2008-03-30-Numbered Are the Days

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Topic: Numbered are the Days

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Divine Father: “My child, this is your Father Michael. Look inward towards the universe that is growing your heart for your comfort and security. Yes, the new foundation that I am building in you of truth, for the love of justice and fairness, for mercy and compassion is growing. You are fortifying yourself in the well of divine goodness that refreshes your soul. Drink deeply, My beloved, drink deeply of the cup of My being and build yourself in My everlasting peace.

“Numbered are the days when the hearts of humanity cry out in desperation over their plight. Numbered are the days when those who seek to dominate you maintain their posture. Numbered are the days when men seek to settle their difference with violence and bloodshed. Yes, My children, those days are indeed numbered. See them for their part of the evolution of the planet, but allow them to pass by.

“Increasingly turn within to Me—here is where I reach you and lead you to those still waters of spiritual nourishment to quell your heart’s pain and soothe your unsettled mind. Rest in Me, My little one, rest in Me. Here you train your mind to gravitate toward Me and you become familiar with My presence within your being. Then, when you are focused outwardly to your world you can call on Me. I will fill you that essence of peace and compassion, understanding and kindness that will strengthen you for the tasks at hand.

“During these times, steady yourself in Me and My divine mind. You will obtain what you seek and need, and be given the power of heaven to use for your endeavors!”