2007-12-01-Working with Spiritual Realities

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Topic: Working with Spiritual Realities

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Eregon, Mother Mary

TR: Jo Ann, Pamela



EREGON, (TR, Jo Ann): We welcome you today, to this mutually created space. We are indeed your friends. This is Eregon, the teacher assigned to this group, but more, I am your friend. Friends are those who understand you. Friends are those who love you unconditionally, who accept your foibles, your quirks, your inconsistencies—yes, even your flaws and faults, and still find you loveable. This does indeed, describe the relationship I have too, and I feel for you all. In addition, I celebrate your joys, your accomplishments, the reaching of your goals, the setting of more noble goals and tasks ahead of you. These things I applaud, as all teachers and angels do with their students and charges.


We are a vast and grand family; your mortal bodies do not keep you from experiencing this reality. Your spirits and your souls are sensitive to spiritual realities, in the way that your bodies have the five senses you know so well. Your spiritual senses become sharper, by engaging in activities, such as this, both singly and in groups. You fine-tune your spiritual senses by sitting in meditation and quietly allowing yourselves to feel and experience that you truly are not alone. This is the purpose of that silent inner reflection, we ask and encourage before a group meditation, when you connect your hearts and souls with the Spirit Within, the spirit of the Universal Father, you open the door to experiencing your entire spiritual family. Our Oneness is experienced through this universally indwelling spirit. Open the floodgates to this connection and experience the flowing stream of Universal Consciousness, Universal Oneness, an infinite variety of personalities and beings, with whom you can relate, through your common relationship of that to the Universal Father.

We encourage you, we invite you, we do our best to create a path before you where you will not stumble, but will clearly find the light along your way. We assist you on the path of your choosing, which are also chosen for you by your Spirit Within. Outside these domains, we are not free to act; we act only within the scope of that which is universally good and true, and yes, we are speaking of both teachers or guides and destiny guardians, and group purpose angels, those who work with groups dedicated to higher and more noble purposes. The forces around you and around your planet, which are working together for good, are probably beyond the scope of most people’s imaginations. You would truly find it a staggering challenge to understand, comprehend, the vast amount of spiritual resources, available to a planet such as yours, one that has been long held in the grasp of limiting beliefs, stultifying actions, less than noble purposes of those in control.

We are here, we are present and we are willing to help you, but we cannot do for you, that which must be done by humans and motivated by the human mind and heart. When you expand your motivations and your goals into the spiritual realms, a vast and infinite array of cooperative help is available. We have said this same thing several ways, and it is our intention to make this repetition: When your will is dedicated to doing the Father’s will, others can step forward to assist you with your goals. When your group will and consciousness is dedicated to the highest and best good of all, again the same thing is true. And there are other types of group action and purpose, which call forth the assistance of angels. Wherever and whenever humans unite to do good, we also are called and we delight to work with these working groups. We delight to assist with all the noble impulses of individuals too; that is our purpose and function, as it relates to you in your space and time.

So, invite spiritual cooperation into your life more frequently, by stating to yourself, writing down or even stating out loud, the purpose and action you are taking is to do good. Make this a clear part of your intention to move forward into your projects, your goals, your desires, your family relationships and more. When you do this, you invite in the most benign of circumstances, you increase the potential for the flow of good things to happen; you empower yourself with divine energy, and you create a larger glow of light on the path for someone else, potentially. When we come and meet with you like this, it is our goal to encourage, to motivate, to inspire and to fill you with the knowledge that you are not alone in all your attempts for good.

Again, whenever you create in your heart and mind, a strong and sincere intention, then whatever action you are contemplating, whatever path, whatever project, whatever meeting that you are there to do good, you invite in the most wonderful of available circumstances. Would this not then be a most intriguing and celebratory way to go about your days? We invite you to experiment with this technique consciously, creating with sincere desire to do good, the availability of many beautiful circumstances falling into your lives and the lives of others. If you are willing to try this, and you take us up on our challenge, it might be of benefit to create for yourself a small journal or tiny notebook, just to make a note of some of the things that occur, when you are sincerely linked to universe intention in this way.

So many things can easily be taken for granted, but when you take notice and appreciate them, have you not noticed how they increase in beauty and frequency? Making a list of things to be thankful for is one of the most useful practices we can recommend to keep you in an attitude of gratitude, of appreciation for your spiritual connection, and all the beauties and joys of life that that brings to you. Again, we can merely encourage, simply motivate, only hope to inspire. No one, in mortal form or spiritual adornment can force you to grow spiritually—it simply must become your choice for this to happen, and every day that you affirm the choice, you are growing your own spirit. We cannot tell you what to do to create that sincerity of purpose and intention that must be heartfelt from within.

When you stir the embers of that inner fire, with your love for God, with your appreciation of things both seen and unseen, you ignite the flames of spiritual passion, which will warm you through the long days of your lives. When you come to the spa of spiritual refreshment, you are renewed in both body and soul, and mind as well. Take a spiritual spa day for yourself occasionally; this is a valuable thing to do. Some people set aside a Sabbath Day weekly, where they take seriously the commitment to dedicate the day to God. This is a healthful practice and we encourage lightness as well, joy with your peace, the wisdom of grace with your worshipfulness.

The word “lightheartedness” applies well here, for when you invite the light into your heart, you create a light that can light the world, and from one soul to another, as if in a candle lighting ceremony. One candle well lit and shared, can indeed create enough light eventually, by its sharing, to light the world. Be not afraid that the presence of the light will over-whelm you—this cannot be. Your soul can only take in the right amount, for any time, for any state that you are in. And the eventual goal of that light and love is to overflow into the lives of others. The Divine Source of all creation has inherent this overflowing, loving nature, and since you are a child of this source, this overflowing of love is in your nature too—welcome it!

Once it was explained that entering into the realm of the soul is like entering into a garden. Now we entertain the metaphor that it is like coming out of your closed cottage, into an entire world that is designed for you as if it were a garden. There are truly no limits to the goodness, which you can experience. There are truly no limits to the goodness and beauty, which you can experience. You might as well go through your lives with joyful expectation. It is always well to expect more joy; then when you look for it, you will not be disappointed.

There is one more thing I would share with you: No one can force you to do or think. What you create in the realm of your mind, you will create, re-create in the realm around you. Choose what it is you will focus upon; you cannot focus on joy and pain at the same time. Choose to focus and center yourself in joy and love, and all around you will have that light cast upon it. You could choose to focus on your pain, your suffering, your challenges, your inadequacies—they too will tend to appear as looming around you, in your life circumstances. So choose well; choose wisely; choose with hope and joy and love. Why not enjoy life, especially since that is what you were designed to do? And all these good things come about through relinquishment of power and control, in inviting spirit to be in that place of power and control. Why not use higher power?

So create your days, your lives, your work in joy and peace and love, and you are very likely to find that you have created joy and peace and love encounters all around you, daily. We invite you to experiment with this for yourself, and see that it is so. For now, I will take my leave. There is another here, who wishes to address the group.

MOTHER MARY, (TR, Pam): Mother Mary wishes to make a request of us, and that request is to continue bringing the feminine energy of love and spirit, into all of our encounters, all of our daily lives, all of our living—walking into the grocery store, walking into the bank, walking into church, walking into parties, walking into a restaurant—to consciously connect with the Divine Feminine within, not only ourselves, and not only the spiritual realm, but every individual within our field of awareness.

As we open to that Diving Feminine within, and as we connect with that Diving Feminine within, each and every individual, the energy of peace, the energy of love, and the energy of softness—it’s kind of a vibrational interpretation, and the closest word I can come to it to what she’s conveying is “softness expands throughout our world, like a great ripple effect, moving out into the ocean.” Like the butterfly on the other side of the ocean that flaps her wings and creates a tidal wave, we can create tidal waves of love and peace, simply by holding an intention to connect with that Diving Feminine within us, and through us, within all.

There is an energy, a feminine, soft, spiritual energy that is infusing each of us and our planet at this time, and has been really stepped up over the last several months. As we embrace this energy, and allow it to integrate, more and more will join us; many are reacting and have been reacting for the last months, to this energy as it pushes things to the surface that need to be released. Know that this is temporary; you may be witnessing around you more harshness, more violence, more of the negative aspects of masculine energy, and even the negative aspects of feminine energy, because this is just bringing everything to the surface for release and cleansing. Know that this is temporary; know that this too, shall pass, and stay within the Divine Feminine in every encounter, in every environment that you enter, invite the beautiful celestial angels in light: Mother Mary, invite Kwan Yen [Spelling?,] invite the great Feminine Masters. Invite their energy to infuse all things and all beings.

I’d like you to sit back now, and to feel the infusion of this energy as it comes in. Of this energy, you have been created, and we invite you to live in the reality and the truth of who you are, ever more deeply and firmly and softly. We are so very, very grateful for your willingness to share light and spread light, and to be that butterfly, creating tidal waves of love and peace on this planet. Thank you.

(Short pause) A MELCHIZEDEK, (TR, Pam): A Melchizedek is simply inviting us to be aware of his presence and the presence of the Melchizedek teachers, in helping us to integrate and balance this infusion of spiritual energy with the masculine energy, bringing both to the forefront in the highest and purest forms. Call forth his presence for integration and balance, as we move through the shifts and changes.

I am not receiving a specific message, but I see Archangel Michael there, and he is sweeping away distraught energies that arise, throughout this period, and just to hold an awareness and gratitude for his presence and for his power in clearing distraught energies, or destructive energies, or energies that simply do not serve us or our world any longer. Divine assistance is everywhere present—open to it, open to it, open to it.


EREGON, (TR, Jo Ann): Thank you, children of light, for your thoughtfulness and dedication of this time in your lives, to cooperate with the higher purposes for yourselves and for your planet. We love you! This is Eregon, saying good-bye for all of us. Thank you so much for your attendance, and for your openness of heart and mind and soul, to the suggestions that we make in these sessions. We say, “God be with you,” simply as a formality, a reminder that God is with you. So, Vaya con Dios, my friends—we shall meet again.