2007-11-04-Progress Those Who Seek You Out

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Topic: Progress Those Who Seek You Out

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Sananda

TR: George Barnard



The Scribe: “Realize now that you are on hallowed ground, my dear friend and colleague. Your doubting smile does not deter Me from calling you a brother even, as we are, and will remain, children of the One Prime Source, although be it that I Am much older than you when we merely consider the Thought Adjusters’ time-space duties. Clear your busy mind now, and let us proceed.

“It is so very important to present an un-cluttered mind, for in this communication the concepts are derived from Me, yet the degree to which you present them in My words does ever depend on your openness to allow your mind to meld with Mine. In a channeled work, the degree of co-creation is indicated by how well the Teachers’ concepts are represented as ‘a function of’ your meditative state.

“All is well, for all is in all ways well, and within this time-space arena there is progress for the lower ranks of his creatures, all, as well as for those who belatedly awaken to the fact that their all-material world is but a steppingstone to spiritual glory. Do not concern yourself with those who cross themselves when a black cat crosses their paths. They, too, shall awaken in their own time.

“Do not frown at those who will, seemingly for evermore, make their way in this world carrying an angel on their right shoulder, a misguided one on their left. It is not for you to burden them in strengthening the perpetual good-bad cacophony they must endure from those who weigh them down. Disseminate instead what you have learned to those who have opened their minds, escaping the old myths.

“In this way you will progress those who seek you out, and for them to do their share to uplift all others around them with their love passed on from the Father.

“Did you not build fine furniture, you doubtful one? Did you not document miraculous events? Did you not heal bodies, minds and hearts? As a carpenter, scribe and healer once, you were, and still are, a collegue of the Master of Nebadon, and by extension also Mine, for these are the advantages of time-space; that you will always still be what you once were, and become more as you grow.

“I Am the Damascus Scribe, and I extend My love to all.”