2008-09-23-When Will You Make It Right

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Topic: When Will You Make It Right

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: George Barnard



Monjoronson: “From the humans on this earth to the Midwayers, and from the Angels to the Life Carriers and Melchizedeks, and indeed, through to all the unrevealed Celestial Creatures that are still unknown to you, all are wishing for peace on this earth. This is Monjoronson.

“I bring to you a message of peace. I bring to you the fact that by far the greater majority of all His creatures, living and residing upon Urantia, do wish for peace. In reality only a very small percentage on your world think it worthwhile to fight for outright control. And . . . in reality, that can never happen for all time, for that will never be allowed to happen for any length of time. And yet, this worldwide peace must come from you.

“So often am I asked by you, and by countless others, when it will be that I am due to arrive on your earth, in person, and in similar physical form to you. Well, I am here with you now and yet, for me to walk your earth, as you do, there needs to be a greater balance. There needs to be an improved harmony. There needs to be an agreement of all nations that peace, prosperity for all, and a minimum in living requirements are to be enjoyed by all. That is my bold, blunt answer.

“In fact, it is my turn now to ask you that question. When will you make it right for me to arrive and teach you lessons far beyond what you yourself already know? It is indeed a requirement that more of you orient your thinking towards peace, a fair distribution of the extraordinary wealth your planet provides, and by claiming your voice to be heard by those you have placed in charge of you, yes, your governments, your councils, your elders, for them to not default in executing their social mandates.

“See your 11:11 Progress effort as an important exercise towards attaining that goal, and also know that the Celestial Leadership of your planet has many, many additional ‘irons in the fire.’ Look towards the future bright as you learn from, without dwelling upon, those phases of a dismal past.

“I thank you for your time. I thank you for your intent, and your ever-expressed wishes that this irregular planet will one day take up its honorable and regular place in the universe of Nebadon. It surely will, for the time is now right (ripe?) I am Monjoronson.”

All: “Thank you Monjoronson.”