2008-06-01-Experience Deepening Love

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Topic: Experience Deepening Love

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Aurora

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Greetings, my friends, this is Aurora. S and R, I welcome you this evening and am delighted to have you participate and receive these energies of spirit that we are delighted to weave into your being. The tones and notes the universe as it vibrates throughout the starry realms, eventually finding its way into planets such as yours, are part of the vibrations your body requires as it gently makes it transition into the higher realm of spirit.


There is so much to be conveyed to the human mind to help you understand the environment of the universe in which you live. These notes and tones are being calibrated within your being to help you perceive the love, truth, joy, and goodness that you deserve and desire. Your Parents have created you all in a deep and profound love. This love carries a vibration, signal and/or tone that make a deep impression upon your being. This vibration also carries a light substance within it, and its color and radiance also conveys something very valuable and desirable for human life. I invite you to open your hearts and simply receive these emanations that come from your Parents and are shared with you to help you build a creative sustaining and compassionate environment on your world. (Pause)

Love is all around you. (Pause) It is yours for the asking. (Pause) As this energy deepens within your being, know that the light is growing within. Let your body relax into these deeper vibrations. (Pause)

Many times communication between humans becomes lost in words and ideas and emotions. During the last meeting we touched on the idea of celebrating yourself more each day—to find joy and pleasure in the small successes you have each day. We encouraged those activities that take you into sharing experiences with one another: in sharing meals, communal worship, or having fun playing sports or other creative activities.

This world is changing its ideas in many avenues of life. People are being prepared to change and to accept new ideas. Make these ideas more enticing by sharing yourselves with your brothers and sisters in community building activities. There are no particular ways in which to do this; it is more of what is it that you wish to share of yourself with the world, and to act as a conduit of the Father’s love.

Your vehicles, your life bodies, are being prepared to be larger containers for this, so as you prepare your vessels, you must also consider how you would wish to use these vessels in service to your brothers and sisters who are in need. These are some of the considerations to ponder as these currents of love deepen within your being. We are here to facilitate your capacities for love and to have an inexhaustible supply of support when you need it. I will again invite our sisters around you to embrace you and to hold you in that warmth and comfort of love. (Pause)

The universe is a loving place. We invite you to rest in the comfort and safety of this place. You are becoming aware of this place as your home. It is normal to feel a little tentative and unsure. You have all felt or experienced the presence of love deep within. We are here to help you deepen and expand your capacity to perceive this. (Pause)

These subtle vibrations continue to ripple in waves into your being over time. (Pause) We will close the pathway now and give you a few moments to recollect your thoughts and become more present to the room. I am here to be of service to you and to make myself available such as you who have agreed to uplift and upstep yourselves in these harmonic and unified waves.

The changes that your world will undertake shortly will require a high degree of emotional composure and mental stability. You are all being impressed to trust more deeply in your Father Michael, and to align yourselves in that quality of peace and truth and goodness that will keep you anchored and build a new reality around you. The vibrations contained within your human energy systems are such that they requires rehabilitation at this time. The changes that we making within your being is all a part of the upliftment that you need to help you establish a new order and way of life on your world. Relax as you grow into this. The time for internal beautification is here and to increasingly love yourselves—to see the beauty inside as being a child of the divine radiance of your Universe Father and Mother.

Whatever we can do to encourage you to love yourselves and to accept yourselves and to find joy to celebrate the good things you do in life, we are here. We are also here to uplift you in more than these ways of energy exchange; it is also in the exchange of awareness in building in a stronger self-concept than you have held for yourself thus far. I will entertain any questions or comments you may have about this idea of self-concept and accepting yourself.


Student: Is the concept of not accepting the self a cultural phenomenon? It seems like in certain parts of the world that this happens in some cultures more than others.

Aurora: Yes, part of this is a factor of culture, of tradition, of mores and other such considerations. Sometimes it becomes so endemic and ingrained that it is difficult to even perceive that this is something that is learned or impressed upon. If you have the capacity to be impressed with a self-concept that is unhealthy, then could you not also be impressed with one that was positive? It is up to the individual after a certain point to become more invested in one’s own self-concept and to step up and say, “Yes, I am worthy, and I wish to see myself as your child,” now so what is good and true and beautiful can be reflected back into you that is uniquely the divine reflection for you as Parent and child. Some many individuals are raised in cultures that deny the self, either by concepts of self-punishment and self-defeatism, but equally harmful is self-aggrandizement and seeking preferment of self over others. There is a delicate balance of self-concept, yet in going to your Parents who are here to love you, nurture you, see yourself from their eyes, to feel their embrace, and their love for you, will foster this balanced and healthy self-concept that leads to the development of a strong character and high moral stature. Does this help? (Yes)

Student: I have a question about accepting the good that is there. There seems to be some guilt coming up for me. I experience a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment, but I also have a hard time accepting this when there’s so much suffering in the world.

Aurora: Did you create the suffering in the world? No, you did not. There is a distinction between being compassionate towards a situation and carrying the emotional weight of that situation. Your kind and caring heart carries this burden of somehow feeling responsible at some level. This is nothing you created, it is form that is another part of your cultural influence, and you can appreciate the plight of another individual without it hurting you and making you feel like you don’t deserve good things on your behalf. Is this something you would like to explore further? (Yes)

Your desires to serve and to make a difference in the world are doing that. You are creating new pathways for other people to follow your example. You are taking a level of responsibility in helping the world heal that is much greater than most individuals of this world even dare to consider. Have you ever thought of the good you are doing from this perspective, my sister? (No) Would this be something you might wish to explore a little further?

Student: I think I’m OK for now.

Aurora: There is so much need in the world and many people are now stepping up to be of assistance in service. In many ways the individual carrying the responsibility for the plight of others is spurring on many wonderful acts of service and compassion. This will continue to grow as the need presents itself. What better example can you portray to others than the work that you do in your everyday life? I encourage you to celebrate what you are doing more and more each day and to know that there is something being birthed beyond what you can presently conceive by the actions that you take now. There is this geometric advancement of good and truth occurring on the planet, and the outpouring of this will be a demonstration of divine proportions and the world will see the hand of love in action. I hope that this helps you with your concern, my sister.

Student: Yes, it does. Thank you.

Student: It seems like prayer and action are excellent avenues of directing that energy towards the people in need. You are obviously doing whatever you can, maybe more prayer will help to settle that for you because you’re really doing something. As I say that, I’m really telling myself the same thing. My question is: how effective is our prayer? What happens when we pray and does this really make a difference?

Aurora: Prayer does indeed make a difference. It makes a difference or impact on many levels. Sometimes it is challenging for us to convey our concepts to you because you are very young in seeing the world from a larger perspective. If you think of yourself as baby chick in the nest and you saw your siblings fly away and you saw your mother fly away and return with food and you did not yet feel ready, you could nestle with your mother and let her show you that it was safe to be out there, that you were equipped with something that would allow you to fly. One day you will have to leave the nest and find your own food so you must learn to strengthen your wings so you can fly. The only way to do that is by taking some kind of action—borne of trusting what your Mother shows you is possible.

Prayer is an action that takes you into a deeper realm of being of service to others for it helps you broaden your perspective and trust. As you pray, pray for the Father’s will for mercy and compassion to enter into any situation. That makes a tremendous impact.

In order for you to see the value of this, it is important to ask to see the good that you do from this higher perspective in trust. In this way you will be able to perceive that there are more levels of reality than you understand, it will soften the hardships and help you appreciate what is happening here is part of an evolutionary adventure. You are restoring love by bringing its ways to the planet. You are the healers of your world. This is a good and beauteous spectacle for us to witness as you take your planet back and heal what was once in error. So I encourage you to sit with these ideas and allow this concept to expand your perspective. You will begin to see through the eyes of forgiveness and compassion and understanding and be given that joy to carry back with you into the world to be of further service and value to your brothers and sisters. I hope this answer is helpful. (Yes)

Student: I have a question; perhaps it’s a judgment or an observation. It seems that many times prayer does not necessarily come from the heart, it might just be coming from a human desire to have one’s needs met. Many prayers seem to operate on a human level of greed. Is it the action of prayer—the reaching out that is one of the most important things? For a person looking beyond just themselves and reaching out to God and something higher..is that the most important thing? Or is it the intention or content, or does it vary from individual to individual? Does a sincere prayer from the heart have more meaning? I’m just musing.

Aurora: These are all ideas to ponder as you look into this idea of what is prayer and how it functions. Prayer is a form of communication between the person that you have at the end of your faith line. Think of yourself connected to someone at the end of a telephone wire—that is your faith line. You pick up that line and you were to ask that person your prayer request, and that person on the other end knew you so well and knew what was best for you, that person could be entrusted to answer that prayer in the perfect situation at the perfect time. As you pick up this line and make the prayer request, you certainly can ask for anything, and you may be very sincere, very honest with yourself that this is something that you need, but as you use this faith line and talk to your trusted friend and turned this request over to this being, then you let go of it and you trust that the outcome will come about when the time is right.

There are certain factors that make the prayer effective. It is certainly the intention of your prayer, but it is also the condition and the motivation and readiness of the individual to accept the ramifications of the prayer no matter what they are. The attitude of the heart is a very relative and maturing unfolding. As you think about what makes a prayer effective, be honest with yourself and allow your indwelling Father Fragment to have the prayer request and to deal with it when the time is right. Does this answer your question? (Yes, it does)


Are there any other comments before we conclude for this evening? I would again draw you into experience and invite you to open yourself once again to us for more imprinting of the light and vibrations that your body needs. Simply relax as we move in you, and then we will conclude. (Pause)

May you prosper in your Father’s peace and thrive your Mother’s love. Your Parents are alive in you, may you rest well in them this evening. Good evening.