2008-12-22-Abraham & Mary

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Topic: Spiritual Balance

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Mary

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. It is such a blessing to gather here with one another to rebalance our mind, body and soul. It was always the intention of the Mission to help mortals with their everyday lives through evolving spiritual understanding. If spirituality is not applicable in life or just some unattainable dream, then why embrace it?


You knew from the beginning that our lessons would be helpful to you in any of your everyday circumstances. As we join hearts and minds, we can allow the stresses of the physical world to fall away. As we are making effort to find higher mindedness, we can allow the minor irritations of life to go by the wayside. Once again, we are finding our spiritual center so we can remember the reason why we make so much effort every day to move and grow toward something beyond us.

When there is too much time that goes by without spiritual exercise, then there is a tendency to put more faith in the world and it’s treasures than to be open for spirit guidance. In many ways the world gives you the message of your worth through things you have or the kind of person you should be. Father’s values are mostly unseen. As people of faith, we are learning to rely more on what we cannot prove to be real than what the world offers. When we do not take time for spiritual study, stillness and service, then are we likely to stray from faith and end up in confusion and unhappiness.

This subject comes down to a matter of wants and desires. An individual may wish to have certain things they may value. Many times desire screams in the mortal mind and drowns out the ability to listen. A connected individual would have more ability to hear guidance and to be observant because the ego is not successful in showing the individual their emptiness. The ego wants its desires fulfilled and is really quite underhanded in how it tries to achieve that goal.

I am MARY. My greetings to you each. I can say I had the best lesson with this evening’s topic when I was in the flesh working the ministry. I had a young woman I was training to work amongst the sick and how she should not only help materially or physically, but also with encouraging words from what we had learned from the Master. I taught her about the mind/body/spirit connection and she did appear to be one to learn rather slowly.

One particular day when my student was trying to tell me a man that she had been helping was getting physically worse and she wanted to know what more she could do. I then asked her if she had implemented all my lessons that I had taught her and she said she had. In my mind I thought she couldn’t have because it would have indeed helped the man. Again, my student asked me, “What can I do to help contain an infection that seemed to be out of control?” And I then realized she had genuine care for this person she was trying to treat.

I had doubted her abilities because she was young and new to this work. I did not want to hear of her failings because that put me in a poor light as her mentor. I realized I was not answering her questions concerning the man’s infection because my ego was up in arms about my own ability to teach. I had somehow forgot about the well-being of the actual patient. I followed my student to see this sickly man and finally understood what the problem was. I had to set aside my desire to see my own success and make effort to hear what was really happening.

In a busy world there are so many clamoring for desires and attempting to get them fulfilled. This is all consuming and destructive to the spiritual education. This week I would recommend that we really try to listen to what is truly being said or what is happening. Try not to put it under your own scope of understanding, but allow Father to give you a fuller understanding of what is happening. We must remember all our needs and wants will be met. That must not even be a concern. Father knows what these are and always wants for our happiness.


As Mission workers we must remember to listen to what is being said and know that even now, after all these years, the ego will try to force it’s agenda. Practice those activities that help you to spiritually center, whether its reading, praying, maybe listening to music, the closer you are with Father the less the ego can force it’s agenda. This week let us relax, be observant and allow Father to impart His words to us as He will. You each could use a break from the busyness of life. Even a short break would be of benefit. That is all for this week. Know that we are always with the greatest honor to serve you and serve with you. Our love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.