2008-02-14-Almost Frightened by Own Potential

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Topic: Almost Frightened By Your Own Potential

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, we invite you to join us in our circle and in our lives at this time. We offer for you to drink of this cup with us, this cup of love and light that we form through the sheer action of our will to come together in this moment. We invoke your presence and invite you to share with us this circuit that we create. As well we would invite your emissaries of light to join us, those teachers who are our friends and any personalities who wish to join with us in forming this circuit of light. We act in more than faith, we act in certainty and with conviction that this is so for we have tasted this before, your presence with us and the presence of the others and so we simply reform the circuitry, recombine the energies and step forward in faith that all is in alignment. We petition that the highest possible energies flow to us and through us and that we trust in your guidance that this is so; and having spoken the words we set forth to act in faith and then we rest in certainty and security. Let it be so and let it coincide with your will, let it be so, thank you.

Mark: This is Mark, and in my stillness and meditation prior to this meeting I have been urged to step forward in faith and with conviction once again to foster a discussion around the topic of faith and trust and conviction. I've been asked to share my own personal truth as a means to bring us into a lesson which will be forthcoming about speaking the truth that one personally knows. Obviously this is outside of my comfort zone. I would feel much more comfortable if there were others taking responsibility for furnishing the words of truth but I am urged as part of this exercise that we all need to embrace that which we know to be true and that which is real to us and to not shy away from this truth, this reality because it is our truth. I acknowledge that it is certainly incomplete and at times may lack certainty but it is my (or your) truth at any given time.

It is a piece of truth, a piece of the puzzle, it is a drop in the bucket. It does not encompass all truth, it is not reflective of the entire truth but it is valid for what I know. What you know to be truth is valid, it is accurate to the degree that it is valid. I reflect on how easy it is to back away from personal statements of conviction and truth by such means as "I could be wrong" or "I'm not entirely certain", or "I guess this is true" or "this is only true for me". Those are all qualifiers that distance me from the security that my truth is real truth, that that which I know is as genuine and as real as that which any other mortal of the realm knows, and that it is o.k. to state my truth with conviction, with the purpose of my conviction behind it; after all isn't that what I am here to do, is that not what we are here to do, to gather truth and embrace it and finally to manifest it as part of who we are; to own it in ourselves, in our lives?

Do not shy away from that which we own and that which have come to earn in this process. What greater contribution can we make than to boldly proclaim our truth, not in an attempt to coerce or force another into conforming in any way to our truth but to simply bring our truth to the table, to the puzzle, to add our piece to the puzzle so that it may be a more complete picture of the truth; to add our drop to the bucket, one small drop, one small voice but added in faith and conviction that we are entitled to this, this is our privilege and our function. I don't know why this should be so difficult. Am I concerned that another might call my truth false? Is it possible for another to call my truth false?

I think not, I think my truth is genuine for me. Another's truth will be genuine for them and similarly I am not qualified to judge their truth but rather maybe it is my privilege that their truth is yet another grand piece of the puzzle, different from mine but helping to complete the picture, helping to add to the bucket so that we all may dip and be refreshed by the collective contributions. I'm thankful for this moment where I glimpse myself and realize that this is how I react to the proposition of boldly proclaiming my truth, that which I know to be real which no other on the planet may know as I know and yet why would I withhold my fragment, my contribution from the whole? the puzzle cannot be complete without my piece. I'm thankful for this perspective I have just gained even though I may have been resistant to the exercise, I am grateful for having engaged in it, thank you.


The Voice: I am this ones voice and I acknowledge that my words are only slightly easier for my devoted companion to choke out. It seems as though even allowing me through so closely resembles him and his truth that he is taken aback at times with the recognition of self and for some reason this causes discomfort but I am deeply grateful for his faith without which none of this would transpire. I will continue to carry on this train of thought with a slightly different perspective.

When you are observed from the spiritual realm it is noted that you are almost frightened of your own potential. Deep within you know of your divinity. Deep within, your magnificence is known and yet when these aspects of yourself rise too near the surface in this life you are oftentimes curtailed by your fear that these aspects of yourself may come into public view and therefore be under public scrutiny and oftentimes we witness that you recoil from such an opportunity for fear of being exposed for who you are, even for what you know. All of you here tonight harbor some concerns for that which you know being exposed to the light of public awareness. There is an aspect of you which is concerned with how others will perceive what you know to be true and real.

How will they take it? Will they understand? Will they think you are crazy, delusional or perhaps out of touch with what they deem reality? I say to all of you who hear these words; no one can take from you your truth, your conviction, your awareness, those things that you know are yours. They are your truths and you are not wrong. If you speak to another of these things, no matter their reaction, you are not wrong about your experience, about your truth. They may not understand, they may not comprehend, they may not be aware but their reaction does not impact the nature of your truth. What you know to be true, what you know to be real, even in this moment is yours to keep and no matter what another may think or say or imply- that is their truth, their reality, their awareness and you should not be threatened by their truths in the same way that they should not be threatened by yours.

All truth is real, their piece of the puzzle is as valid as your piece of the puzzle. They are not wrong in their lack of awareness, you are not wrong in your state of awareness. Both are correct, both are parts of the whole and therefore there is no need to make anyone wrong, rather there is the need to make everyone right, right where they are in the moment, right for their position in their ascension, right for your position in yours. If you had complete conviction of this you would not shy away from boldly proclaiming your truths, that which you know to be real. I merely state this as observable phenomenon and I encourage you to gather your strength as you move forward in your ascension career and be willing to be who you are and to state with conviction that which you know and be ever ready to expand the arena of that which you know perhaps even as a result of the contribution of another who is sharing that which they know.

I also encourage you to access your inner guide to help you bring forth the deep knowings of your being. They are stored there for you to access. Anything that is of spiritual significance is in your library to be accessed at will and your divine partner will most certainly assist you in calling forth that which is yours. Knowing that you have this devoted assistant within should help you be bold about your purpose in assembling these truths and putting together your version of reality and bringing it to the table, bringing it to be assembled with the other versions, the other pieces of the puzzle. This is your privilege, this is your purpose; to freely share that which you have assembled in your process of growth and discovery, to bring your contribution to the whole and it is your onboard partner, your divine fragment which is ever assisting you in your efforts to play your hand.

If you find that you lack courage or conviction simply ask for help and you will be provided with assistance from on high directed though your internal fragment of The Father to assist you. It is as simple as that my dear ones; simply ask and you shall receive; knock and the door is opened and having asked and having received you then have the added faith and even trust that propels you to be a player in the game, to be a contributor to the whole. Such a privilege it is that you are easily intimidated to activate this privilege but again I say, that is the purpose of your very existence; to be a player, a contributor, a creator and that is what your inner voice is here to assist you with, even to bring you the words if you so desire, the inspiration if you so need it, the added conviction. These are yours for simply taking them.

Thank you for all the many and varied connections that are involved right now in this moment for me to access this avenue of communication, and for you to join in this circuitry and be a part of this communication. This is a living circuit that we create through our ability to be creators and I witness that it is good and I cherish this opportunity as do you. I would withdraw now and allow for your devoted teacher to access this circuitry as well. Truly this is a cherished opportunity for all, thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings, this is Monjoronson here, glad to be welcomed into this arena once again. I would layer on one more perspective into this discussion tonight. I witness in my observation of the human condition that as children of the realm there exists overwhelming uncertainty as to the possession of truth and it takes repeated exposure to the most basic of truths through your schooling process before these young ones will fully accept that they do know these truths and that these truths are accepted and in this process these young ones are encouraged to recite that which they know and after much preparation and prodding they stand at the head of the class so to speak and repeat the truths that they have embraced in this process of repeated exposure.

It is not until they have been completely convinced of their mastery over these truths that they speak with any authority whatsoever. Until they have mastered these truths they remain timid and shy and reticent to speak boldly. After they have been duly trained they appear before their peers and boldly proclaim that which they have mastered and having done so they receive the approval of their peers for they have achieved mastery over their subject and it becomes obvious to all. Through this process of conditioning it is possible to take one who knows nothing and repeatedly expose them to truth, then convince them that they know this truth, then embolden them to present the truth that they know and eventually they are comfortable enough with their gathered truths that they will unabashedly proclaim it to all.

But this process takes many years sometimes to unfold and much conditioning and much supporting by your peer group and in the end the product, if you will, is an individual who has conviction over the truth that they possess. Now if this truth revolves around basic principles and observable phenomenon then it may remain constant, even for their entire lives but if this truth is in fields of exploration and science, then even the greatest mastery of this truth is known to be incomplete and in progress so even the greatest professors who have mastered their fields of understanding are keen to the awareness that their truth is growing, is in flux, it is incomplete, that all the parameters are not defined and every formula has not been written.

This analogy is where you find yourselves in the spiritual classroom. You have undergone the studies, you have heard the lectures, you have read the notes, you have practiced in the field the practical applications of such and you are growing in your conviction that you have become a master to a degree in your spiritual undertaking. Any professor would not be successful if they did not speak with authority about that which they knew. Likewise because of your awareness, your understanding, your training you have certain realities and truths that you know and may speak with conviction about. But like the learned professor, you also know that there are many things that you do not know and you also remain open to the rest of the story and the bigger picture.

But that which you do know in this moment, in this time is accurate and real in this moment and in this time and may be of great value and benefit to another who may gain from your sharing your piece of the puzzle, your contribution to the whole. So I encourage you to both be master and student. Be ever prepared to learn and to grow and to embrace that which is as yet outside your realm of awareness but as well do not let that intimidate you from boldly proclaiming that which is your experience because no one can challenge your experience; it is unassailable, it is your contribution to the Supreme. It is sacred and it is a privilege for you to share that experience, not only with The Father, the First Source and Center, but with each other in an attempt to assemble the bigger picture.

Be ever ready to discern whether you are best suited in the role of student or perhaps it may your turn to be teacher for there are many things you do own and know and possess as part of your efforts at ascension. Oftentimes I observe as well great truths being shared amongst mortals of the realm and great benefit being derived from this sharing the one to the other. You are in a unique position to each other. You are as closely related as is possible and therefore it is easy to transfer experiences and understanding back and forth. You may do it one on one or in reading books that others have read or in sharing of any kind between human beings. Often times this is the most effective approach so I encourage you to be about this business of teaching and learning, of sharing and of accepting because it is in this exchange back and forth between you and among you that such growth is perceived. It is rare thing relatively speaking for humans to be in contact with personalities like myself in this very moment but it is a common thing for you to be in contact with each other and you may take what you have learned in a moment such as this and manifest it and embody it as often and as freely as you like among yourselves.

I perceive the hour grows long but I would once again make space for any interaction that might be desired by any individual in this circle for even though you may not see yourselves on equal standing as part of this gathering you are certainly seen that way by the rest of us and your observations and contributions are equally as valid as any. So if there are any who would offer at this time let it be so.


Q: This is ****. Monjoronson I do have something I would like to share. This whole evening has been a great shot in the arm for me for probably making me a little more courageous. I have this quote that I have had on my refrigerator for years and you wouldn't believe all the different responses I get to it. I have had to learn to accept anybody's response for what it is and then carry on with my friendship with them. I came across it years ago and it always stood out in my mind and feel validated by everything that was said tonight. " We must love them both, those whose opinions we share and those whose opinions we reject for both have labored in the search for truth and both have helped us in the finding of it" written by St. Thomas Aquinas.

Monjoronson: Would you please repeat that, that was beautiful.[repeated] You have well summarized the lesson of the evening. Thank you so much for your contribution and I witness to the universe and to you the validity of your contribution, thank you. [thank you] I would also take this opportunity to witness to you all, each one, every one here now, that your choosing to be here and now is a significant contribution you make. It is not necessary that words be used or that statements be uttered. What is significant and what is important is that you have exercised your choice, you have created this very opportunity and we have enjoyed this circuitry together. This is as a direct result of our efforts, all of us, each one, every one and so it is that we have made our contribution; we have acted and we have chosen and our contributions come together to form this beautiful light merkaba that is a result of our choices to do so.

That in itself is a gift and I thank you each one for your offering this evening. If there are no other further contributions...

Q: Monjoronson, expand this light circuitry of this evening among us, take it with you to bolster, embrace some mighty or thin connection as it is observed by you and if it serves your need we send ourselves with you.


Monjoronson: I accept your offer, I will drink deeply of this cup but as well I would pass this cup around to be shared by all and offer that each drink deeply of this cup of spirit and love, even of joy that we share together in this moment. I will take it with me and as well I encourage you all to take it with you. Let us all be about this business of spreading the light. I bid you all farewell, have a wonderful week.