2007-11-08-Disparate Realities And The Notion Of Pre-existence

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Topic: Disparate Realities and the Notion of Pre-Existence

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Sananda

TR: George Barnard



The Scribe: “As long as you make your home on Urantia (this planet) as a human being, your approach to take in My messages will always remain a matter of some trepidation for you. We will settle for that, for it is mixed with the experience of past successes, and the knowledge that you will bravely see this through to the end, as always, in the endeavor of being as clear a channel as you can be.

“As your Urantia text clearly points out; the birth of a star and its demise are simultaneous events on Paradise. Your great-great-great grandparents, long departed from this earth are a reality on Paradise, although they remain unknown to you, and have not as yet made a personal entry into the highest realm. Likewise, your great-great-great grandchildren are there a reality, not yet to you.

“Should you use paint or charcoal to create your portrait? You may change your free-will mind one hundred times. The end result of your final approach to create a work of art on the morrow is a reality, already, although not in physical form on High, and of course, not yet here.

“As earlier pointed out, the recognition of all time-space events on Paradise, does not equate with there being a presence of either your ancestors, or your descendants, in that sacred realm. Your world, a thousand years from now, is an observable reality on Paradise, yet no more than a projection of necessary progress to your mind, for such is the time-space truth you must experience.

“The ‘raw material,’ -- together with time-space energy building blocks -- that become time and expanding space universes, are perpetually injected into pervaded space from nether Paradise, and the pervaded space expansion and contraction, as well as the complex orbits of planets within sectors, within universes are what create your ‘moment-by-moment’ ability to exist and grow.

“It is the experience of moment-by-moment progress and usefulness to the Father’s time-space plan that is so dearly wished for by many on Paradise, no less than so many of your awakened Lightworkers wish to advance your world for all to make it to an-ever-higher realm. Neither enormous Paradise, nor any of the time-space realms, is an illusion, but disparate realities.

“Ponder in depth the revelation that time, in time-space, differs markedly as you assail the obstacles of human, morontia and pre-spirit life in your quest back to the Father of All, after a personal reality of an embrace by God of man that so places you in both realms, both realities, forever more, as was to some degree similar My quest for service begun eons ago, and finalized after the indwelling of the Nebadon Creator Son.

“Ponder also the limitations of your human conceptual ability, together with Michael’s mandated limitations on further revelation at this time.

“It is a favor to Me to be with you, and to be with the Spark of the Father that dwells within you. My love eternal goes out to all.”

George: “You have my love and respect in return.”