2008-09-07-Self Interest Only is Destructive

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Topic: Self Interest Only Is Destructive

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, LIGHT, Serena

TR: Mark Rogers, Kathy



There was a discussion prior to this session which covered some of the aspects of corporate fraud and political abuse. There were also testimonials suggesting reliance on spirit instead as a way to become more balanced and immune from their negative effects on our psyche.]


Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, once again we gather to rejoice in seeking your presence and finding you here in this forum. As you know we are eager to come to this place where your emissaries of light grace us with wisdom from on high and comfort and peace and love as well. You know all things and you know of our discussion previous and so you know the concerns of our hearts for our planet, for our brothers and sisters, for each other out there in this brotherhood of man and so we would seek your counsel as to the proper posture we can maintain through the changing times we perceive are all around us. We are sure that you hear this petition and so we make our concerns known and we thank you for bringing this love, this peace, this grace that we feel in this hour into this forum with us, thank you.


Monjoronson: [Mark] My dear valued team members, I am Monjoronson here to accept your invitation to participate with you in this forum that you create for this purpose. It is always a joy and a privilege I will cherish, to observe the processes that you undergo as you attempt to reconcile your awareness of bringing spirit in to your material equations. This truly is foundational material or the bedrock to the expanding of awareness among the brotherhood of man. Before awareness can be expanded there must be the grasp of certain basics and principles which then you can build on and with to utilize this expanded awareness and manifest this into your consciousness.

So all manner of support is provided for those seeking to find ways to inject the spiritual component, to infuse the material realm with a spiritual tone, to overlay spiritual principles on top of material considerations. This, you have perceived, is your key to change and you are right for within every material consideration there is a spiritual component which can be infused and if brought into play will indeed alter the choice from one of self aggrandizement to one of consideration for the whole. In each case this simple shift is accomplished when the spiritual component is brought into play because this component brings with it the larger perspective of what is good for all versus what is good for one.

In fact those who are choosing for self interest only are in the overall spiritual perspective, only hurting themselves in such choices because they clearly indicate the lack of spiritual perception and awareness. The more of a spiritualized decision one makes, the more it is tipped in the favor of things that are true, beautiful and good, tipped in the favor of sustainability, of generosity, of fair mindedness. These are qualities which are in great need of being infused into the material decision making process on your world, and you are right, this is where you come in. Those who know better, those who know of a different way, are those who will be prompted to share what they know, to bring up the different way, to increase the perspective of the other participants in choice around them.

You see before there is this growth and awareness there is simple ignorance and this ignorance is not a fault or a mistake or an evil choice that one makes, it is simply an awareness and each of you were at one time as well, unaware of greater spiritual truths and principles so you can surely identify with your brothers and sisters who are at this place of unawareness still and could use your loving assistance to bring them to a higher place of awareness. But this is almost never accomplished by force. You do not argue someone into a higher place of awareness.

You do not debate someone and challenge someone to elevate their awareness for the more you challenge, debate and use force in the equation the more the individual you are engaged with will dig in and debate back and challenge again. It is using the sword and shield approach, when you draw yours and come forward in assurance, certainly they will draw theirs as a matter of instinct. So I implore you in all manners as you move forward, since you ask for a posture to maintain throughout, that you maintain a posture of peace keeper, that you enter into your relations with your sisters and brothers unarmed, put down your sword and shield and your desire to be right and to prove yourself and go into these encounters as an example of love and tolerance and peace and grace.

Your entering into the fray so unarmed and so at peace will in and of it self, defray the defensive manner of your partner in any relationship. I was almost to use the term, opponent, but that is an incorrect term as you are not opposed, you are simply divergent and in the end, your amount of divergence is rather insignificant as compared with your amount of convergence. You are all brothers and sisters, you all have many things in common and your differences are small compared with your similarities and this great truth that you desire to spread is most successfully spread from a posture of peace and love, acceptance and faith.

You do not need to do battle with anyone out there when you stand in your own truth. You can be the eye in the storm, the eye of calm, the eye of peace for you know the truth, you know higher ways and so you need not be sucked into the storm around you unless it is your choice that you divert your energies thus and then surely the storm around you can suck you in and you may suffer some of the consequences of your choice to be sucked into the storm. I advise you to limit your exposure to the storm. It is not necessary for you to keep abreast of the magnitude hourly of how fierce the storm rages around you for you know there is a storm, you know that it rages.

Is it all that important to know the depth and the horrors and the details involved or does that knock you off balance, get you out of the eye of the storm and into the storm itself. I encourage you to see yourself as the eye of the storm and to let it swirl around you but not to be swept up in it and when you do find yourselves in the material course of life, confronted with having to engage with the details and material aspects of your life, do that from the same position of the eye of the storm, unarmed and in peace, not prepared to do battle to get your way, not desiring to overcome any opponent with your correctness but merely be the example of the calm eye of the storm; the unarmed participant, the one who is not desirous to be engaged in conflict but is more desirous of being engaged in loving association.

These postures if adopted will change your life. You will not be buffeted about and you will be a great source of calm and peace to those around you. At times this may be a very difficult choice for you to make because the storm may rattle your windows and grow very close and you may be concerned even for your own safety but still, the best way to navigate through such a storm is to remain fixed in the eye, that is the ultimate eye, the you, the I Am presence. You are connected to the ultimate calm, peace and love and you can reside there if you so choose.

I observe also in your conversation that there is much out there in the news, in the world, much happening with your brothers and sisters that is cause for distress when seen from such a narrow perspective as you each have. Once again I must assure you that even though there exists all of these things that you say and more, they are all known [to] the First Source and Center and to Michael. If so much more is known, including how all of these aspects are necessary to the stages of growth and awareness [then] they can be seen as the needed facilitators of growth and not so much as the evil out workings of man.

You know even in your lives, in your own experiences, that all things are made to be used to the positive effect of the Father's plan for you. And so it is with all these episodes you witness even today, there is purpose, there will be purpose and significance in all that transpires and again you may help affect this purpose with the infusion of spirit content into all that you are exposed to. As I witnessed here today, there were negative examples given and then positive examples provided as well. There needs to be this balance and you are the ones most capable of the reassuring tones of the love of your Divine Parents.

When those around you are troubled it will be your privilege and your pleasure to speak these words of comfort and peace and love to those who are in your presence. In this way you literally alter the equation, change the balance and this is our pleasure and privilege to do at this time. What greater privilege could be granted than to simply be the messengers of the love and peace and beauty of the creators of all this love and peace and beauty. So let us be about this task with joy, no matter what we may encounter along the route and how close the storm may be to our dwelling.

May we still be bold in proclaiming this love and grace and peace, even so much so that we may embody these qualities and manifest these ideals. I would contain my remarks to these and again offer my gratitude for your willing acceptance of me into your arena. I now withdraw and would remain if there were any questions.


Q: Monjoronson, I have a question. There is a Chinese saying that says to be informed and not act is to be not informed. If I recount Michael's experience in Palestine, He undoubtedly was informed about everything that was going on around him. If we look at the parable of the good samaritan, if I were informed of a brother who was beset by brigands and not act, would I not be just as guilty as the two who passed him by? What degree of information becomes a detriment, at what point do we get sucked into the storm?

Monjoronson: I would refer back to some of the comments I heard in your discussion prior and borrow from them in that your information indeed be a useful tool to you until the point that you become unduly influenced or debilitated by its presence. This also speaks to becoming depressed, feeling guilty, feeling that you are not doing what you could, simply because you know of its awareness. All of these feeling are stifling to the process of spiritual growth. If you feel guilty that you did not come forward and offer service to another then you are taking what could have been a positive and growth-full learning experience and turning it upon yourself as a negative obstacle to be overcome.

So to the point that growing your awareness inspires you and motivates you or brings you greater peace through your awareness then this is all good, but I caution you that your society is overburdened with information. Does it really positively impact you to know the cases around you of deviant behavior by your brothers and sisters for example. Is this promoting of your spiritual peace and awareness or does being bombarded with information knock you away from this peace and bring you a feeling of desperation or great concern because if this is the case, then the information has not proved helpful to you, it has only brought you fear, depression and anxiety.

None of these are supportive of a state of good spiritual health. When you see any of these factors encroach into your life, that is your indicator that too much is too much. To the degree that you can be inspired and elevated and motivated to be all that you can be, to be of service, to act out your desires, to pursue truth, beauty and goodness, then information is a good and powerful tool. To the degree that it detracts from those objectives, it turns and becomes an obstacle, a problem an issue. It does not serve the kingdom if your become overburdened to the point of becoming ill or to the point of becoming paralyzed.

Surely as a citizen you bear some requirement to be informed and to know the basics but you are not required to overburden yourself at any time with struggles that are involved in much of the details. If you take on these struggles they will knock you off balance. So I encourage you to strike a balance that is appropriate for you with always a primary consideration to your internal spiritual health and climate. If you bring too much of this storm into this climate you will have no safe haven, no safe place to retreat, no eye in the storm.

Remember, the storm either is or is not, but it is outside of you, it is out there. You are not required to bring it in. Your internal climate should be peaceful and calm and entirely filled with things to nurture your spiritual peace. Try to keep your spiritual parlor within free from undue influence from the outside. Yes, the windows may rattle, the shutters may flap but you are not required to make your interior climate stormy at any time. It is a choice you make and if you truly knew the value of maintaining this internal climate you would at all cost keep it free from contamination with the elements of the storm so when you go there it is a safe haven, a place you can always be that is safe and calm.

But if you are a citizen you must act out there among the other citizens and you must make choices and so therefore in order to make choices you must be informed to some degree, this is your responsibility as a citizen. But in every choice, in every decision you may borrow from this safe place and bring from this safe haven this ideal of calm and peace and your higher perspectives and infuse these characteristics into your decision making process and as such you become an example of one who not only is informed but brings wisdom to the information and makes choices accordingly.

I hope my attempts to make this distinction is helpful.

Q: Yes, thank you for your counsel.

Unknown Source: [Kathy] I received some comments from an unknown source. Be in constant appreciation of the guidance that is available to you at all times. We are in awareness of your needs and challenges. We make every effort to support your growth and spiritual development. Your role now and in the future involves action on the level of your current development. You are never asked to do more than you are capable to perform. We in the angelic corps are available to support your efforts and amplify your ability to connect to enhanced spiritual circuitry. Be confident in your ability to face the challenges as they are presented to you. We endeavor to present new challenges to increase your growth and potentials. Be also of good cheer as you proceed through the challenges of this life. We are available for additional support and encouragement.

Light: Greetings I am Light, I come once again to bring a message of peace and love. I understand there is much to bring a disturbance into your field of awareness and many sources to bring it in these days and so it is hard not to feel like there is so much negative potential hanging in the balance but I bring you the perspective that to engage in the consideration of the negative potentials inherent in the actions of the brotherhood of man on your planet is only a negative influence on your own psyche and that not knowing the future, to speculate on what evil must transpire as a result of evil that has transpired, only brings you to a place of fear or doubt or uncertainty.

I tell you plainly that none of the things that you can imagine will transpire as you imagine them to. You simply do not have the perspective that will enable you to have a grasp on the many potentials at play and therefore the probable results in any direction. You're only witnessing such a small part of the overall plan that any prediction you venture to make will be quite insufficient. So why trouble yourselves, why engage in speculation of how this will turn out or how that will come to be since you are aware you do not have the big picture?

Rather, with what limited time you have to donate to speculating on how things will turn out, why not bring this infusion of spirit intention into your process and use your creative prerogative to plant the seeds of ideals where you would now see the harvest of destruction. You have such limited time to devote to these considerations that I encourage you to use it wisely and rather that speculate on the end of the road as you see it based upon the direction you perceive, why not see the end of the road as a glorious spot of your creation in which you would project your ideals of what could be or what should be as you are aware.

In this way you will have far greater impact than to simply judge the results on the immediate actions you witness for as you know, all things are possible with the Father. So create in your minds eye, that which you would have, that which you would want, that which you would be and that which you would do. Take these ideals and vision them into place, install them where you now see the end of the story being written and most certainly your attempts to do this will alter the outcome of the situation, will shift the balance. This is the importance of having control over your influence and not being influenced about your control for if you see enough bad news you are likely to feel as though you have no impact.

But if you will free yourselves from this imposition then you can feel free to go about and create the reality you can envision regardless of what the current circumstances are witnessed to be at any given time. Don't let the current circumstances narrow for you your possibilities and potentials for that is where too much bad news can be a destructive force. I hope you will join me and the others in taking what valuable time and energies we have and allocating them appropriately and not providing too much energy and attention to those things that we desire not but rather promoting and supporting those things we would desire that we see as steps towards truth, beauty and goodness.


Thank you for allowing my words in this forum as well, farewell.

Serena: [Kathy] We have a word from Serena. Always know there is a greater plan involved in the conflicts on your world. There are instances when chaos and disorder are viewed from your perspective. All action is under the control of the First Source and Center and is progressing toward the good. You can rely on the control and ultimate positive outcome of the emerging Supreme. Be calm and maintain your place of peace and spiritual serenity.