2008-05-11-Fear, Selfishness, & Ego

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Topic: Fear, Selfishness, and the Ego

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Samuel: “In your terrestrial life it is essential for you to, on many occasions, feel fear. Fear is something that you are required to have. Yes, you truly have a need for it, because fearlessness in all circumstances could get you into great difficulties. One does not bravely risk a picnic on a railway track, a siesta at the very edge of a cliff, or in a tree top. Being devoid of fear, and living a mortal life on a planet such as Urantia, could leave you with broken bones, or even take your life.

“And so it is that when you are promoted to the Mansion Worlds, in time to come as you all will be, one of the toughest, one of the most difficult things to ‘grow out of,’ is fear. It does not go away by itself. It is a growing trust, entirely, that diminishes fear more and more . . . more and more as you find yourself in an environment that is utterly trust conducive; an environment in which there are no dangers; an environment where there is love, peace, and care at all times. It is in such an environment where, slowly on, the ego must become more balanced.

“Whilst we have spoken of this before, I want to indicate to you that there is an association between these two. Fear, extreme fear, can unbalance the ego and therewith create selfishness, and whilst the latter is a hindrance to spiritual progress, and of no lasting value whatever, the ego as part of the personality -- the real you -- remains important. Indeed, to have a balanced the ego is essential. Ego, despite what many believe, is not a bad thing to have, providing it is in balance. During your entire travels from your planet to Paradise, it is very much an important aspect of the personality to be retained.

“At all times should you take your cues from your elders, yes, all those who have gone and learned and progressed before you, and at all times should you be considerate of those who come after you, in your teaching them, in your directing them, in your assisting them in every-which way you may be so asked, or feel inclined, to do. You need to consider their feelings. You need to be able to, theoretically, place yourself in their positions. They may in fact still be fearful. You need to be able to recall and understand. It is with the retained and balanced ego that you will be able to visualize, to grasp, to consider, to clearly sense, their potential difficulties, their current status, and their obvious requirements.

“In this earth life it is important for you wisely build up the trust that no matter the circumstances you are going to be looked after. Your daily tests will arrive, your hurdles will need to be overcome or circumvented, but with a growing trust in your future, you will also day-by-day lessen your more irrational fears. It is important for you to see that you cannot in an instant lose all fears and balance the ego. It is a gradual process, and neither you, nor anyone else, should ever be humbled for having fears. For now it is still a very important part of human survival.

“This is Samuel. I expect you may now have some further pondering to do about how great fears, extreme selfishness and an unbalanced ego relate. I thank you for your willing ear at this late hour, and I send my love to all.”

George: “Thank you Samuel.”