2008-04-19-An Outright and Total Bonanza

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Topic: An Outright and Total Bonanza

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu, Sharmon

TR: George Barnard



Dr. Mendoza: “This is Dr. Mendoza. There are others with me that will converse with you. I have the opportunity to check on both of you. I ask you to remain seated upright while I perform some adjustment work on you both (some 4 or 5 minutes go by).

“That’s good, that’s fine, as you say. I am suggesting you might now cover the (noisy) bird for my friends to be able to converse with you in peace. Au revoir.”

(Our parrot appears to sense Celestial Visitors, then chats with them -- endlessly.)

Bzutu: “This is Midwayer Chief Bzutu. Both of you should be able to detect that you have a little more energy now. To our eyes, you glow a little more than you did before the Doctor’s house call. It’s all good. It’s all fine.

“I want to speak with you about progress that is being made. For you humans in your ‘linear’ time-frame it is difficult to perceive just what progress your group’s effort has made. For us, Midwayers, Primary Midwayers, and Angels alike, and indeed all the way up the hierarchy of Celestials involved in this process, it is much easier to view, to even calculate and fully comprehend what progress we Midwayers and humans are making.

“We are the nearest to you in time-space. We have a great number of recipients of our prompts. A vast number of those are only in subliminal contact with us. Those who know us by name and number are, comparatively, just a few. There are also many Progress groupings around the world that are involved with us, even though they are unable to see us. They may not even know who, and what, we are. It is also common for Midwayers to be mistaken for angels, and as I explained, the human collaborators need not even know at a conscious level that they are in touch with us. I step aside for another. Stay with us now.”

Sharmon: “Hello my dear brother and sister. This is Sharmon. At times you may tire of the repetitive work. At times you may feel that you are achieving too little in return for the energy that you are expending. But think of us, who for thousands of years have educated one single (human) individual after another, only to find that our teachings would be lost with the passing on of that individual, and if not, shortly after.

“For us, this present Correcting Time is an outright and total bonanza of achievements, each day, each hour, each minute, and we, who have a better view of the total affect our combined efforts is making, are congratulating ourselves, each other, and all you lightworkers, for this enormous boost in progress, the likes of which we have never seen before.

“It matters not if this means of contact and cooperation is seen as unusual by some. It matters not to us if the individual wishes to spend their entire meditation time in simple conversation with us. We know that life for you humans goes on beyond this life, and all efforts have as their result a better relationship between those individuals and the Creator of All, for we are all One.

“This is our task. This is what we are here for. This is where we excel. Have courage, my dear friends, and persist. The 11:11 Progress Group is producing some fine results in conjunction with all us workers who dwell in the next time-space level and beyond. On behalf of those who are assembled here (the receiver sees dozens of Celestials), I wish you farewell. Till next time we speak. This is Sharmon. I send you my love.”

George: “Thank you all for visiting.”