2008-10-26-Phenomenon of Acceptance

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Topic: Phenomenon of Acceptance

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Michael, Monjoronson, Olfana

TR: Mark Rogers, Kathy Morris



Mark: After the other night I was impressed with how significant being in tune together with the attitude of gratitude is to encouraging the process that I would like to acknowledge the gratitude that we all have in coming together and being a part of such a wonderful group as we enjoy. And during these times how much we as a group are in gratitude for the fellowship of our unseen friends who so lovingly and faithfully minister to us as we look to them. As we seek they are ever present to help us find and I believe we are all one in our gratitude for this process and for this reality that we create and uphold in this process.

Elyon: [Mark] Greetings, I am Elyon here to join you in the expression of gratitude for such a warm group of friends as we enjoy. In relation to your discussion, perhaps we should have a few words about this phenomenon of acceptance and letting go of resistance to that which is. As you all know in your own lives, you have come to certain points where you have had long cherished ideas of how things were or how things are according to your understanding of them and in respect for your desire that they adhere to the pattern that you recognize and are familiar with and therefore have grown comfortable with.


Each one of you have experienced having been brought to a point with a cherished idea of a new found awakening or understanding that this long held belief falls short of the ideal and you have experienced; what you might refer to as an ah-ha moment or an epiphany and from that moment forward you no longer see your long held idea in the same light as in your willingness to be granted more awareness your perspective was enhanced and what you thought to be a rather absolute truth or condition or circumstance turned out to be only a partial understanding.

With the addition of greater insight all at once you sensed yourself losing your firm grip on what was a solid understanding that you possessed and within a moment you became transformed of your awareness and expanded of your perspective. If conditions are right and you are willing and you are able you may experience the rather jarring episode of releasing your grip on your previously held idea in order to transfer your grip to another more inclusive idea of reality.

This is much like the experience you may have had as a young child of swinging on the rings, holding firmly to one ring as you swing back and forth and at some point developing the courage and the willingness to take the risk to loosen the grip on one ring and grab for the next. After you have reached a certain willingness and a certain ability you are able to transfer yourself from this firm grip on one ring of awareness and grab boldly and with intention, the next ring and transfer your entire being to a new perspective, a new awareness.

In this same way you may eventually find yourselves transferring from one ring to the next to the next as you develop the comfort in letting go of your secure position in order to gain the benefit of the forward momentum to receive when you are willing to let go of that ring in a conscious and active effort to reach for the next. It may take the small child some time to develop comfort in their ability and generate enough desire to accomplish this transfer of position but with some time and experience and not a little courage and faith they eventually master the process of moving from ring to ring with no more fear and uncertainty but rather with joy and fun in the process.

Likewise, you all are gaining confidence in your efforts to reach out and grab the next ring to securely make this transfer with no adverse effects. You have not lost your grip and fallen off, you have not experienced defeat or trauma in this process as may have been feared but rather you have experienced the joy and exhilaration for having been willing to extend yourselves out, to reach for the next ring, to trust that you have the skills and the tools necessary to make this transition in safety and in comfort and now the process seems more like a game and appears to bring you more joy and more peace.

So it is that this spiritual ascension down the row of rings may be seen with enthusiasm and joyous expectation and as individuals who now are excited at the prospects of growth and accomplishment, you become willing and eager to reach out and attempt the next transfer of your awareness. But all this is accomplished because of your willingness, because of your intention, because you are ready to be about this exercise of being engaged players on the playground.

So as a result of this eagerness to go out and play, to try to use the tools in your toolbox, to be willing to receive that next insight to position yourselves in the game so as to be a player, you provide the necessary conduit for you to receive all that you seek in this process. But you are right to observe that many a student on the playground harbors much resistance and to those who are as of yet uncertain about their success, they may be timid in reaching out for the next ring and transferring their awareness until they have developed sufficient experience and understanding to know that this is how the game is played; you must let go of that ring in order to grab the next.

It is a pleasure to join you in this circle of friends this morning and I now withdraw to allow this platform to be used by others, farewell.

Michael: [Kathy] When involved in every conflict of daily living, you are able to separate your idea of what should happen from the actions that you engage in with the other parties involved. You are the one that can step back and remove your energy from the negative interaction with your brothers and sisters. Many times when there is a conflict, the parties involved are limiting their field of possible action. Each one has the idea of the rightness of their concept of the situation. It is helpful for all parties involved in conflict to clear a space in their thinking for expansion of ideas and concepts.

Usually there is an area of commonality that is sometimes overlooked in the defense of ones position. In future days you will encounter conflicts that develop in the way individuals want to frame their life experiences. As change begins to happen on this world with increasing speed you will find that more space will need to be created in your thinking for expanded views of what is workable and possible in your lives. Often the idea of change is bewildering to mortals who have been comfortable with one mode of action or one view of possible ways of organizing group action.

In future days you will find the necessity of letting go of some old ideas in order to expand your new view of the reality of your surroundings. Change can only happen in the direction of better outcome when some of the restricting ideas that have been dominant are released and are expanded. These exciting times of growth can be a time of joy instead of a time of resistance and fear of change. You are encouraged to step boldly forward and make space for a change towards love and light.

Monjoronson: [Mark] Greetings, this is Monjoronson here to offer a few more words with respect to this idea of creating space. As was mentioned in your earlier discussion, the best method for creating space is to engage in the practice of stillness which creates this openness wherein new awarenesses and ideas even ideals may be made known to you. If you are busy in your thought processes and even in your physical lives, then your minds and perhaps even your bodies are engaged in performing functions and tasks and therefore your energies are focused on such pursuits.

Your available energies become directed at these accomplishments and patterns and there is then very little room available for any modifications to the pattern or any changes to the awareness. If you through active intention create these gaps or these spaces where you are willing to lay down your tasks and put aside your patterns even for small amounts of time, you allow this great connection you have with your indwelling Adjuster, room to get a word in edgewise so to speak for this activity of opening yourselves up and then providing the willingness to embrace what you find in this open space in the tool that you may use to accommodate this necessary internal desire to enhance your perspective or to transfer your position from this ring to that.

It is accomplished in these moments where it may seem as though you are trying to do nothing when in fact you are trying to be everything. It is your method that may be employed, your tool in the toolbox were you to exercise your faith that in this space which you have created for this purpose you will be granted that which you seek, a deeper awareness, a greater understanding, a different perspective because when you are in this state of openness and acceptance the divine pattern which may be useful in a more proper interpretation of the situation may be overlaid onto your thought stream and all of a sudden there is more there than you were aware of and as a result of your having put forth the effort to make a space for awareness to occur there is greater awareness.

But if one does not stop the freight train of thought, then there remains little opportunity for the expansion of awareness that is a result of the influence of divine pattern. One must stop the train of thought, of action, of consciousness and have the benefit of the quiet space in which to reorient yourself to the proper direction and speed and motivation that your train of thought might take. This stopping to reorient yourself may be likened to pulling your train of thought into the transfer yard where you may refuel and re-energize and then redirect this train onto a new track and into a new direction.

This is only possible when you slow this train down and even bring it to a stop so that it may be refueled, re-energized, redirected and start out fresh with a new objective, a new ideal to maintain and a new direction in pursuit of that ideal. So see your efforts at creating this space as such a switching yard for your train of thought and as such you may decide to pursue any one of a variety of directions after you have been refueled and refreshed with this new perspective and awareness.

I thank you for this opportunity to join you in this space that you create for this activity. You all have shown your commitment to come together for such a purpose and then each one individually to create the space to be here in your consciousness and to embrace what may come of such a space created for this purpose. As you have seen, as a result of your efforts to create this space, there have been many joyful rewards just as if you have completed your play at grasping the different rings.


I encourage you all to go out and about and bring this sense of joy and peace that you feel even now and allow it to influence your daily activities and elevate your daily chores into the status that we have been discussing of this grand game of life. Be at peace and be in joy and be in love with the game and with the life you have to be a player in such a game. Thank you for this opportunity, farewell.

Olfana: [Kathy] I am responding to the call to live in joy. It is my utmost pleasure to be in this group of shining souls. Be joyful and elevate the level of joy in those about you.