honor to tutor them and offer to them all that you have come to possess in the process.

We are in this gigantic enterprise together, and all paths are legitimate and valid, and you will find yourselves fitting in a variety of locations along the way, some as students and some as teachers. Even I addressing you now enjoy greatly the opportunity to learn from you about your experience in this material realm of duality. It is not all a one way street of the preaching and the witness. No, rather I enjoy greatly visiting your group, hearing your discussions, observing your thought patterns, and witnessing the everyday miracle of your growing and choosing right before our eyes, so to speak.


Truly it is witnessing miracles in action to observe your everyday lives. And there is a great deal I learn from such an experience. Thank you, my dear ones, for you devoted dedication to this process. Now relax once again and be in peace. as we settle in to who we are in this process. Thank you. Farewell.