2008-07-08-Experience and Joy, Vibratory Change

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Topic: Experience and Joy, Vibratory Change

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Aurora

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Good evening, this is Aurora. Please stay in your meditative mind. I wish to conduct you in worship this evening as a way to unify and harmonize your energy systems with one another and with the greater frequencies of the Father in Paradise.

Lift your hearts to your Creator at the eternal level. This is a time to open your heart and radiate the appreciation you feel for life and for the wonders therein. My sisters and I will use your feelings that you experience to further heighten your worship experience. (Pause)


Group worship is one of the most sublime experiences we can all share and participate in. It is a time of great rejoicing and fulfillment of peace, light-heartedness, mirthfulness through your being. Let our Creator Parent Source fill you with joy! Allow that joy to resonate into the deepest levels of your being. (Pause)

There is a great joy living within you, my friends. Your bodies were meant to express it creatively, physically, verbally, emotionally. As you were sharing in your discussions earlier, your whole being is a container, a vessel, for joy. Let us now tune you to those higher frequencies of joy that you may truly relax and radiate in the bliss that makes life fulfilling and satisfying. (Pause)

Allow the word “JOYFULNESS” to descend upon you, enveloping you with a sparkling energy of light that is effervescent and enlivening. It is the bubbling spring of refreshment alive in your body, sparking new neural connections—the various pathways of your physical structure radiating with the life essence of Spirit through you. It is time to live in joy, my friends, time to live here as expressive children of the Creator. It is time to plant these seeds and spread them as you go about your day as you journey in joy, as you enjoy your day more and more on a regular basis. As you thank our Father in Paradise for all of the abundance of the richness of life around you—the spiritually fragrant qualities that He shares with you—know in your heart that this sublime experience can be reciprocated as He showers his grace and love upon you. (Pause)

Happiness is a big factor in the quality of human life. It comes from the quality of joy that your Divine Parents share with you. Know that it is your destiny and birthright both to take this journey of life in joy, through joy, and learning that even though you are faced with circumstances to surmount and to find effective solutions to the everyday perplexities around you, the journey is meant to be taken in joy. Yet we do understand the impediments you have faced in your desire and attempts to make this journey with a full joyful heart that is part of your divine inheritance. Allow us to further refine you and help you attune yourselves to these delicious frequencies of the personality of the Father that is shared through the Son and the Spirit into your bodies. Relax and receive and remember to breathe through any restriction or constriction you might feel that manifests itself as any kind of pain. (Pause)

Your earth has known a great sadness. Now is its time of release from the years of quarantine, separation. Now is the time for the generations of feeling isolated and abandoned by your Creator Parents to cease, and for each of you to come into a deeper physical relationship with your divine inheritance, to create those new pockets of understanding and awareness within your body that will blossom and burst into joy throughout your being when the time is right. These seeds and adjustments being made in you this evening are simply the tiny potential of fruits yet to be born through your experiences each day. You will grow in joy as you become more familiar and comfortable as these seeds settle into both your mind and body. As you worship and continue to thank our Father, offer praise that comes from the heart. Let yourself receive that outpouring that comes from grace and favor being lavished upon you as the Father shares his love with you as his beloved dearly cherished child. (Pause)

Allow the notes and tones of the Father to impress more deeply into your being. May you grow in his grace and beauty. (Pause) Allow these tones and notes to be used by your indwelling Father Fragment to further the conscious reception and recognition of His divine voice within your mind and heart. (Pause)

There is a natural coherence in your being. It is the resonance of the personality connection that you share with your Divine Source. It is a resonance of great depth, great strength, power, passion, compassion, mercy and understanding. Allow the energy to descent deeper into this depth that you may enjoy the bonding with your Creator in a way you find immensely satisfying and fulfilling. (Pause)

Allow the Father’s love to coordinate those various levels within your energy systems to help you become more balanced and centered, more aligned with that which is alignment with the Father’s will, that you offer as you go about your day. You see, my friends, you are all gifts to the Father even though you may not always see yourselves in that light. You are precious and valuable because you are bringing something to Him that no one else can bring—that is yourself, your perspectives, your experiences. Everything that God wishes to experience through you that is of heightened value and divine usefulness is reciprocated to you in deep compassionate love and understanding. As your body is able to absorb this resonance, relax and trust that more and more life becomes easier and grace-filled as you let go into the mystery and enjoyment of what the Father shares with you. Lighten your loads, my friends, lighten your loads. (Pause)

There is rejoicing all around you in the heavenly realms. It is possible to attune your subtle hearing to these highly refined vibrations. The time almost upon you when the circuits that were once severed from the planet are fully restored and there will be availability of these circuits for you to use to attune yourselves to these higher frequencies and to enjoy more sublime harmonies of your natural environment around you. Focus and know this, my friends, that if this is something you wish to experience and place your desire and awareness in listening with your heart—your desires, your intuitive natures—that the rejoicing around you can deepen your own sense of joy and creativity as you go about your day. Joy is all around you! All around you—everywhere! Let your bodies know the bliss of this, and truly be alive! (Pause)

My friends, you know that the love of our Creator is available to you at any time. It is all around you and yet it is only a matter of time before you are more fully attuned to these subtle vibrations. As we are here to help you make those adjustments in your body, know that your part is to continue to seek this, to desire this, and to invite us into your being to absorb this and let it become a living reality within every molecule of your being. As you allow this energy to open your heart ever wider, send this energy out into the world. Send your love out—out to those places where the voice of Father still falls upon deaf ears, where forgiveness and understanding is still so necessary because resentment and hostility mars the fraternal relations between brothers and sisters of the human family. Send it out where it can do the most good because of your heart-felt desires to see these situations turn around. There are many who will add their particular unique energies to the situation to foster that in those conditions for growth, healing, and peace to endure. (Pause)

The resonance of the other members of the group can also vibrate with your hearts, joining as one heart to share your energies with your world. Who needs love on this world? Everyone! Where is healing needed? Everywhere! (Pause) Let your desires be for the healing of your world, for every brother and sister to receive the light that heals from within and illuminates the human mind with a mighty truth, sublime goodness, and divine beauty. (Pause)

Generation upon generation has sought divine favor, yet many people thought that it was relegated or conferred upon a chosen few. This error is now being corrected through your efforts to share your love, your hearts’ desires for the Father’s love to be spread upon the world. Mercy is for everyone: all hearts and all minds. (Pause)

Thank you, my dear brother and sisters, for participating with us today in this experience. I will allow you some time to gently lead you out of the worshipful state that you and I may converse and share when you are ready to speak. Take your time; gently and gradually allow yourself to be brought back into the presence of the room.

Does anyone have any questions or comments this evening?


Student: I was just noticing this uncanny tendency that the experience I was already working on happens here. That has happened several times. It seems like this is synchronicity.

Aurora: It is and we are able to perceive many of your mental projections. We have ways in which to harmonize you with the objectives of Mother Spirit to help you increase your vibratory rates and become more harmonized in love. While you see it as synchronicity, it is simply us collaborating more together in the ways we can assist you. This is something for you to become used to and trusting in. We will always endeavor to coordinate our efforts with yours where you are in your own development.

Student: That’s what synchronicity is for me; it’s a very interesting thing for me to observe and experience.

Aurora: I hope you are enjoying it as much as we!

Student: It does take some getting used to. Not in a bad way, but in an interesting one.

Aurora: Yes, you are gaining more confidence that this is actually a reality—a living example of how the universe functions, and how you assist in its functioning. We understand that you are getting used to these ideas and how to live within them. This is what we are here to help you so it becomes easier for you to understand and live as you were always designed to. Life gets easier with each faith step you take as these awarenesses become more trustworthy in your own mind and body.

Are there any other comments this evening?

Student: I would like to ask about experiencing the feeling of joy and happiness throughout the day. I initially feel that I would love to do that, and I also know that there is a sadness and hurt and fear that exists within me. I don’t want to put a fake blanket of happiness just above all that other stuff. What comes to me is that experiencing the happiness and joy will melt away the under-layers of the sadness and fear. Is that correct?

Aurora: In a way, yes, that is accurate. You invite the energy of joy to radiate within your being and it does have the ability to sink more deeply upon those places of pain and painful memories within your being. This is one of the reasons we encourage you to breathe through the pain so that it softens the resistance that the mind naturally expresses because you tend to judge pain as being “bad” and harmful. You want to run away from it instead of accepting it and allowing the acceptance to dissipate its hold over you. You are not necessarily skirting the issue, as you might say, and keeping the joy on the surface, but you are allowing that this painful awareness in your body to be absorbed by the joy, and thereby transcend it into a higher vibrational rate. The memory of the experience that caused you pain will still be a part of your awareness, but the emotion or the painful feeling around it will not be there. You will see the situation in a new light and will broaden and deepen your perspective on reality. Does this help?

Student: Yes, a lot! Thank you.

Aurora: In your recent cultural understanding you have been so conditioned to take pills to alleviate your pain. This does mitigate the sensation of pain, but it does nothing to heal the root causes. Allow the joy and love that your Parents share with you to enter into these places of resistance. They will heal all this pain. They know what has caused this at the various levels of your body and being. They will heal you. Substitute the idea of pill popping for joy bursting, if that is a helpful idea to consider!

Student: Thank you for your help with this. I haven’t felt as joy-filled like this in a long time…it’s really nice to allow that grace to come in and help. It’s really refreshing!

Aurora: It is, is it not! These experiences will deepen in you and they will heighten your awareness, and help you find immense pleasure and enjoyment throughout your day. Let them slowly settle in so you stay anchored and stable in this sense of joy that is very grounding and balancing at the same time. Your Parents love you and are devoted to your well being. Know that every provision is being made for you to experience these understandings and awarenesses as you have faithfully presented yourself to receive. It is our desire that you become so radiantly full of these energies so you are magnets that will attract others to receive the blessings that Michael and Nebadonia wish to shower upon them.


I will leave you in their love and we will again be available to you in any moment to help you incorporate these joyful experiences as you go about your day. Good evening.