2008-09-23-A Bright and Beautiful Day

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Topic: A Bright and Beautiful Day

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Gabriel

TR: Anne



Gabriel: “Each morning upon waking take a moment to greet the new day with joy in your heart and bliss in your mind. Stretch into the day that the renewal the day has to offer can ease its way into you. Set all your yesterdays free, and your tomorrows free to come as they may, for today is yours with the freedom of choice for renewal from ways of old, the thinking of old, the choices of old.

“Allow yourself a fresh start in each fresh new morning. Begin again in each new day as a newborn and thus each day will become your renewal for all your tomorrows. Awaken a fresh new you that is boundless in joy in the wonderment of life.

“It takes but a small moment in time to greet the new day with love. Take the moment to awaken yourself into the day that all your worries of yesterdays be gone, that today you may feel the song of the bird in your heart, the weight of worry lifted that you may walk lightly upon your path with love. Let the smile of love shine in renewal of yourself, and not only will it shine on your face but brightly shine forth through your eyes from within.

“Greet the new day as your messenger of love.

That is all.”

Anne: “Thank you Gabriel.”