2008-02-25-For the Good of All

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Topic: For the Good of All

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Teacher Samuel: “There were few of us men and women who had duties so complex that they could not tend to their home gardens. It is good to see your efforts. (A small garden.) This is Samuel of Panoptia.

“As an agricultural and horticultural engineer, my crowning glory was the fruit that I produced during my mortal years. In the relaxed atmosphere of my small laboratory, it was the cooperation through Midwayers and with Life Carriers that allowed me to build the fruit that contained so very much of our total daily requirements of vitamins and minerals and more -- almost all of the ingredients necessary to sustain life. I say, in a relaxed atmosphere, for we were so much less pushed for time than you are.

“Our working days, call them our working weeks, were much shorter than yours. And yes, there were exceptions, but generally we went about our work in a much more peaceful way, and as parents we were also the educators of our children. Unlike the bioengineering that is presently carried out on your world, it was absolutely essential that all fruits would be able to be reproduced from its own seeds or nuts or ‘plantlings.’ The motivating force was to provide for the good of all. The motivation was to contribute, yes, and soon, very soon, your bioengineers will start to go about designing crops that will produce viable seeds, and that can be sown year after year, and improve on the way over time.

“Such bioengineering work was only a very small part of what made our world succeed, and sublimely so. In time, more and more of you will find that everyday activities on your world will be seen as creative, as they are in truth, or will be seen as work that allows for ‘outside intuition’ to go into the effort, and be co-creative. More and more will you be looking to Celestial Forces to assist you in your creative work, be it writing or building, be it teaching or be it learning – all facets of activity. It will become a natural thing for you to wish to ‘lock onto’ the minds of Celestial Helpers of all kinds.

“They are there for you now, to assist you with your creative work to benefit all, not for selfish reasons. With each day, more and more of you are turning to the spiritual world for ideas and assistance in your creative efforts. Do so mark these words, my dear students: Reach out, reach out to those who are there to assist you in any way they can, and for the good of all. This is your Teacher Samuel. I thank you for producing the relaxed state of mind that so allows for our minds to function as one. Until we meet up again.”

George: “Thank you Samuel.”