2008-08-24-Adam & Eve Visualization

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Topic: Visualization

Group: At Large


Teacher: Michael, Adam, Eve

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Good afternoon, Rick. This is your Father Michael. Before I turn you over to Adam and Eve, I wish to encourage you to stay focused on your growing capacity for mindedness in my circuitry and within the realm of your Father Fragment to guide you. Many adjustments are now being made in your being to normalize and stabilize your mental and emotional habits. This will not be fully integrated for several months. You are on the road to recovery in terms of your ability to stay present with the world and not seek escape because of the feelings of hopelessness and despair that are so much of your planet’s consciousness at this time. Use this time wisely to commune with me, to expand yourself in your Mother’s] [breath so that you are able to capture those sparks of light that are being endowed within you by your biologic uplifters Adam and Eve. Use this time to commune and to focus on the recircuiting of your being in their violet endowments of racial upliftment. Before I turn you over to them, do you have any questions for me today?



R: No, first I wish to wish you a few days late Happy Birthday. The day we celebrate came and went this past week. As you know, I often call on you to be filled with your presence. As you suggested I will continue to do this, Michael. These are very important times for me now. If more could be done, I would ask for it to make a leap or jump here. I’ve worked very hard to reach this point, I would like to propel myself forward a little bit more. That’s basically all I can think of to say to you, other than thank you for your presence and your continuing support.

Michael: Well, it is always yours, my son. It is continual and it is only a matter of your continued refocusing of your awareness to that internal place where you and I share our embrace as Father and son. Come here as frequently as you need during your day and you shall indeed gain more than you can even imagine at this stage of your development. I leave you in my peace, and I thank you for your birthday wishes. It is a fond recollection of mine to recall those days when I walked on earth as you now walk. Stay close to the light within your heart, and know things are as they should be. Good afternoon.

Adam: Greetings, my brother Rick. This is Adam. We have made some attunements within your being today to foster your capacity to access Michael’s mind more readily. You have many neural pathways that require readjustment so the more you appeal to your Mother Eve and I, we will be most delighted to realign your frequencies to foster greater Michael-mindedness and Adjuster reception. As one who has made a sacred commitment to fuse during your mortal lifetime, there are many endowments that must be shared with you to upstep your cellular biology to foster this grand undertaking. It is no small matter for a Urantian to express this desire. There are many circuits that must be reinstated and rerouted within you. This is not anything that you are able to do to any great depth because of your inability to manage energy, so the more time you spend in stillness and asking us as your biological uplifters to make these necessary adjustments, the more you can progress in your desire towards this eventual wondrous event in your life. What are the questions you would wish to ask me today? I will be most delighted and appreciative of the opportunity to serve you in this way.


R: First question, Adam, is a rather simple question. I had an experience earlier this year in March down in Costa Rica. I was given a visualization of two very beautiful faces—a man and woman, dark hair, majestically regal. Some of the most beautiful faces I’ve ever seen with my inner eye. I was given the impression that it was you and Eve that I was able to visualize. I would simply like to know if these were random images or if it was, in fact, the faces that you had when you walked this planet.

Adam: We were given permission to imprint a picture into your mind that you would be able to resonate with. It is somewhat different than the way we looked when we were here, but it was intended to help you open up to our presence within you, and to resonate with the deep beauty that you recognized. Beauty is a powerful inducement to seek the Father. In giving you this image, were you not deeply moved and more interested in opening to this relationship that we wish to share with you?

R: Yes, absolutely! Now whenever I think of you, these are the images that come to mind. It has heightened my ability to experience beauty, experience masculinity and femininity. It was a wonderful thing, whoever gave you permission to do this, I thank them greatly. Thank you for asking for permission. It was a wonderful, wonderful gift.

Adam: You are most welcome, and just to whet your appetite, there are more endowments to come your way! So bring on your questions, and let’s have a go at them!

Life Extension

R: Over the years through the TM our appetite has been whetted in being given the choice to remain on this planet for extended periods of time. I would like to have a broader understanding of this opportunity that is being presented to us. I know there are those that have asked for this and have passed away. Once you have put forward the intention that you desire this, what in reality takes place? It’s obviously not a given that this will happen even with your intention or desire. How much of this is a possibility…this extended lifetime on this planet to help with the [[Correcting Time|CT]? I’d like to have a better understanding than what we’ve been given so far.

Adam: Much of what you understand is still in what we would consider to be an experimental phase. You must appreciate that this idea to elongate the mortal span of life is experimental. This is not the normal course of planets to allow for this, but in the circumstance of Urantia with its checkered past, much is being shared with you to help you overcome the limitations of your current environment. Suffice to say that Michael has a plan in place to help those who are of a more devoted Father consciousness to stay here and to normalize the conditions on Urantia and to foster the inauguration of Light and Life on this world. Many adjustments need to be made within the human energy system to allow this to occur. Some people will cooperate with this and make the necessary adjustments in their habits to facilitate the new circuitry and how it will help them to stay here longer. Some people will wish to do this and will not make those changes that are required. Of course there is no judgment placed on any individual whether or not they wish to stay here or not, wish to be able to stay here and cannot. The overall attempt if you are one of those people who is willing to stay for an extended period of time, those adjustments will be made in you, and will continue to be made provided that you do what you need to to stay here longer. There needs to be the planetary culture that is able to augment the foundation of civilization that was first begun by the Prince’s staff and then supplemented by the first Garden of Eden culture. We do not yet know how this will look in terms of your unique Urantia planetary evolution. There are those people who are being impressed with these considerations so that they will step up and seek to create this beautiful culture where peace and harmony and compassion and fairness are the normal standards of daily living. Does this answer your question?


R: Yes, it does. It’s obviously a co-creative effort. Just simply the desire does not guarantee the outcome for this extended life on this planet. This does lead me into the next question: is it in Michael’s plan and your and Eve’s plan to foster a third garden at this time on this planet? There are those who feel compelled to move in this direction now as there have been in the past. Being at the meeting when this was talked about in LA recently, I felt highly inspired to participate in this bringing about of a third garden on the planet at this time. I would like to know if this is just a human desire or is this being fostered from on high?

Adam: Do you understand the relationship between the will of the Father as it intersects within the human heart?

R: Are you asking me the relationship with Father and son?

Adam: I am asking you if you understand how the Father’s will is able to be made manifest in the physical domain through the acts of the children of time and space.

R: I can only answer from my own experience. That would be first the desire to seek the Father’s will, and second to actually move on what you feel to be that guidance or that will. Learn whether you are in fact doing the Father’s will or not from the outcome.

Adam: Yes, and that is the human end of the spectrum. But yet from the Father’s end, that there are certain plans that are devised by your Creator Parents that are to be made manifest within the physical realm. Who the individuals that will foster this, implement this, safeguard this…who are these people? Some people pick up the signal, you might say, and are cultivated because they are in positions where the outcome has a greater opportunity of coming to fruition. So, in answering your question, it is somewhat of a conundrum because the plan is to have many places of learning, of planetary culture that will inspire the masses and teach them the ways of the universe. There will be those people who respond to this call, and who have been looked upon as being in favorable positions to implement this. Does this answer your question?

R: Yes, it does. It seems that it’s a much broader plan than just a singular idea of another so called Garden of Eden. I see a movement that started in Russia from a teacher Anastasia where people are moving into these communal situations on a particular piece of land to live together, to produce their own food, and to grow together. This seems to be an outworking of this broader plan, if I’m not mistaken.

Adam: Well, it is, but there will come a time when there is a planetary headquarters for the celestial beings who will be housed here. It is anticipated that there will be several centers established that could serve in this regard. But you are in the extremely early stages of this and we are looking at those people who are in positions to actually make this happen. Many of you, your comrades will not see this in their human lifetimes, but yet we must start somewhere, and we must foster the development of these carefully, so that you will take the steps to implement what the plans of Michael have in store for this world. It is truly a co-creative effort. It is truly something that you are building with the forces of heaven on earth. But to have a sense that a individual is chosen and that this is the only plan…that is not how we structure the unfolding of the plan of correction at this time. Do you understand?

R: Yes, I do. As time progresses and as I continue to develop my relationship with you and Eve, I would hope to have a better understanding of how my vocation can be of service. At times there does seem to be more going on that what I am aware of; a broader plan than what I had devised so far in moving my family up to the Pacific Northwest. But I feel that this will just take time to unfold. I do understand your answer about the different centers. Recently I was informed about the temple that will actually be brought down upon this planet and its location and those that have the opportunity to visualize this. That was very encouraging, this news.


Adam: There will be many changes to occur on Urantia as the planet moves towards Light and Life. Do not be at all concerned with the time element that is necessary to implement these changes. Live each day loyally and fully to the best of your ability in service to the Father within, and all things will become clearer to you in time. It does not matter who is receiving what information, and what is anticipated.

Take this in, spend time asking for your Father Fragment to clarify any misgivings that you might feel about any level of information. Then simply, let it go. Stay focused on what you must do each day. That is the best way for you to participate in this time. Know that if you can continue to do this loyally, that you will have added much into the large pool of laborers for Michael and your efforts will be put to wonderful and enjoyable use. I hope you will remember this idea to keep you focused on what you must do each day.

The speculation of what is to come is still a very strong force within you, and while I would be most appreciative of the opportunity to share with you what happens to overmuch speculation, I truly can understand it from a human perspective. I, too, had to use many of my mental abilities to stay focused on the tasks at hand while trying to uplift my brothers and sisters of this world. So if you can keep mindedness more on the present, I believe it will help you stay focused on what you need to do each day.

Planetary Supreme

R: Adam, we had a discussion earlier about the understanding about what we have come to know or call the Planetary Supreme, Urantia. I would like at this time if you could expand on this idea a little bit more. Several of us feel we’ve experienced this energy force, I guess you would call it, or even personality. Recently we were instructed that this was just a lack of understanding of the nature of the Supreme Being and the personality of Nebadonia, and how the two interact. The question is: I’m under the impression that there is some personality that is known as the Planetary Supreme, but if this is erroneous, I would like to be set straight at this time.

Adam: The Planetary Supreme is real. It is a growing, living endowment of the First Source and Center. In terms of a personality, it is not personal in the sense of you as an individual or I as an individual having personality, but it is a composite or collective of many personalities who have added their unique spiritual experiences and understanding into this growing evolving deity. You can hardly conceive of what this is at this time because of your inability to understand many higher laws of the Father’s being. But if you would wish to relate to this in terms of a person such as yourself, then feel free to because this is how you must relate to Spirit and spiritual beings in a personal sense at this time in your development. It will be many, many epochs of time before you understand these higher laws and these lofty ideas that were implanted in the Urantia text. It is not so important that you understand this as that you have a growing commitment to serve your Planetary Supreme’s growth by your spiritized thinking, by your intentions to be a vessel of your Father’s love to your brothers and sisters. This is what is most important and to recognize the growing responsibility that you have to add yourself into this evolving deity. How much of yourself do you wish to contribute? Some people have a very puerile idea or just want to participate in what is most expedient for them. Few are the souls who commit their whole lives to the Father’s will and to become consciously aware of every thought, every feeling, every action as contributing to the evolving Planetary Supreme. So, your question might be better placed by “how can I serve this evolving deity to the best of my ability?’ wouldn’t you say?

R: Yes, and that brings up another question. Would not this be the same as contributing to the Supreme Being? What is the relationship between the Planetary Supreme and what the Urantia Book describes as the Supreme Being?

Adam: If you wish to keep it simple, then it is merely a matter of wishing to participate in the evolving Supreme. The Planetary Supreme is part and parcel of the Supreme Being that is unique to Urantia. Every world has a particular flavor or fragrance to add to the evolving Supreme Being. There is this massive orchestration of evolved thought that makes up the Supreme Being. So whether or not you conceive of it at the planetary level or at the Supreme level, it is not as important as the willingness and the consciousness of each moment in your relationship to this evolving Godhead. Does this answer your question?

R: Yes, quite beautifully. Thank you very much for that. Now, I would ask if I could experience the presence of Eve for a few moments before we wrap this up?

Adam: One moment. Thank you for this opportunity to assist you in this way. Remember to come to us each day and ask for us to minister to you in the unique ways that we can now share. Good evening.


Eve: Hello, Rick. This is Eve, and I am delighted to speak with you today. Do you have any questions or do you just wish to receive some encouragement?

R: Just encouragement, Eve. It’s just a pleasure to connect with you in this way. Now that I have the memory of the beautiful image that was presented to me, this makes it all the more special.

Eve: We were delighted to be able to impart this to you as someone who is aware of our presence and what we were originally set out to do on Urantia. It is such a tremendous blessing to receive Michael’s approval to again come here to help our human brethren receive what was always theirs. You can hardly conceive of the scope of Michael’s plan of correction and the glory that he has planned for each one of you. You can hardly conceive it! Presently, your world is undergoing a mighty sorting of the ways. So it is quite understandable to us that you would have many questions and come up against many conflicting ideas. This is part of the time that you are in: the truth sorting from the error. Do not be so concerned when you read these conflicting reports. Know that this is the time when these things are coming to the surface and that truth will eventually render itself so large that you will know with more clarity and certainty that which you have always sought to understand. Try to remember that this is the time of the sorting, shifting of the sands, if you will. There will be confusion and misunderstanding, and not to pay overly much attention to it. Continue to seek in indwelling leadings of your Father Fragment, to grow in Michael’s mindedness through our ministrations and the ministrations of others who are happy to build you in a mindal component. On behalf of my consort and of the others who attend you, know that we are so devoted to your well being. You have much to look forward to in the future. Do you have any other things to share with me before we conclude for today?

R: No, I just wish to thank you and Adam for your desire to be here, for your help. It’s such a pleasure to work hand in hand with you. It’s was so uplifting to see such beauty in the simple images and to feel the depth of beauty that awaits me through these faces appearing before me. It was very encouraging and uplifting.


Eve: That was the intention: to stimulate your appetite for beauty that you would seek more of it in your own being! Thus it is; those who seek will receive. Those who ask for truth will come into a greater understanding. Those who seek beauty will become more lovely and more divinely apportioned. Those who seek goodness will find the refreshment of the Father’s love within them. I thank you for this opportunity to speak with you. Know that you will have many, many opportunities to converse with me personally as you call on us and ask us to uplift you. May you grow in Michael’s love and peace. Good afternoon.