2008-02-09-Dissolve Your Fears

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Topic: Dissolve Your Fears Into the Tapestry of the Universe

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Alveranna

TR: Elaine



Alverana: “We are here with you now, for we are always with you, and without fail. We are your Guardian Angels, enjoying your peaceful mind and calm demeanor on this day.

“Yes, as you suspected, we are the ‘orange-yellow light’ you often see in your meditations. The light is a communication of sorts in itself, for we have a vast array of ways to communicate with our human charges. Some of these ways you do recognize with your human senses, but there are other ways, without sight, without sound, without taste, touch or smell; without any of these human communication attributes.

“We communicate with you now via your thoughts, and you feel a strong vibration throughout your body, but we are subtle, and it is impossible for you to completely understand our ways. Much ‘spiritizing work’ is being performed around you at all times, and as well, much information is being communicated to you, in fact, to all who open the ‘spiritual door’ by the tiniest of cracks, so be not dismayed by your ‘perceived’ communication failures.

“They are not failures, for every time you reach ‘outwards and upwards’ with your heartfelt desires, regardless of your ‘perceived judgment of the event,’ you are met with great joy and elation in the Celestial realms.

“Allow your fears to dissolve into the ‘tapestry of the universe.’ Safe are you, and growing brighter by the day for those with eyes to see. You are our beloved charge, dear child. This is Alverana, your Guardian Extraordinaire, enjoying with you the Great Source of All Love this fine morning.”