2008-11-25-Celebrate With Us

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Topic: Celebrate With Us

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “Not in your wildest imaginings will you come close to visualizing the number of us that are at the task of time-prompting our human relatives. We are not allowed to write the number 1,111 on your bathroom mirrors. We are not in a position to leave you typewritten notes, or spook you by turning up in your dimensions, unless you are in great need, and we are directed to so materialize. However, we have been given the consent, I shall call it, to direct you to look at your time pieces, the odd number plates, and receipt numbers. We cannot often go beyond that, for the simple reason that we may frighten you too much. These are the early, early days of interaction and cooperation.

“Overall, for every ten thousand of you we may prompt, perhaps just one or two will decide to investigate us further. Of these, perhaps just one or two in every five hundred or so who will investigate the 11:11 matter further, and will then actually want to communicate with us. The difficulty lies with fear, with uncertainty, with a lack of accurate passed-on information from olden times, when only the errant Midwayers were spoken of.

“Most of all, the difficulties lie with the various religions, as it is easy enough for a member of, say the Hindu religion, to decide that the 1,111 are somewhat of a Christian idea. Then, for the Christians of the various denominations, it is easy to decide that those, who proclaim the Secondary Midwayers to be righteous “Spirit Beings” and work with them, merely belong to a cult. Interestingly, that is how we, your Urantia Midwayers, see the various Christian religions. To us, they are cults, no matter if they have ten members, ten thousand, or ten million members, for they have rules, regulations, they have dogma. They generally have things one must believe in order to belong.

“And so, whereas you, 11:11 Progress members, who are not a cult, can grow impatient, and at times wonder whether or not you are getting anywhere with your efforts, we on our part see the human progress groups as quite successful in their dissemination of spiritual material, and whereas we, and I include the Morontia Cherubim, and the lesser number of Morontia Companions that are present on this earth, are far more often knocking on a closed, and bolted-shut, door that may never be opened.

“Carry on with your work. Know it is appreciated. Do not concern yourselves with us, and do not concern yourselves with the 9,999 failures, but celebrate with us, that one-in-ten-thousand result, as we carry on about the Father’s business in drawing close to our hearts, one single person at a time.

“This is your friend of old. This is Midwayer Chief Bzutu. I thank you for answering my prompt. I thank you for the questions you posed. Let us meet more often. Your friendship, your company, and your hospitality are heart-warming to us all. I say farewell for now.”

George: “Thank you Chief.”