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Topic: Balance

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Merium, Monjoronson

TR: Gerdean



MERIUM: Hi. I'll jump right in. How about we discuss balance this afternoon. Perhaps if we have a better appreciation for balance, we will see what's out of balance and thus have a gauge on how to formulate questions.


Speaking in terms of finding your Voice, your expression -- that is to say, your Adjuster's expression through you and with your co-operation -- there is a range of operation possible. In the past, as you have gone about the Father's business -- one hand not knowing what the other hand is doing -- you have been able to respond (or not) to the immediate demands / requirements.

Sometimes it requires intimacy, and here is the wondrous one-on-one we love so well and would have more often -- wonderful opportunities of sharing our inner life with others, bonding, becoming associates, even becoming friends -- as we have become friends with each other here in this "zone" where we meet.

At the other end of the spectrum, perhaps, is the understanding / recognition that whole-bodied truth is universal. Full-fledged truth is generic / germane to all. You think to broadcast the good news such that your Voice loses the tenor of intimacy as it extends out over the wavelengths of time and space into infinity.

Our Father knows we are about his business and Mother Spirit enjoys a constant consciousness and awareness of our energy, and so we need not worry about telling them. We really need not even worry about "singing to the choir" -- which would certainly constitute some of that intimacy that is so longed for, especially by those of you who have been set apart by quarantine and through isolation.

The concern, the focus, the Voice needs to be directed into the darkness in order to call forth those who still slumber. How does one do this? Is it like hollering off a cliff and hearing your echo in the canyon? Is it like shouting in a cave? It is like the shepherd who finds his cow by hearing the bell. The sheep know the sound of the Master's Voice.

Sometimes the Master's Voice speaks through music. Native American flute music, perhaps, or the crystal bowls, wherein a tone or timbre will grab your attention and grasp you by the life force. This is what your goal should be -- to reach into the dark with your life force in order to show the way. In order for you to show the way, you cannot admit that you also lose your way without acknowledging the sound of the Master's Voice as that which lets you be found. And so the seed is planted. The seed is planted that will spark that soul to strive to hear that sound that will lure them forward into the light.

By the same token, balance needs to be attained in the shining of the light you have. For you to shine the light in the eyes of someone who has been in the dark is to present false light. Allow the process to be natural, albeit certain. Remember, there are those who do not appreciate being reminded of what they don't yet know. And so, be discreet. Indeed, here is the merit of modesty. Everywhere there are signs of polarity, and indications of unrest. It is a cry for balance, wisdom. [Long pause]

MONJORONSON: I am Monjoronson. I know many of you do not believe I exist. I don't need you to. Many of you do not believe in me. I don't expect you to. I am called to perform certain services on behalf of your world and other worlds emerging from isolation and I am both proud and humbled to serve in this Correcting Time Mission.

Thank you, Gerdean, for allowing me to come through. We have understood and were not surprised, as we in the higher echelons of planetary government and administration understand and are not surprised by anything that might go on in the mind of a mortal from Urantia at this point in time. It could be anything. And there are certain adventures ahead that will contribute to and support this recognition of wonderlure. But it is also true that there will need to be new foundations laid within you each individually and you collectively as we proceed building this bridge into the forthcoming dispensation … forthcoming epoch … forthcoming epochal period.

Don't worry about it. Just enjoy the singular truth of our being, the fact of eternal life. It is an ordered universe, and you are part of it. I suppose there will be those who will say you have sold out. To those you owe no explanation. By your fruits you shall be known. As you know in your mental framework, I and all the others are only representations of a greater reality than you can assimilate in fullness, and so as you can and do believe that there are heavenly helpers, ministering spirits, Teachers and visiting students, a Sovereign Son, a Gabriel, a Machiventa Melchizedek, it is not unseemly to accept a representation of a Magisterial Son.


Reneau: [Indistinguishable reference to changes we are having.]

MONJORONSON: It is because the circuits here are opening, and your planet is being flooded with stimuli. That will be addressed individually, and worldwide. It is not limited to the small conclave of Teachers in the Teaching Corps who have dedicated themselves to disseminating Urantia Book teachings through their students. It is not limited to those who work in other fields of science, religion, or any of the subsections such as education, economics, politics and the like.

I have been here for a very long time participating in the reclamation of this segment of the System. But I, like the others, have only recently been identified and presented as a personality capable of contacting humans and offering counsel, guidance and direction on occasion, as deemed appropriate. Like you, I often have things to offer the situation, but, like you, all my ideas are not workable. And so a modification needs to come about in order for the growth of Reality to expand in the face of the conscription and restraints of the individuals who have put forth their all into the process. I am overseeing much at this very pregnant time.

Let me withdraw from you at this time. I am glad to be made visible in this area. Thank you for receiving me.

Group: Thank you. MERIUM: I'm back. I feel like such a child around some of these fellows. Reneau: So do we.

MERIUM: Well, indeed we are children, and more's the better for it. We are teachable and trusting and made assured by the knowledge that our Michael's mission is one of mercy. Do you have any questions? Did you remember what you thought to ask earlier and couldn't find? (No) No questions, no comment.

Reneau: The weather is beautiful here, as always. Any insight into the kind of winter we are going to have?

MERIUM: No, I am not-- Reneau: (laughing) A weather forecaster. MERIUM: -- a weather forecaster or a crystal-ball gazer. Reneau: Just enjoy our beautiful weather.

MERIUM: Exactly. It is always more easy for us when you are at peace with your environs, for then you are less agitated and fretful, spilling pollutants into your system --

Reneau: Which we are trying to heal.

MERIUM: -- that we are trying to get past. Such as adrenaline, anger, anxiety, and so forth and yes, of course, more coffee, more alcohol, more sugar, and other alterations to the electro-chemical status that we need stabilized for quality stillness and clear communications. "Clear channel" I believe is what they call it. If we are reduced to talking about the weather, I will toddle on. Go and find something to chat about.

Reneau: Well, only in that we are blessed with enjoying good weather when other parts of our country and world are under devastating turns of the weather.

MERIUM: Well, yes, of course, it is always good to be grateful for what you have, and yet if we are to reach into the dark and lure people into the light, then we don't want to remind them how dark it is where they are. (No.) It was not long ago that your area suffered blight, draught, and many trees were lost due to the lack of water and some hungry bugs. Every area has its pros and cons and challenges. This is one of the aspects of the material life that you enjoy and that you must endure.

Those of you who do enjoy your physical environs are, again, rendered much happier citizens, much easier to deal with, than those of you who are not well situated. All of the animals have what you could call a natural habitat, and while it has been proven time and time again, possible for entire herds and schools and races to adapt, it is a long process.

Changes are best made over a period of time. Only God can safely do things abruptly, and assuredly those things will be well orchestrated, because God is the infinite upholder. Fortunately, we are not given that kind of power, only over that which falls within our realm of operation, and we can see effects of when things happen suddenly. If it is not planned, it gives error more than equal opportunity. Is this to encourage you to become a "control freak"? No. But it is to remind you that this is an orderly universe.

Do you ever have a sensation that you are being wound up, like a toy with a key? That something clasps you in the brain and manipulates your mind such that you are good to go for another round?

I am shown a picture of the Keystone Cops, running around in high speed. Sometimes you people are like that. It is virtually impossible to connect with that. We have to depend a great deal on the Adjusters themselves, and on the midwayers who are quite adept, and if there are -- when there are -- guardian seraphim, to reach you at so many points in the day and night when you are so under the influence of the mechanistic conditions of Urantia. You are impossible to access, as if you were wound up.

It is such a joy, now that so many of you have discovered the benefits of meditation, stillness, and the like, for it is in this slowing down that we are able to nurture and cultivate within your mind those thoughts and attitudes which can only come from having some degree of leisure. And while it is certainly possible for individuals to access this stillness in order to enjoy prayer and worship independently, individually, there is a cumulative effect in so many of you opting to assume certain practices in your life that will augment and enhance the developing illumination that is on call for the next generation, the next era.

Balance. We return to balance. Finding yourself once more in the position you hold as a universe citizen. The colors are so dynamic. Indeed, it has been brilliant. All the world's a stage and there have been some dramatic moments lately. The intrigue in the Middle East continues unabated, forest fires sweep through, lots of things, politics, all of it. All very interesting for you here now. It is such an interesting time. It is balanced of you to opt to spend time with us in the spirit as well, for we provide the other side of the coin, the other end of the polarity, the alpha and omega.

Listen to the birds, how they sing. Such faithful friends they are. Trust the many aspects of your life that are provided to give you comfort and provide your needs, the very ground you walk, the soil itself and everything growing thereon adorns your world and makes it your home, inhabited by the millions of creatures big and small, you who are so diverse and so very, very young, you are such a cradle here. I am so pleased to be assigned here as your babysitter/teacher.


Group: Thank you.

MERIUM: And thank you, dear ones. Run along and play. Everything is well in hand.