2008-01-06-Potentials, Realities, and Rewards

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Topic: Pontentials, Realities, and Rewards

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Samuel: “Long ago you learned from your dear friend, Athena, that both common knowledge and revelation are only of value when they are shared by all. Her poem, read by many, also speaks of rewards. We shall cover that and more in this communication.

“For a human to arrive at a new idea, a conclusion, or to invent something, has no basic value, unless same is communicated to others, and others learn from, or in some way profit from the original thought. The original is a potential, only, until it is communicated. Once shared, it becomes a reality, and incidentally, the more that is shared of original ideas, the greater the chances that additional information be intuited also from Brothers and Sisters in the Celestial World.

“Presently, with your world in the first phases of the Correcting Time, there is a great deal of interest on High about potentials. There are those on Paradise that know all potentials of your world, and they have the minds to calculate to what degree each contributor will have brought the period of Light and Life closer by his or her contributions, and conversely how much each detractor will have staved off the advent of Light and Life by his or her impairing progress.

“Share, my brother, because beside your name, information about lineage, your works, and personality, the precise and calculated degree to which you and every other will have brought forward the advent of Light and Life on this still irregular planet will be a recognizable aspect of your very being, for ever and ever, in the place of your end destination. That which is only in your mind is still secret, despite your Destiny Guardians knowing your thoughts, whilst that which is shared, just once, becomes a shining gem of great value to myriad others.

“This is Samuel of Panoptia. How I treasure to teach on this planet, and how I sometimes wished I lived my mortal life here, on this orb in space, in the crucial time-slot that is the present. I say Adieu for now.”