2008-03-23-Balance, Intention, Attention

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Topic: Balance, Intention, Attention

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Lantarnek, Monjoronson, Nebadonia

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Elyon (Mark TR): Greetings, Elyon here .... I was drawn to your discussion and would continue further with this idea that you are playing with of balance.


I invite you to take a journey with me into your mind's eye, if you will, and join me as we observe under the Big Top one who is balancing on a high wire. He has in his hand a long wooden rod sticking out side to side and he is on a bicycle. As you observe in your mind's eye this incredible display of balance overhead you witness many aspects of balance all combined into one magnificent display. First there is the balance of achieving the very act of remaining on such a razor's edge as you observe, by working with the laws of physics and using the principles of balance to properly execute his moves, by holding in the proper place this wooden balancing rod. It was necessary for him to, of course, practice this maneuver many times before it looks easy to accomplish, and undoubtedly not every attempt was successful.

There had to be a comfort zone built up around performing such an activity while holding a balancing rod in the correct place. It was necessary to use all of the intellect possessed by this individual to determine the proper way to go about this act and perhaps even measure and determine the right place to hold this balancing rod to achieve the right results. But when this individual is high aloft and engaged in the act of balancing, all calculations and all mindal activities are then subsequent to the experience of the moment. It is necessary for this individual to feel in that moment where to strike the balance and where to hold the rod, and in the moment his measurements may not be correct when studying from the ground what should happen but rather he must be able to feel in that moment whether he is in balance or not and be ready to adjust to accommodate reality. So it was quite necessary on the one end of this balance rod to have a firm intellectual grasp of what he is attempting and on the other end, if you will, of this balancing rod is the need to feel reality as it is and to adjust and to accommodate for what is transpiring in the moment.

Likewise there is an internal balancing act going on when we witness our performer. Intellectually he has pursued the technique and done the practice and assured himself that this is all within his grasp, within his capability. Yet as we observe him on high in demonstration of these principles he might necessarily be balancing between his awareness and the fear of what could happen should anything go amiss in his calculations. There is the mind who has told him it's all right, it will be fine. Then when he is sitting atop his bicycle high aloft there is also the feeling of doubt and fear that necessarily accompany such a pursuit. So he must as well balance internally between his knowingness and his feelings of the situation and come to some balance between these two aspects of self before he is able to set off in pursuit of the demonstration of his technique.

There are examples of balance everywhere you look; in everything you see there are aspects which are countering each other in their weight and which need to be embraced and adjusted to provide you each with your balance rod, that it's in the right place, that is, providing for you the necessary counterbalance to other aspects which are weighing on you. This is a useful way to look in going through your lives: how are you holding your balance rod? Is it serving you or is it off balance and pulling you to the one side or the other? To quickly and easily shift your position slightly on this balance rod will bring you the stability you seek, and that is where stillness, prayer, and worship help you to reassess this rod that you hold, where you are attempting to balance these aspects of mind, of heart, and of awareness of this balance. That is where you reside in the middle, between these aspects and can shift back and forth this balance rod to keep you on a steady keel.

I thought it would be amusing to go visit the circus this morning and take a little journey and watch the marvel of balance that we would witness in such a magnificent display of the mastery of balance that has been described. Thank you for the opportunity to share these images together. I now allow for others. Thank you.

Lantarnek (Jonathan): Greetings to you, this is Lantarnek. I will continue our theme.

You are aware that when you stand on one leg you can do so for a period of time, but soon you must place your other foot to remain stable, and that while standing, both feet are your support. You have learned to stand with both feet for the greater stability it provides, but when you walk most of the time you are actually on only one foot, yet you are stable and you are going somewhere. It is the will of the personality that gives momentum and direction to your walk, and it is the will that uses one foot followed by the other to make the progress.

Balance in life is found by this intentional force. Your abilities to accomplish anything come from this directive power which can select the element of yourself; your physical, mental, or spiritual aspects; in order to attain the goal you have set out to attain. You know that if you walk and do not watch where you are going you still may stumble, and so you have learned to keep your eyes in front of you, to put your attention on the path in front of you Then you may use either foot in order to navigate uneven terrain. You can even hop if necessary to safeguard the other foot from peril. But you know also that hopping is exhausting and soon the return to the alternating stride of one foot then the other is more efficient and sustainable.

Two wings on a plane allow it to take to air, but the prop is that directive power which is coupled with the rudder which allows the turning. It is the balance of all four that allows the plane to take to flight and to cover distance.

I will speak of one other form of balance, and that is a vertical balance. Those of you upon the path of spiritual ascension have at times struggled with the earth-boundedness of yourselves, that when you seek the presence of God in stillness you may perchance be frustrated with the distractions of the schedules of your everyday life. You also may notice that when you seek rest and quiet that the mind is running on and on like a radio you can't shut off. Spiritual balance, whole being balance, is when your physical is below your mental which is below your spirit. If your spirit were top- heavy, you would topple over. In this realm that you inhabit now you have a heavy base to support you, to keep you grounded. But likewise you must stand vertically, and so you learn to refine your spiritual dimension that it is lighter than air, that it rises and holds you up even while you are bottom heavy in a physical realm. Again that leaves you in the center of will to determine when you are best suited to function in a deeply physical or a highly spiritual way and when to blend the two, as well.

It is good to take care of your mindal environment, for if we were to visualize this vertical alignment as a pole, if the center is crimped much as if a reed were to be bent, it is very difficult for that reed to stand straight and tall without flopping over. Therefore it becomes well suited for you to attend to and address the health and well-being of all dimensions of yourself.

Thank you for your attention. I open the arena for great spirit.

Monjoronson (Mark): I would enter the arena and join the discussion. I am Monjoronson here to attempt to strike a balance with you.

When I arrive or any other presences arrive we are minded that you are experiencing our presence on more than one dimensional plane. On the one hand we could just show up, announce our presence, and sit in silence with you, and there would be a component of yourself which would feel our presence and be able to relate to us through this sense of feeling or perhaps equated to the heart as you describe. But as well there is a component of yourselves which is looking for something to grab onto in terms of the intellect. So we bring with us words, symbols that we use that may be further carrier waves of our presence that give your minds something to grab on to and to appreciate as part of this exercise. So when we provide lessons such as this we are fully aware that you are perceiving this exchange on these various levels, and you are balancing in between the feelings and the knowing of these lessons.

I would mention at this time that it is not often our practice to suggest to you that there is yet another component; there is the physical vehicle, the one who is holding this balancing rod. While it is often considered outside our domain or sphere of influence, I would recommend that you begin to bring in this third component of self into your equation more and more and perhaps utilize beneficial movement to bring you into greater awareness that all this is transpiring, this balancing act, within the context of your vehicle, and that this vehicle has, of course, needs itself. While we are able to bring nourishment for the soul and food for thought, it falls to you to bring into the equation the balance this other component of self. By doing so you bring into further alignment the total being, the master balance in this equation, for none of this would be possible without the place you call home, your vehicle, and its condition during the course of your balancing act.

So perhaps you would consider that you are here in all these dimensions simultaneously. You may feel my presence in spirit; you may hear my words with the thoughts of the mind, and as well you may express all this in the material plane with the use of your vehicle. You may manifest this balancing act as you would balance on one foot or as you would take your next step.

We do not spend a lot of time and energy as teachers to direct you to stimulate your bodies, to use them for their purpose so that they may be in tune and part of your over all equation because this is so largely your soul [sole?] responsibility and there are multiple meanings to the phrase "your soul's responsibilities". Perhaps you would consider striking a deeper balance and realizing that you are the ones holding the balancing rod wherein mind may function and spirit may function, but you are the ones determining the positioning of these relative to your physical presence. Simply some more words I offer as food for thought. As you are experiencing in these other dimensions it is worthwhile to consider further dimensions that may be brought in to strike an even more profound balance in your lives. I would conclude my remarks there and allow this arena to be open again. Thank you.

Nebadonia (Jonathan): This is Nebadonia. I embrace you all, extend my love, though it has never left you.

This day you celebrate an event that transpired on your world wherein the Michael Son took up his morontia career and closed the chapter of his earthly life. It has brought much hope to many on your world toward the eventual resurrection of themselves subsequent to mortal death. Today I want to stress to you that this event not only brings hope but it bears fact, for at that point in time Urantia underwent a dispensational change and, while Michael emerged from that tomb, the stones were rolled away from many of the chambers of the sleeping survivors; thousands were resurrected, and the melchizedek universities became full of new students. Great joy was experienced by the many souls who came into the awareness of their higher lives.

So I encourage you to celebrate your anniversary of this event not only with hope but with the knowledge of the fact of your eternal life. The qualifications for the reception of this gift are few, yes, but singly one, and that is your willingness to partake in the reality of God's truth, His love. We also rejoice in this new era that Urantia has undertaken, and it is with much attention on your world that we send to you your higher brothers and sisters to bring up your awareness of the greater family. But not only do we wish to increase your awareness but we also seek to stimulate your attentiveness and encourage you to be active light workers.


As you go about your daily lives reflect periodically that you are a morontia being as well as a physical creature. Reveal that dimensional reality to the many in your realm now. Let your light shine and let your love flow. I give you my love.