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Topic: Co-Creative Design Team, #18

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael



MONJORONSON: Good evening, this is Monjoronson. (Good evening.) It is a pleasure to be here with you once again. I will be here with you the next week and the week following as well. Tonight I will cover two topics involving time.


The sequence of events of your world, of the Transition Era, has already begun as we have told you. And to you, the events around your world seem disconnected. There is no common thread for you to observe to knit together all of the circumstances and developments of your world. But I want to train you tonight to see this as an experience that some of you have had in an accident, whether it is falling down stairs or in an automobile accident, or falling out of a tree, or something where your mind has slowed the sequence of events, so that even though the accident or incident may have taken less time than a second, you were observing it as though it was a very long duration of several minutes.

If you have never had that experience, then imagine that you see an automobile racing down the highway at excessive speed and it begins to lose traction, begins to go sideways and in an accident where many people are injured. This was recorded for your awareness in slow motion. Though the time from when you first saw the car that passed you and until it had finally come to rest was less than five seconds, the “film” you were watching had stretched it out to fifteen minutes. This is how you are seeing the development of this Transition Era for your world; it is in slow motion.

When you begin to train yourself to observe your whole global environment, you will see that the tsunamis, earthquakes, torrential rains, droughts, and the melting of the ice, when you begin to note them, you will see a pattern of how they affect people. This is in slow motion to you, as you live out each day. And though these incidents may not occur rapidly in succession, they are nonetheless occurring with incredible force and devastation upon your world. If you were somehow able to record all of these incidents around your world from—let us say, the era of 2005, until 2015—and you recorded all of them into a one minute video presentation, you would be astounded at this same landscape of filmmaking, as you would observe a car wreck in slow motion, and then as you would observe it in actual time. Do you understand what I am saying and suggesting to you? (Yes.)

You are appreciating what is occurring in your world. You are not paranoid; you are a bit fearful, but you are not distracted by your feelings about this. You cannot control it anyhow, and you are observing this as it occurs, in slow motion. You are beginning to become global citizens. That is, you are becoming responsive to events around the world. The events in China have not come to completion and closure yet; there is still much that will occur in that region. It is unfortunate that it occurs there; it is unfortunate that it occurs anywhere. However, this is an evolutionary world, and its physics were set in motion many millions of years ago—billions of years ago—so that what you are seeing now is the working out of the stabilization of your world.

We were listening to you discuss the events around your world, before I began to speak with you. Some of you noticed that the elevation around the Yellowstone Park area has risen, as it has around Mammoth Lakes in California. There is a great deal going on underneath the surface of your world, in this country, and it is also going on in other places of the world as well. But you live here, so you notice it, you note it, you take it into your mind and you think about it. You plug this into your thoughts and plans about your life, without it being too distracting. This is truly the way to proceed. You will be in the right place, at the right time, when any of these events occur. You have loved ones in many places of the world, where there will be disaster; this is inevitable. It is unfortunate, but nonetheless, they are individuals who are in touch with their God Source—or not—if they choose. They are loved. These incidences that occur and will occur are not personal; they are simply a matter of the physics of your world, and some people will be living in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

You can talk to them—write to them—if you wish. Do not cause fear or panic in them, as it is not productive. Call upon the God Source within them to be in touch with their conscious mind, so that there is a fluid connection of consciousness that they may become aware. It is not as though you have the only news about geophysics in the world, is it? These items and bits of news are available everywhere, to anyone in the world, through the Internet and through other sources. You are fortunate to have new sources from the Internet, which are international. You can get news from any nation, almost instantaneously, whereas television is a very narrow tube; it is looking at the present and the future through a soda straw; you only see so much, and then it is from those who think you want to see what they have to offer.

Open your minds; open your thoughts to a broader scope of your world. You are very valuable, and in doing so, you put yourself in touch with the larger consciousness that is around the world. When you stretch your consciousness to the consciousness of all humanity around the world, you can be in touch with those areas that are in trouble or will be in trouble. You will have an awareness, an innate and intuitive awareness that these areas are in distress. It is not a matter of saying, “Well, I’m going to see what is going to happen in Patagonia today,” and you reach out and you touch that with your consciousness—though surely you can. But you become aware of the difficult areas simply by selecting difficult areas—not geographically, but by topic. You can become aware of far more than what is evident. This phenomenon that I am explaining is far from an issue of public awareness; it is something that very few people take into consideration.

Are you ready for me to move ahead to the next topic, or would you like to present questions about this early discussion?


Michael: I think I heard you say that at one point, we are seeing the stabilization of the world. As we look at all these horrendous events around the world, I’m not sure if I wrote that down right, or if I understood what that means.

MONJORONSON: If you took a box of toy blocks, and you poured them out on the floor, they would come to rest, would they not? (Yes.) That is what you are seeing, that there is an era now where there will be much shaking and difficulties in your world, but it will eventually come to rest. In a world that is evolving and changing, the geophysics continues to change. There are eras where there is tremendous activity. And then, there are long-term lulls, where there are none or very little. You have seen this in the last few centuries, the last five hundred centuries, where there have been only sporadic cataclysms in some areas, whether that is by earthquake in one area and tsunamis in another, or through catastrophic rains and such as that. Does this clarify for you?

Michael: Yes, thank you. A follow up question: Could you give us some sense how long it will take for the blocks that have been thrown out on the floor here to settle?

MONJORONSON: Yes, it will not be through for approximately thirty years. (Thank you.) The next topic of time is something quite radically different, though somewhat akin to the metaphor of the car crash that I gave you.

Permission was granted from the Universe Overcontrol, to the Universe Architects, and then to the Keepers of Time, to slow the rate of time in this region of Christ Michael’s Local Universe, Nebadon. The purpose of doing so is much like putting a person in a cold bath, to then conduct heart or brain surgery. Your world and over thirty other worlds have been in tremendous spiritual cataclysms, for the last two hundred thousand years. This region had to be slowed, so that the healing of these areas would be completed thoroughly and diligently, thoughtfully and compassionately, for the greatest spiritual benefit of all souls who come into existence in this region. That is now being re-dressed; it is being amended so that this local universe moves into similar chronology, synchronized with the rest of the universe. You will see great changes in your world, due to this. It is as though the earth has gone into stasis and now is moving into motion.

I will draw you a metaphor, hopefully you can understand and appreciate this. Your world and that of the other thirty-some odd planets are under the management of a local “team,” you might say, and that they are concerned about the care and welfare of the evolution and development and healing of your world. You can think of this as “heart energy,” where mind has been using its abilities to slow time in this region, so that the heart-centered, spiritual evolution of your world is now able to heal and come to closure peacefully and completely, and then to move ahead and rejoin the rest of the universe in it’s chronology.

How do you do this? It is much like a person with a bad mouth of teeth, who needs to have dentures. Do you say to the patient, “Well, I will pull one tooth today and you come back tomorrow, and we will pull another one, and we will do this until all the teeth are gone, and then we will fit you for dentures.” Or, do you say to the patient, “This is going to be rather traumatic, but we are going to sedate you, slow down your rhythm, and we are going to pull all your teeth at once, and let you awaken slowly. You will still be on painkillers for a day or two, and then we will refit you for dentures.” This is the case of your world: The Keepers of Time with the Overcontrol of the Universe in this area, could do this very slowly for your world, but it would be horrendous to stretch out the trauma for ten to fifty thousand years, would it not? Therefore, these changes in your world will come about within decades.

The changes you will see will be geophysical; they will be evolutionary within the DNA of your people, who are born now, have been born, and will be born. Thus you will see, a new species come into existence of Homo sapiens; you will call them perhaps another name. The children of light will be in the predominant role of managing your planet, co-creatively with us. When the chronology of the Universe time and your time is in synchronicity, when they are in step with each other, then you will see a new era for your world, and I mean that with capital letters—New Era.

You are in the Transition Era, and the New Era will come about. It will still be within a hundred to two hundred years that your world is more fully stabilized in an early state of the Era of Light and Life, though it will not have achieved that level to the standards similar to other light and life planets in the Universe. You and your children are the ones who will be facing the most difficulties on your world. I will not explain it to you now, but you know that you have chosen to be here during this era, because you are courageous, you have lessons to learn, you have services to provide, you are brilliant, and you are strong-hearted and determined, yet you are compliant to spirit and willing to be led into this with our help, though you will feel the brunt of this in your personal lives more than we will. We will suffer with you, as we will be with you—companions with you—through this era. Do you understand what I have said in the main, about the slowing down of time in this era, in order to create a better environment for healing? (Yes.) Thank you.

I wish not to get into the dynamics of time or those specifics in your world, or in this local universe—or in the universe in general. It is something that is not of concern with you, as you will not really know the difference in your lifetime. You will not be able to feel this change—it is that subtle—though you will be able to observe this in your world, in the physics of it, in the evolution of the planet. It is particularly its external part above ten miles and into the atmosphere. You are already witness to this temporal change; you are seeing it in your weather; you are seeing it in your plate tectonics, you are seeing it in your sunshine and the oceans, which are tremendously affected by what mankind/humankind has done.

You are seeing a rapid escalation of the temporal pace, to match that of the rest of the universe. There is not an ability to catch up; you may ask that question, “Will we catch up?” No, you do not catch up. You simply arise in pace and cadence of time until you are marching in step with the rest of the universe. Right now, you are stepping very, very slowly, while the universe marches ahead. Soon, within thirty to fifty years, your area will be in step, in cadence with the rest of the universe. Then the great difficulties of your world will have passed, and you will begin to see a healing within your world, both from the abuses of your technologies and from your abuses of consciousness, from your wars, from the extermination of humanity by ruthless individuals. There must be a great cleansing and healing in your world on many planes of energy for this to be complete.

Your children and grandchildren will see this New Era. They will be incredibly strong; they will be incredibly flexible, for those who are not flexible will not remain. The movement of all these activities, you may call this movement towards the days of light and life, but you may more succinctly call it “entering into a sustainable environment in the world,” on all planes of social and physical activities. You must think in terms of that.

Your financial leaders of the world are already thinking of this, but do not know how to take apart the puzzle and build a new puzzle, so they continue on. A sustainable economy is fundamental to a sustainable world. A sustainable population is paramount to a sustainable world, and entry into a long, long unending peace. You must have a means to achieve peace and population stabilization. Those are totally out of your reach at this time—the economy, peace and population—are out of your reach. You can make efforts to move towards those ends, and we will help you do that. We wish you to think in terms of a sustainable economy, sustainable peace, and sustainable world population. These are ends that must be achieved before your world can be peaceful, can be loving, can be heart-centered; then you will see the great community—not the family, but community of humankind, come together in more peaceful ways.

Until then, it will be very difficult, that this is something that is not healed by miracle, by fiat, by intervention—it is simply something that must be worked out on your world in the temporal and material planes, with the assistance of spiritual guidance, insight, intuition and energy on many planes of consciousness to move you into the New Era of sustainability. You have already been prepared for this; you have begun the first early, early steps of this work, (Co-Creative Design Team), and this is vital to what will become of the larger community of your world in the months and years ahead. The world will recognize what you have done, what you are doing, and they will rush in to duplicate what you have done. Realize that you are making immense strides in this movement towards the days of light and life, towards sustainability. You are providing patterns that can be engaged, applied and implemented, once these are accepted in thoughtful ways by those who know that this is the right way to proceed.

The old paradigms will fail; they will fail miserably, as you are seeing them in many parts of your nation and technologically evolved nations. Your social processes are disintegrating and this is unfortunate. We are here to amend that, to change that, to help you uplift your world co-creatively with you, without usurping your decisions, and without undue influence. You can rest assured, if you ask for ideas and options, we will surely enter your mind and give them to you. I wish you well, my friends, and if you have any questions, please ask them now. I will entertain just a few.

Michael: I believe I heard you say that in our lifetimes, we will see children born who have advanced and perhaps even become recognized as a separate species. Is that in our lifetime and does that mean a DNA change?

MONJORONSON: It would obviously require a DNA change, yes. You are seeing many attempts, many variations in DNA within children being born now, and this is part of the—pardon the misnomer—the advance of species. What you do not see in the evolution of species from archaeological and paleontological research are all the failed attempts. There are literally thousands for every successful species variation. Literally thousands and thousands are unsuccessful and are unable to survive because they do not have the right mechanisms, or right brain processes, or physiology to survive in the environment—not only survive, but to grow, advance, develop and mature, which further assists in the evolution. This is going on now in your world, though it is much like the changes outside in the weather. Everybody knows there is weather, just as there are children, but you are unable to see the fine changes that are taking place within these children. There will be eventually an evolved human species that will have a much more evolved mind mechanism. That will be of great assistance to leadership, decision-making, wisdom and thoughtful engagement in the social realms.

Deb: Are there children here that might already be what you are talking about that you can see some agitation with them because they are aware that something is going on, but they are so young that they are not able to grasp it? Is that why we are seeing maybe some young children with agitation that they have?

MONJORONSON: Yes, these children… their agitation is due to numerous reasons, some of which are that they see psychically and intuitively with immense clarity, and they are aware of what is going on in the larger environment around them, which is non-empirical. There are children who are disturbed because their mind mechanisms are a species variation, which have little survivability. You are also seeing immensely mature, young, individuals, who are—I would not say of Promethean intellects, but they are fully, holistically greater that either of their parents. These children will eventually find each other, and procreate yet more evolved children, and those children will seek out their kind and they will beget other more advanced children.

You will see some of the earliest elements of this phenomenon—it is already occurring—but you will see some of the fruits of that within the next few years, as some who have already been born, come into maturity and awareness. What you will be looking for is very similar to the finding of the next Dalai Lama, where this is an exceptional individual, yet this individual will be another person in the community. They will not be sequestered away by a religious order; they will not be specially educated; they will be educated by themselves and their parents; they will gravitate towards the wholeness. You would call them Renaissance women and men; these are great, great humans, and they have a capacity to think about ordinary problems in new ways.

Yet, the limitation for them, too, is that they have been raised in the box of your society, your culture. They have been acculturated and socialized within the existing milieu of their family and their society, which may be decades old in its evolution. What will be most astounding is the awakening of these children. Now, when this happens, you will see great people, who will come to the fore, to the front of the public attention. Though there are many of these children now, who do not have that kind of attention, they are protected from the press, they are protected from the media, they are protected by their parents and their mentors/tutors so that they can be productive within their own realm. However, what you will see in the coming decade is an explosion in the numbers of these children. As they come forward, they will be coming forward in high school, college and graduate school, and into your political and economic arenas.

We, along with you, co-creatively, must prepare the way for them to lead. They must be given the working medium of consciousness of people, who are willing to accept sustainability as a way of life, that the quality of life is far better than the quantity of life. To have an automobile is wonderful, but you do not need three or four, for instance, or the same number of televisions. You will live with greater simplicity, so that others may live as well as you. We are assisting you and these children to develop quality of life criteria, and this is sum and substance of what you are working on in the Co-Creative Design Teams—the quality of life. The quantity of life is soon to be erased in the coming decades, and it will be most difficult. Within that you will see rise from these ashes, from this detritus, the flowers of the next generation and the New Era, come into being.

Michael: Do we have time for another?

MONJORONSON: One last question, please. Is there someone other than this gentleman? (Laughter.) Although he is a good spokesperson. Please proceed.

Michael: The context of the question, relative to all of the changes you have just been talking about, and changes being portrayed as coming in the future, relate to one prophesy that technologically we are on the threshold of discovering, the most powerful, positive force in the universe, in the context of magnetics. First of all, is that true, and will it happen in our lifetime?


Michael: Can one or more of us contribute to its emergence?

MONJORONSON: Yes, if you are not technologically inclined you can contribute through your good will by sending out your consciousness to bring together the individuals and the ideas, so that the sum becomes larger than the number of parts. Do you see what I mean? (Oh, yes.)

Michael: So is it correct then to see that the emergence of this new technology, this new understanding, will have a very profound effect upon all of the resources and the way we utilize resources in the universe, in this world, in this earth, that will be a dramatic part of this whole series of changes, that we are talking about tonight?

MONJORONSON: Yes, exactly so, but you will not see this new technology come into existence until the Transition Era has been almost completely expired. You see, within the department of the Time Keepers—I will just name it that—there are what you would call actuaries, who can foresee with the same clarity, multiplied by a thousand, that brought the Mayan calendar into existence. That calendar operates on a calendar base of over three thousand years. The actuaries are able to predict quite accurately within a span of one hundred thousand years. I will not explain how they do that—they simply do that. And with the greater approximation of those events in time, it becomes more and more clear and that the events around a world can be manipulated, without violating anybody’s will. You see, your world is managed by the Administration of this Local Universe; it is managed, as you would manage a company full of employees. You do not subvert anyone in your employment; you do not force anyone to do anything—everyone has a choice—but you are always making influence across the board to everyone, for the best welfare of all—and that is what is occurring on your world—we are going to “pull all the teeth,” so to speak, all at one time, and this has been planned for many, many tens of thousands of years.

Christ Michael came as Jesus, as the door opener to the way that would come into being and to existence. He came as a clarifier, with a large broom to sweep away those miscreants who caused so much difficulty on your world. He came here to prepare the way for your co-creative, conscious involvement with him and his administration, of which I am his Brother and a part. You have now a far more clear idea of why your world is in such calamity at this time. It is simply that it must be this way, to collapse these calamities in a tight era, so that your world goes through these throes quickly, with as little long lasting trauma as possible, so that it can reconstruct itself into a new world that is enlightened, full of bright and shiny beacons of light from the Source within them.

The device, which you speak of, if it were to be presented now, would cause calamity beyond your wildest imagination. Free energy would be devastation to your world on the order of Hiroshima times a million. You would not want to live through those traumas. It is better that your world be managed, through the physical catastrophes, rather than the catastrophes of humankind and human decisions. You are so immature in how to conduct your affairs on a global basis. You—and when I say “you,” I mean the global community of human civilization, society and leadership—it is so narrow-minded, it does not include other people who are distant from you. Know that I do, Christ Michael does, and the Overseers of the Universe are intimately aware of what is going on here, and are all in agreement of what is to come. Does this answer your question? (Michael: And then some!)


Think upon these things, my friends. Go about your daily activities, enjoy the sunshine, the new growing plants, and for those in the Southern Hemisphere where fall and winter are arriving, the change of seasons—these will not end, my friends. You will always have seasons, you will always have growing plants, you will always have children, and you will always have another day. Be joyful in the moment, be thoughtful in your communications with the Father, and appreciate what he and she have given you. Know that you are cared for. Be in touch within your heart with that Source, which loves you eternally. Good night.